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  1. If your not up to anything this friday head over to the Trinsic rose and enjoy a drink and a bit of banter. When and where? Power hour 7pm - 8pm UK Time - Swaggers Trinsic Rose 8pm+ - Trinsic Rose
  2. The Trinsic Rose opens its doors at 7:30pm BST! Go along, have some drinks and a bit of banter. Its not like yer have anything better to do! *Grins* When? Friday 7:30pm BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  3. The Trinsic Rose will be open from 7:30pm BST Onwards this Friday. Head over there if you want a drink and a bit of banter *Smiles* When? Friday 7:30pm+ BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  4. Gather at the Swaggers at 8pm BST where we will head to the Trinsic Rose together for a nice drink and some banter. They also still have the downstairs pool i believe. When? Tonight 8pm BST Where? Gather at Swaggers -Escaflowne
  5. The Trinsic Rose is open from 7:30pm BST onwards tonight, if you fancy a drink, a bit of banter or a dip in the pool thats the place to be.
  6. Next Friday at 8pm BST the Trinsic Rose will be open again for us to go and enjoy a few drinks and a bit of banter. So make sure yer go there and put yer feet up. When? Friday 8pm BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  7. The Trinsic Rose will be open tomorrow night from 8pm. So head on down there to enjoy some drinks and a bit of banter! When? Friday (Tomorrow) 8pm BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  8. The Trinsic Rose located just to southwest of Trinsic moongate will be open from 8pm BST onwards this Friday, if yer fancy a nice drink and a bit of banter be sure to head over. When? Friday 8pm BST Where? Trinsic Rose -Escaflowne
  9. It seems after all that Rose Yates, sister of Sabrina, isnĀ“t dead after all. So on Wednesday the 24th interested parties can join a search and rescue mission, leaving after the repair hour (9-ish). Come prepared for rough terrain.
  10. Hello ! Tomorrow (friday 29 may) at 8 PM (GMT) the wandering market of Skara Brae will open at the Trinsic Rose. Every person who come in peace are welcome as seller or as customer. See you soon. When? Friday 8pm GMT Where? Trinsic Rose (Northwest of Moongate). -Escaflowne
  11. Hail everyone! The Silent Rose Library needs your help! We are getting low on the red leaves used to seal books. I've only been able to locate 8 bright red elephant ear seeds to get more leaves. If anyone has some seeds, could you please donate them to the library and any help in growing the plants would be greatly appriciated. I'll be most happy to teach anyone who is willing to learn how to grow plants. Thanks! Peace and Knowledge, Tatania Karthina
  12. Ive made a new advertisement for the event. It seems to be picking up very well on WRR side as well as ours. I know some of you may be frustrated that it is on the day of the statehood meeting. For this I apologize. For those that might not understand why I will break it down for you. Sunday- Nissi Auction then House Of Commons Monday- B@H Auction then NC-17 Auction Tuesday- Wednesday- Some new Auction then ViP Auction Thursday- Open for auctions but I work prime time till 2am Friday- Bi Weekly RBG Auction and Work prime time till 2am Saturday- She Auction and work prime time till 2am So
  13. An open letter is left in several public places:
  14. An open letter is left in several public places:
  15. An open letter is left in several public places:
  16. An open letter is left in several public places:
  17. The sea was calm that morning, warm tropical breezes billowed the sails of the ship. She was very pleased with herself that she was on schedule to make her delivery later that evening. Rose peered through her spyglass that William had made for her out across the vast sea. The sea was no new place to her, but these waters she nay sailed in many years. She could see the palm trees standing tall against the yellow pillow of sand, "Nujel'm..." she sighed heavily to herself. It had been sixteen years since she sailed even remotely near that island. It pained her so to do so now. Slowly she scanned
  18. More information on the programm of this evening will follow soon
  19. The Trinsic Rose Tavern You enter the tavern and look around. Behind the bar someone looks up at you and smiles. This person gestures to you to sit down and asks you if you want something to drink. You name your drink and look around. In the corner a robed man sits with his glass of whine, on a soft note he speaks with a beautiful lady, that could easily be a noble princess. To your left a young couple in love is staring at eachother and to your right you can see elves talking in their own language, laughing and enjoying themselves. Surprised you look around so
  20. More information on the programm of this evening will follow soon
  21. More information on the programm of this evening will follow soon
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