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  1. Looking to sell a SA upgrade code with tokens. I Bought one too many and I am looking to sell it for UO gold on GL shard
  2. /g is guild. /p is party /a is alliance but what is the command for public???
  3. So, with the introduction of the Vollum's and other crafted "pets" what exactly is the future of taming? Vollums have around 400HP, and their stats are relatively similar to a nightmare. The can train magery as well and have similar resists. They cost 4 slots, yet require 0 taming. What this means is, every dexxer or archer or mage can now run around with their templates AND have a nightmare, or slightly better 4 slot companion. All the while the pure tamers are getting shafted. I have tamed Raptors, Skrees, and Iron beetles, and found them very lacking. The raptors are nice, I h
  4. Here is another link that has a lot of really good information. SA Loot Drops, Their Sources and Uses - Stratics Forums
  5. Hello together, as shown on picture below, some UI text strings are missing. Can anybody tell me, what files are responsible for this error, so I don't have to repeat whole patch process? Already deleted/re-downloaded LocalicedStrings.uop and string_dictionary.uop but that didn't help either. My OS is Win7 x64 and I did not install SA on default directory, if that matters.
  6. Never posted before so 1st off Hello All . Usually in my spare time I'm playing UO (or not on a computer) so I rarely go to boards. I'll try to keep it short & not kill anyone by boredom and if im posting in the wrong section I'm sorry. Just wanted give my on the SA client in hopes that someone in Mythic/EA reads these boards. Would have gladly done this directly w/ UO if one of my dozen requests to play in Beta hadn't gone unanswered, heh. I think they've done a splendid job on SA. Very ambitious attack on the gaming frontier and well pulled off. Ive dabbled in the SA client and foun
  7. According to uoguide: I didn't get anything... how do you claim these?
  8. yaay but whats should i do first? i play on Atlantic so if any one wants to show me around the areas hit me up
  9. Lol SA pigeon 'faster than broadband' Winston the pigeon was allowed no "performance-enhancing seeds" Broadband promised to unite the world with super-fast data delivery - but in South Africa it seems the web is still no faster than a humble pigeon. A Durban IT company pitted an 11-month-old bird armed with a 4GB memory stick against the ADSL service from the country's biggest web firm, Telkom. Winston the pigeon took two hours to carry the data 60 miles - in the same time the ADSL had sent 4% of the data. Telkom said it was not responsible
  10. This Is About The 20th Time This Has Happened. When You Reach Certain Spots SA Crashes And Will Not Let You Back In On That Char. Anyone Know What This Problem Is. I Have Reported It As A Bug.
  11. Been a few posts about 'When will housing be opened up in the new SA lands' over on Stratics, and Draconi just wrote a very interesting answer : "Well, placing houses in Ter Mur requires a certain level of "loyalty" to the Queen, and no one's gonna have it at start. They'll have to earn it through gameplay. We'll post more on this soon, but no, first-to-login won't be first-to-place. (Although they *will* have a starting advantage in the race)" I'm really pleased with this approach, should help avoid the 'opening day scramble' when people place anything, anywhere, just to get a plot, and a
  12. I haven't explored much of SA yet, but I was wondering if anyone encountered a Baron Almric or a Lady Arial/Ariel in there?
  13. Not sure if I'm allowed to post about this here so plz excuse me if I'm committing a faux pas! I've added a BUY/SELL post about these new dyes, if anyone is interested! Thanks, Hyssmaye :kiss:
  14. After purchasing the SA expansion,walking over a locked down "icy patch" caused the character to dismount (ethy polar bear.) instead of the mount appearing in the characters backpack...the mount disappeared! it was not found anywhere in the proximity of the "ice",nor anywhere in the characters pack,(even after logging out & back in.) this has been reported to both a GM in game,as well as on the UO support website. this may be rectified after server maint.(??? we'll see?)...this is only being posted as a warning to other players...we will keep you updated as to how this plays out...It might
  15. On my blacksmith, tinker, and imbuing screens, the success chance does not show a number. This also happens in quest logs, where the total items or monsters to kill will not be visible. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can it be fixed?
  16. If you are wanting to buy the upgrade then be very careful you click on the right thing on the EA Website or you'll find yourself purchasing a new account that can not be used to upgrade. EA Store link Scroll down to find the upgrade link on that site. It should cost £19.99 so if you find it costing more than that you've pressed the wrong one.
  17. I Myself Havent Got The Upgrade Yet But I Have Seen Some Things That Without A Doubt Is Wrong. I Have Had Reports That Some Elf Characters Have Been Changed To Humans. Also Some Ethys Are Not Showing. People Look Like There Riding On Air. Is Anyone Else Experiencing These? If So Report Them Here
  18. Anybody know how big the SA download is? I have dialup and just finished two huge patches this week. I can't find anywhere where a disk is available for purchase. Are they trying to drive dial up accounts away? Either they are, or don't care! Thanks for the help!
  19. If you want to maximize Imbuying training... what to do? If you want to place a house... how can you do it? Why are the champs in the fel area so important?
  20. A post by Draconi over on Stratics Well, placing houses in Ter Mur requires a certain level of "loyalty" to the Queen, and no one's gonna have it at start. They'll have to earn it through gameplay. We'll post more on this soon, but no, first-to-login won't be first-to-place. (Although they *will* have a starting advantage in the race)
  21. I moved my greenhouse to Avatar Isle thursday and have a nice beachfront home, at least in 2D. With the enhanced SA client, it's a sandy notch in a mountain. Any way to switch the SA client to show water instead? As a rule I play using 2D, with SA being used only when I want two accounts characters in game at the same time. The greenhouse had been on the edge of the Malas landscape and everything looked as it should, allowing for the bad graphics, but logging in two accounts to add co-owners on the waterfront shows different landscapes.
  22. Many thanks to Puff Tokey for these links that are of great interest! Pet Link Pic's and info on new tames...*edit* Now with CRAFTED pets! - Stratics Forums New Lands Maps of New Areas - Stratics Forums
  23. Not sure I have seen these asked or answered yet, I may have missed them. 1.) Are daemon bone and bone reagents the same as tailor bones and doom daemon bone? I see they weigh different from current to SA. Current 1stone each and on retribution they are 10 bones per 1 stone. 2.) Are any of the new items/spells or skills recipes only found in the wild? I have looked at the crafting tools in shops and it looks like all are included. I saw the mysticism spells are made using inscription. 3.) I forgot my third question but want to say I am really loving the classic client and SA overal
  24. Does anyone know if you can download the SA software onto a portable memory device then take it and install it on another computer? I live in the boondocks, and have no high speed available (except direct satellite, which I can't afford), but have a super fast connect at work. Thanks for the help!
  25. Here are what we call "Cheat codes" On how to solve the puzzles. Thank you Crysta of Stratics for sharing this information.
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