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  1. I've been searching high and low both in-game and using SearchUO.com and I think I've finally got an idea for Ingot prices. I have a vendor named Gems and Rares in North Luna City at the R3 Mercantile Exchange (Thanks so much to Kahlan who has helped me more than I thought imaginable!) and I have some of each kind (excluding Valorite) of ingot. What I'd like is some input if anyone has any, I put a focus on being lower than the lowest reasonable price and it should be pretty accurate. Let me know what you think: Iron 16 Dull Cupper 50 Shadow Iron 200 Copper
  2. castle and account for sale$500.00 takes it all 80 mil locked down in castle and vet rewards plot in front of castles goes as well lots of rares and goodies account is 123 months old legendary acher,fencer,swordsman to much to list ICQ#72139653
  3. I have a Large Tower I need to get rid of, don't want to, but need to. It's on Tram Facet. Deep in the woods West of Trinsic. Only one house close by and it is like 3 screens away. Perfect for doing "things" you would rather not be noticed doing. No spawn that I have seen. I am very negotiable on the price as it HAS to be sold. This tower was placed in 2003 and somewhere along the way it fell, It was replaced in 2007 and a GM informed the owner that if it falls again, it cannot be replaced. There is a tree growing through the roof. LOL! ICQ me if you would like to see it or do some bartering o
  4. Sorry , all sold out. ty for looking
  5. To whom this may concern, How are you doing? I have a RARE Ultima Online account that I have been looking to sell and get off my hands as I can't be as active as I used to be anymore and would like to see this account go into some good hands. This is a RARE unique one-of-a-kind account. It has 5 characters with a good amount of skills on each. The main character "Sean" was a part of the OSI Player vs Player Tournament of Champions back in 2002 on the Pacific Shard. The link could be found here: http://town.uo.com/tournament You can also view the videos of the tournament there.
  6. I probably should have said this here a week ago but.... I have 2 accounts for sale. Both are Catskills shard, one with Lake Superior as well. All the details can be found here, in the UO Traders Forum. Please note they are listed seperately in two different threads. Thanks for your time, Dutchess
  7. I probably should have said this here a week ago but.... I have 2 accounts for sale. Both are Catskills shard, one with Lake Superior as well. All the details can be found here, in the UO Traders Forum. Please note they are listed seperately in two different threads. Thanks for your time, Dutchess
  8. Hail all, I will be selling my Trammel castle north of Trinsic. I have locked down a rune on the front of my southwest Luna House for those who would like to check out the location. I will set the castle to public for those who want to see inside. However, the inside is bare bones. The owner name on the castle should be Poison. Here is how I am going to work this. I will set a starting bid price for the castle with a "Buy it now" option. Anyone can submit a bid via private message on this forum, or at my icq # 264-964-614. All bidders should be paypal verified and payment must clear my
  9. Hi, how much would a keep sell for on Europa? A pal of mine said he was offered 400 Mill.
  10. Ok. So I moved this week from one Zento house to another. As I only have one account, I can only keep one of those houses (the new one! yay!), so I find myself with an extra Zento house on my hands and only 2 days to go before it goes IDOC. Since my new house was secured partly with the help of some friendly Chesapeake players, in a similar spirit I have decided not to sell my old Zento house, but rather to give it away. Here's the rub: -I am giving this house to a player to be lived in, not for resale. If you resell this plot, I will find you and do bad things to you. -The house is a
  11. What is up with people decorating their houses to look like a straight projects yard sale. I know it's great to get a bunch of deco arties and try to use them to make your house look cool but how about thinking about placement instead of "oh here's an empty spot lets put it here" Maybe I'm off base on this but you wouldn't make your RL home look like this (or would you ) Is it really that hard to put thought into your house design or what?
  12. Post is no longer needed. Thank you
  13. Large Tower for sale on Lake Superior! This location is on the Trammel Facet. Selling Tower for a small amount...not looking to jack up prices. Wish to get rid of the house asap. This location has much room to replace the house or remodel to an 18x18 home. Great location, very minimal spawn. Next to wonderful neighbors (come on, your neighbor to the direct North is Crimson...one of the sweetest people to ever play on LS)...plus you have a shopping mall in your backyard!! NO ITEMS WILL BE IN TOWER UPON PURCHASE....IT IS COMPLETELY EMPTY. ICQ 160908201 This purchase is not an aucti
  14. Tram Keep for sale in the middle of beautiful Swamp land. Excellent crafter location and anyone wanting to work gains. Target rich enviornment. Runes to property are located on the Napa Valley Realty Vendor. The Vendor is at the Embassy located just east of the luna bank inside the walls of Luna.
  15. Hi there i have played uo for many years on pacific shard but now its sadly time to stop and therefor sell all my possetions i do prefer real $$ as opposed to gold but i wont say no to gold ether but again i will prefer $$ heres a list of items im selling plus along with them are dragons and mounts ive tamed if anyone is interested e-mail me at Gengi_son@yahoo.com also for cash payments i accept paypal thank you dread horns tainted muchroom dragon statuette eternally corrupt tree egg case one character transfer tocken aegis of grace black dye tub skull with candle stack of books artie lv
  16. I am selling a few items on legends. open to offers =] Oak Leaf Cloak (Replica) in the red colour (not the bright one) Shroud Of Shadows Jester Hat Of Chuckles Katana - Hit Harm 48, 20 SSI, 39 dmgInc, 17 energy Resist Shadow Token Leggings Of Bane (in shadow dancer black) 115 Stealth Ps
  17. Hey I have a pretty rare staff account I am selling. There is no monthly maintenence fee and the account is permanantly active. I recieved the account from a friend about 7 years ago who used to be a counselor. Fortunatly for me they never ended up changing the status on the account and I have had the luxory of playing uo for free for almost a decade lol. I need money pretty badly and havent really used it in the past few years so i've decided to sell it. There are 2 well off mages on chesapeake. I wrote really everything that is on the account below unfortunatly my house fell down due to me b
  18. Hey selling my 80 assassin and 40 barb on shadowblade. If your intrested msg me on ICQ at 371-731-648 or email me at tjc7676@aol.com. I want 80 for it I also have a 27 shadow warrior on warhammer online iron rock server for 40.00 if someone wants that thanks .
  19. Selling a 120 Fencing Scroll graciously Donated by Jenna Jameson of {X} if interested Please contact me. **** SOLD TO MR. NICK OF RBG ****
  20. 18x18 Right outside of luna. Great vendor house! Inside search sites area! ICQ me to see it! 429-366-651
  21. Hail all, I will be selling 2 of the 3 following houses in the next week. Two of my Luna houses (inside city walls) and/or my Trammel castle north of Trinsic. I havent decided on which 2 of the 3 yet, but I wanted to give anyone looking a heads up before i throw them on here with the details. I will be looking for RL cash in exchange from verified paypal members only. I myself have an 8+ year verified paypal account with a perfect record. You can icq me ahead of time if you would like further details ahead of time at 264-964-614. Thank You For your interest. Oda Nobunga Chesapeak, U
  22. Practice Crook 250k Meli Hair dye light blue and bod purple 350k each Gorg of Honesty 250k Studded 137 luck sleeves dyed luna white 100k Thanks PM or ICQ 176585183 if interested in anything.
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