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Found 17 results

  1. He was not sure how long he ran. He did know that the dreadful, booming footsteps of the beast that gave him chase had long ceased. He also recalled running past some men on horseback and thinking that they too were fools like him for traveling at night. Finally, with his heart painfully screaming in his chest he was forced to stop his mindless fleeing. He immediately keeled over wheezing and coughing, gasping for breath. "Not fleeing but tactically retreating! Not fleeing indeed!" He tried to convince himself. After feeling more composed, he looked around and was surprised to find a large
  2. If I understand correctly Spirit Speak to Necro is like Eval to Mage. If this is true then my plans are only to take Necro up to 80 without Spirit Speak. I will only be casting three Necro spells, wraith form, summon familiar and wither. If I understand this all correctly the only down side to not having spirit speak is my wither spell will not hit for as much damage. Am I on the right thought here, please correct me if I am wrong or please let me know if my wither will be usless without spirit speak.
  3. I get fed up with a massive virus attack on my XP bootable partiton. It won't let me load XP past the login screen. Anyway, my computer now has Ubuntu as the primary bootable partition. The good news is that I can run office & productivity games for Windows via this virtual machine for Linux I bought. The bad news is that I can't run Windows games that have intense 3D needs on this piece of software. I'll have to subscribe to Cedega to do that... so I guess I'm going cold-turkey on the darn computer games.. bah!
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7636577.stm Shocking footage! Why would anyone do this??
  5. on holiday from tomorrow (11th September) through to 20th September, back on Sunday 21st all being well. I'm sure I can trust you all to behave in my absence - I shall miss you and it'll be good to know that I can look forward to coming back ... Gwen has Emissary status and can deal with any guild membership problems while I'm away. Devante can sort out any warring and peacing issues. Please don't abuse them
  6. Has anyone else noticed if UOForums is running okay today? I checked other sites on the net and everything seems to be normal, with the exception of UOF. For the past several hours, UOF has been slow... sometimes a little slow, and other times very slow to respond. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. Just hit Rank 4 & Now 1 Star & half Theoden: Grimbold, how many? Grimbold: I bring 500 from the Westfold, my lord. Gamling: We have 300 more from Fenmarch, Theoden King. Theoden: Where are the riders of Snowbourn? Gamling: None have come, my lord. Maddux: Good more glory for the elves! Gandalf: Hold them back! Do not give in to fear! Stand to your posts! FIGHT! Maddux: That's enough talk old man, throw a couple more fireballs at them!
  8. I've been gunning & running, and just noticed I had my first full star. *Wonders How Long I'll keep it*
  9. Hi, I have a question about my house. It seems I am running out of room in my house. I have seen EA selling these tokens that are suppose to increase your bank and house storage by 20%. I was wondering if anyone had used these tokens before and have done it successfully? Basically do they work and is it worth it to get one I mean it is only 20%?:?
  10. source I'm at a loss. Is there a list of UO team members somewhere since, I can't seem to find it. Or find one that's at least current. Does anyone know? Such a far cry from when we knew all the people from top to bottom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quoted from another thread ~~~~ Yeah we have 4 guys working on UO and we wonder why stuff isn't coming as fast as it should. ~~~~ Heh, it's not just four guys, those are just the ones that post the most often. I've got a series of intros lined up that should explain the current team's structure better - you should see the first one tow
  11. Right, since I downgraded from Vista = Thank god! UO has been running horrible sluggish, By this I mean the screen refreshes ever so slowly so its like immense slow down, It ran perfect in vista, it ran perfect in xp64. But in XPx86(32bit) its horrible! Now after extensive testing, I seem to find that the reduce framerate option in UO does have an effect, but not much and is unplayable to say the least, I run at 1280x1024 resolution on a 17" monitor, which is the native resolution and I ran it the same on other versions of windows. If I set the resolution to anything lower than this (Cant go h
  12. Posted on the UO.com Home Page: Ultima Online: 9th Anniversary Collection NOW ON SALE! Time's running out! The Heritage Collection item tokens will only be available til January 16th! (Tokens, once claimed, will remain in-game until used.) To see all the items in the collection, click here. Now at your local software store, the Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection, featuring two new housing sets, personal attendants, and for a limited time, you can choose nine in-game gifts from a selection of over 50 items in the Heritage Collection. Get all the details here.
  13. I've never taken the time personally to sit down and test how much better the 2D client performs with each subsequently more modern video card I have use throughout my time in UO. As such I have no idea just how much (if any) real gain there is as every video card upgrade has been coupled with other things that definitely did increase UO's performance. The first card I ever used to run UO was a 4mb Triton card (who remembers Triton?), then onboard video, then a S3 "Savage" or "Verge"..I can't remember, was POS anyway..then a Matrox G400, then a Hercules 3D Prophet II (the goofy Kyro chip)...yo
  14. I am just wondering if the people running UO in 2D lag less than the people running UO in 3D since you do are not really pumping polygons. I tried it and saw not much of a difference but i have not had a chance to try it when there is a lot going on on the screen.
  15. Ok, here's a question, are there any boards on succesfully running an Inn? One of my guild mates is starting it up and I had no answers for her. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Kind of wierd intermittent issue cropped up today. Everything was smooth and quick yesterday now I seem to be hanging up coming into the site and then retrieving Unread Posts. When I navigate to where I want to go (like when I came here to make this post) it moves fine... Is it just me?
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