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  1. Lord Casca has declared victory over marauding bands of pirates, which have terrorized the high seas. Developing... http://www.uoledger.com/royal-navy-defeats-pirates/
  2. Britannian Royal Guards and volunteers, summoned by Shelby, vanquish terrifying foes in the anti-virtue dungeons. More violence is likely to follow. Helpful recap of the recent EM event on Atlantic. http://www.uoledger.com/royal-guards-volunteers-vanquish-anti-virtue-creatures/
  3. Tonight the Army of the Republic took up arms to combat a Royal Invading force that had set up a roadblock at our crossroads. The roadblock and most of the royalist men were crushed by the might of Vesper! After the successful operation the Chancellor sent a message to the Tyrant King. Lets pray he heeds Vespers warning for his sake! http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?p=1268141#post1268141
  4. *note posted on all banks* A Royal Decree, Sunday 31st 8pm Uk time Castle British
  5. Tonight [sunday 31st May] 8pm Throne Room at Lord British's Castle in Brit
  6. Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2009, 12:16 PM EDT by Ceno of MT (Baja) Hail and well met! The Royal Guard Conference kicked off without a hitch today but before the nice event there was of course a little fun to be had! People started to arrive early and one of them was Baja's very own reporter Oriana! Who was greeted by The cabal of daggers, The Sphinx! Who of course was oogling over Ori's ears! But Ori shot back! And just above that we had Fern passing out candals in rememberance of the Royal Guard Kemer, who passed away just a few weeks ago. And so just as some
  7. News has been sent to us by WarderDragon (Baja) of an important Conference to be held Greetings, folks! The Captain of the Royal Britannian Guard, Lady Aino Nystad, is calling a meeting of our realms loyal defenders, guardsmen, and knights. The volunteer guard has long been without clear direction, so this conference may help to shed some light on its future purpose in the service of the Kingdom and Our Liege, Lord Casca. Here is the message that is being distributed throughout the land. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A conference is to be held on the subject of the Royal Guards of Britan
  8. The ball from the outset was chaos, as the gentle town folk of Britain had been turned into hatreds because Crimson Dragon that was searching town. With the servants within the castle attacking the guests the local Royal Guard had problems containing them and the dance floor look much more like a battle field. Understandably the guests were annoyed at Lord Casca for not preparing for such a thing and for telling those that could have sorted this invasion out to dress in finery unfitting for such a purpose. But Lord Casca finally made his appearance and was inconsiderate of the danger he h
  9. spies report a new royal librarian has been appointed. (From the desk of your EM on Europa: A Bio) Timpe The Librarian Ahh-chooo! It's so dusty in here! Timpe ran his fingers over the covers of the books as he passed them. The presence of knowledge had always comforted him. This place though, it was so very different from the city of Heartwood where he had spent most of his life. Ah well, this isn't such a bad place. The ocean view is spectacular and the people are nice enough. I think I could get used to this. Besides, what more could a failed scholar hope for then keeping the
  10. http://www.f4g.net/town-crier/9288-royal-ball.html
  11. This note was left at the Councillor's Hall in Britain: Needless to say, the event will take place at Castle Britannia [when will they learn its proper name?] at 8:00 pm GMT / 21:00 CET this forthcoming sunday 15 Feburary.
  12. This note was left at the Councillor's Hall in Britain: Needless to say, the event will take place at Castle Britannia [when will they learn its proper name?] at 8:00 pm GMT / 21:00 CET this forthcoming sunday 15 Feburary.
  13. Lord Casca has invited the citizens of Britannia to Castle British for an announcement tonight. (Feb 8th, 7:30 pm GMT, repeat at 10 pm)
  14. Tomorrow, Lord Casca will be present at Castle Britannia to appoint a new Captain of the Royal Guard. We are asked to be there earlier to make sure the castle has been searched for possible trouble-makers. Meet in the courtyard at 7:30 pm GMT / 20:30 CET tomorrow.
  15. Posted by Draconi: Source: UOHerald - http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=495
  16. For those that are unaware, our guild fiction began long before Ultima Online came about. As such, we use Ultima Online as another source to help shape and direct our fiction. Thus in our stories, Lord Blackthorn remains the primary villain in this Ultima 5 arc. Therefore, we needed to translate the Royal Decree to fit in with our storyline.
  17. Greetings, folks! I took a break from Ultima Online sometime around June, just after the invasion through the moonglow rift went underway. I have a fairly good grasp of the circumstances leading up to the event; but never knew of what happened following. Was it ever determined exactly how it was caused? Who is Sutek? When and how was the rift closed? Where is Avery? I also am wondering about the circumstances involving the assassination of the Royal Council, and the invasions of towns during the summer. Any information on these two events is welcome. Thoughts and theories are also welcom
  18. Lady Kiara brought up a good point with this topic that I had forgotten about till she reminded everyone. " If there was a post about this somewhere i am truly sorry for missing it... Remember way Back when publish 55 came out and Pepa leaked out.We were told she wasn't suspose to show up till Publish 56.Did they forget about her? does she now have a purpose?Or are we the players forgettting about her and she has some secret role in this event that we over looked... any who...Whats up with her and her ever loving "PEPTA'S SATIETY CURE". Again if i missed a posting to this i am tru
  19. To the Grand Marshal Rick, In Lew of the changes made to the warrants on VTC, Wish for you and The Royal Guard To set up a Garrison on Buc's Den. It is a well know fact That VTC does alot of there business there and the time has come to suppress them. I will be contacting Governor IronHorse To request Aid from his Naval fleet. Hopefully this combined effort will Result in taking down the VTC once and for All. these Orders are Effective immediately. Thank you
  20. Royal Council Members have been slain. Speak to Jasper to assist in the investigation. Find Jasper he is in brit Castle. Ill post more as I know more. Go into the Blood room pictured below and use Forensic Evil on the guy on the red throne. Double click the body and a red blood paper will go in ur bag. He will tell you to find olivia and you need to bring her Zoogi Fungi and Speckle posion along with the blood scroll. Drop all three on her and she will give you a Blue Scroll. She will then tell you to find Althera Go to the NorthWestt Teleporter Then go a little north east once y
  21. Finally finished it ! it brought back so many good memories putting this together *wipes away a tear*, but what a pain in the ass. you will need to install microsoft silverlight 2.0 to view it, it's a plug in a bit like adobe flash for viewing fancy graphics and such. Silverlight 2.0 can be found here And the Royal Marksman Regiment Zoom Gallery can be found at : Royal Marksmen Zoom Gallery Now i can get back to trying to run a guild with that off my mind Comments welcome, Enjoy ! (zoom in and out with the wheel on your mouse or double click, click and hold to move the collectio
  22. Good evening A walkthrough for the Royal Council Murder event can be found on The Ultima Online Ledger. Hope that helps some of you, Sid
  23. I have created an extensive and detailed guide on all aspects of the current event. On the Royal Council Massacre - UOGuide page you will find an overview of everything. Each NPC or area has its own page detailing even more such as all the keywords each person says. The information is about 75% complete right now and will become even more so within the next 24 hours. If anyone is wondering where the passwords come from for the Eternal Fortress doors you can read up on The World of Rebus - UOGuide.
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