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Found 13 results

  1. chargar42


    Transferred a 10 year acct from Lake Superior to Chessie. The char has on a robe. Please tell me what it is, where it came from, and price check. Robe - Jet Black in color Weight 3 stones Str 10 I went to insure the robe, and it says it is blessed. Is not labeled blessed. The robe just states what is above. Can someone identify it please?
  2. I have a couple ethies and at least one vet cloak on Lake Superior. I recently came back to the game, but as my location irl changed, I decided to restart on Baja. I also forgot that I had characters on other accounts. Anyway, I am looking to Trade two Ethies and a Vet Cloak on LS for something of equivalent value/use on Baja. If anyone has an offer, post here and I will check back or send me a pm. Thanks Edited: Typed robe, meant cloak, think its ice blue colored
  3. My bud just bailed and left me all his stuff. I was sorting through the tons of CRAP he had and found "A Monk's Robe". It's brown and looks like the hooded shroud or hooded robe. Anyone know where it came from or if it's valuable?
  4. Where do the Hooded robes of umbra actually come from, are they still available. I just buy mine. But its like the cloak of humility, ya can still get them, but they cost like 600k in gold to get them, and sell for about 1mill.
  5. How does one obtain this? Vet reward? Minor artie?
  6. i have one and was wondering about what i could sell it for if i wanted to ? i know it's an event item - so maybe i'd be able to just hang on to it just the same? at any rate, i still like an appraisal of sorts...:grin:
  7. Just noticed with the duped robe recolor. My player statue is wearing an original Hooded Shroud of Shadows on Siege. We made a Player statue of him, Now the hue has gone from the original 'Jade" coloring to the new monks robe brown. Shows on the paper doll of statue and on visible statue. I'm looking at it now with a different account. All coloring is fine on original char. Not game breaking and the actual color on the statue looks better :-P
  8. please... I'm Lake Superior, thanks in advance
  9. got one the other day pretty cheap, well atleast i think it was cheap. its not a "dupped/insured" one.... its blessed, anyone have any idea how much i could get for it if i decided to sell it? thx
  10. What is the name of that robe that looks like a death robe graphic... I see people with them but I always forget to check what the name of it is... sense I got a stupid looking helm on but helps alot I like to have that to cover it up =P hehe -RMS Carpathia-
  11. I have a couple questions...yes I will always be a noob! First of all, where did Stretched Hides in a box come from? You know the ones that are stuck in the box and to get them out you have to smash it or whatever, and then it's stuck there for all time? How did these happen? I looted one at an IDOC today and thought it kind of cool, I've never seen one before. Other question.. What color is this robe??? I am guessing reward cloth, but does anyone know what color? I just thought it was cool..thought I might make another
  12. Come join us this week as we explore the mysteries of the Orient at the Fan Dancer Dojo where treasures (and death) wait around every corner. For our Hunt Nite this week, we are going to be having an old fashioned hack and slash dungeon crawl to a destination we have yet to visit. Bring out your mages, your tamers, your warriors, your spellweavers and yes, even your thieves. Come face the Fan Dancers and convince them to give up their delicate origami treasures. If you like to drink, you may even be rewarded with an origami fish! Test your thieving abilities as you try to snatch the Dojo's
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