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  1. Hey folks, travellers, anonymous visitors, returners, newcommers, citizens of Vesper, I found that is should be important for you to know that we are NOT DEAD. However, our boards here are barely used anymore. They more or less just serve background information about us. If you want to get in touch with us you will most likely be more lucky to meet us in game than here. Lookout for us in South Vesper around the Swaggers Inn. Take care and see you there! ~Anna~
  2. May 18th, 8pm GMT, prepare for battle. The dungeon's inhabitants have been way too uppish with travellers, we need to clean it out to prevent them from getting out. Gather in Full Force. Gathering point will be at Swagger's Inn, Vesper [OOC] This is a community wide event, bring your finest warrior [/OOC]
  3. *a report on the stack at the headquarter* It was time to do something about the riots in town, so the Hand Of Chaos gathered and moved out to solve this problem. We knew the crazy raiders in town would hold anything against us as soon as they would notice us armed and armoured. Unfortunately, the bearman had another emergency pending already and had to run off to help out quickly after leaving his orders for us. We expected the worst. After a short wait on some volunteer supporters, we moved out to the revolting citizens we have been told to be expected at the docks. We watch
  4. *a note pinned up in the headquarters* Not thinking of any bad, waiting for a drink, I suddenly heard loud voices outside the Swaggers Inn. It turned out to be some of these rioters trying to set our local tavern on fire. I did my best to prevent the worst and told the guy to piss off. See this sketch here What benifit is there, burning down the local tavern. This is crazy, this is insane. *signed with curly letters* Anna
  5. Greetings Everyone, I am a returning player to the game, and after getting familiar with what has changed in the last five years, going on 6, I have started to realized what i missed about the game so much. So after getting everything back together (mostly character gear and most of the Game changes) I have decided to see If I could bring back to life an Role playing guild. Going off the Order and Chaos battle system, I have met up with some players who also have been participating in role playing and see that it is still very much alive. So I wanted to see how many other players wo
  6. Pilgrimage to the Virtues A contemporary report of the well-walked path through the ages By Gerrick Adarastos Part I: Introduction and Honour As many have done before me, I donned the pilgrim robe and hood on a quest to contemplate on the Virtues set by Lord British. Taking with me modest supplies of food, bandages, drinkable water, parchments, pen and ink and a copy of the Virtues, I began my long and perilous journey to visit all 8 shrines erected to honor them. As the reader knows Lord British placed first the three principles, Truth, Love and Courage from which either directl
  7. Cove Attendees: Faden Wildheart Bersi Valiro Torrak Keres Sergio Jarrett Vesper Attendees: Balgus Bloodmore (Leading) Lion'L Jonshon Cal'ain Cui'gnir Jaymee Brenna Night Aeldur The Covian Army and Vesper Militia gather outside the entrance to the dungeon. Vesper's first attempt at the Arkay manoeuvre. Torrak Keres teaches the Arkay manoeuvre but adapts it into a line formation. The Arkay manoeuvre successfully completed againt a blood elemental. Bloodmore locates the first scroll. The Arkay manoeuvre used once again al
  8. These are confirmed to be going in the game. The Japanese will get them a month earlier than us, I do hope for all the orcs sake we can change our skin colour as well! Though I must admit, they dont look very beefy. Although the undead one does look the business. From what I can gather, we will be able to use some sort of redemption or buy them from the in game body sculptor. Pictures! Anime: Elder: Hellian: Juka: Meer: Native Papuan: Orc: Orc women dont exist! Pirate: Undead: Vampire:
  9. Here you will find a list of active Player run cities and Roleplay guilds. Not all are listed here but, those wishing to be listed. If you wish for your player run city to be listed you may PM me. If you wish for your RP guild to be listed you may PM me as well. Please send me basic information on your city or guild. Please attempt to keep it brief. You will be able to supply a link to your website for more detailed information. Player Run Cities Of Chesapeake Town of Gyldenfeld- Information: The town of Gyldenfeld was founded July 23, 2004 as a community had taken root around the
  10. I wish to invite all our friends from PaxLair to our first official Roleplay Tavern Night, tomorrow evening at 10PM EST.
  11. Greetings, Citizens of Britannia. Are you looking for a bit of roleplay, but can't seem to find other roleplayers to interact with? Would you like to watch the roleplaying community in action, and see what this unique and immersive playstyle is all about? Would you like to watch as Cymidei Fier and the Duchess of Dawn engage in a drunken cat fight? Mreow! Well now that I have you're attention, The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance would like to invite you to the first of many upcoming Roleplaying Tavern Nights. Our first event kicks off this Thursday at 7PM PST. Who: The Baja Rolep
  12. I would like to post a link directing anyone looking for a RP community on Catskills. We are not very big but have some great stories to tell. http://chaos-spell.net/index.php
  13. A big thank you to the two peoples at the Swaggers last night - Jaerdin and Rhev. You were superb and restored my faith in spontaneous role-play. Sorry I had to use brackets at the end but I had tried to party you to no avail and wanted to give myself a reason to come back to the Swaggers. That was one sweet con - I will be back!
  14. The following is a guide providing pointers and tips to help people understand and improve their roleplay. -Character names. A character must have a good roleplay name; this name will depend on that characters race and origin. For example a human character would have a human name such as Adam Davidson or he/she may have a slightly foreign name if they hail from an exotic region such as Radok Sirvani. An orc character would have an orcish name such as Grukthar, a drow character would have a drowish name such as Quar G'eld. An undead character would have a undead name such as Sarkoth and so f
  15. Are there any particular places where I can usually find RPers on chesapeake?
  16. I'm looking for a template that lets me PVP well for roleplay events, but I don't want any retarded skills like poison and such because that wouldn't be what my character wants. Also, I might want to get crafting skills if thats possible in a pvp mage template.
  17. Hello everyone! Here is an idea of Bevier that I found amazing! We talked a lot about it and we decided to share it with you! What would you think about a huge project! A project that could revolutionize the way we are exchanging goods in our community of role-players! The “commercial roleplay” has almost disappeared… we all try to keep it alive during interesting and really fun markets. But why wouldn’t we try to create a large-scaled economical system? Imagine if your guilds had some real and vitals needs! Imagine if guilds would have to buy resources to, for example, being able to
  18. [OOC] I was going to bounce this idea off a few people via PM's first but then decided that kinda goes against the whole idea. So the topic for discussion is: Would it be beneficial to the chessy rp community to have a separate forum (kind of a neutral ground area), to discuss & share ideas, list events, and do it all ooc. I know other shards have done this, and it may have been done on Chessy before, or attempted, I dunno. I'm also talking keeping this real simple. Maybe have a current events for any on going sagas, an ideas forum where peeps can post their ideas and find out if they
  19. On Chesapeake shard, PaxOku City im trying to impliment killers and theives. I want to add more punishments. So I figured I would ask some people what other punishments might be great for this. The original thread is here on what im trying to do. http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?t=36097 Section Six- THE PUNISHMENTS Yes, here is the part that every citizen LOVES to see. What is going to happen to you!!! Murderers and Thieves 1. You may be jailed for upto 30 UO days which is (??? Real Days) 1b. You may be jailed for up to Three years real time. Which would mean you were link
  20. PaxOku City will have a vendor setup for roleplaying needs. Such as the new gold pouch being implemented into PaxOku City. The leather tools are 800gold plus a pouch. A picture of the vendors location is below and maybe a roleplay idea for engraving your pouches.
  21. All of these are plants in the world and after reading alot about them I found out how to make a Love potion, a pain releaver, new wine and tons of other interesting facts. Worth a look. While I was reading this Lenora came to my mind and im sure you will see why. http://uo.stratics.com/content/basics/herbs.shtml Also a few in here like the Century Plant used to make tequila!!! Yum Yum!! http://uo.stratics.com/content/basics/flowers.shtml
  22. source So I went and activated a few accounts that were coming due and I noticed two new entries on the page where is notes what level account you have. In among the Age of Shadows, Mondain's Legacy, 9th Anniversary Edition, there are two new entries I hadn't noticed before. One is a Housing and Banking Storage entry. This was listed as Not Registered, despite the fact the account I activated used a 9th Anniversary Code and so should enjoy the ML Bonus to storage. The second option is 10 New Roleplay Face. Anyone know what this is about? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am seeing that too, but
  23. I thought it would be an intresting topic! If you had to roleplay something in real life what would you roleplay? (Doesnt have to be UO Specific) Nothing rude please Myself? I'd roleplay a Storm Trooper! (memories of the ST guild on SWG chimaera!) What about you lot?
  24. I have been thinking alot about the land map I updated and the discussion that has taken over from it, And have come up with an idea: If the map was split up into mini sections like a Risk game board for instance. To start off all guilds will get there own parts to this and all territory will be controlled by currently active guilds. Myself or anyone infact (I do not mind doing this) Would be the "Map Keeper" This person would keep the map updated everytime it changes and have it available to see online all the time. The way it works, For instance Trinsic would have lots of zones but for
  25. I Found this map on the Royal Marksman website, and thought it would be quite handy to have a nice clean one that can be written on - quality isnt great as its jpeg and wanted to keep the filesize small for hosting but already an improvement. Kudos to the person who first made this, I have just cleaned it up. Old one: Shiny new one: Please feel free to edit destroy mutilate this in any way shape or form I didnt add the names as im new and am not sure of all of them yet! so anyone can take up the project if they so wish.
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