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  1. Hello, I remember I played this game when I was younger, like 10 years ago, but now I enter the game and I don't know what should I do to make a good start. I started to play this time with my girlfriend and well, I'd like to be mage and she'll be the warrior, so we'll be teamplaying, any ideas what should we do? Any guides to read? Regards, Cristobal.
  2. Well, I see Kamchack made the history books *chuckles* September 2002 Trinsic Count Kamchack persistently undermines the authority of the Duke, leading to a state nearing civil war between the Paladins of Honour and the Duchy. The final straw comes when the Count marries Taranessa despite the Dukes refusal to sanction the wedding, and then insists on travelling to Minoc despite being banned from the city. The regent intervenes and the Count resigns, leaving Trinsic – taking with him a number of Paladins. after a long exile he's returning to Trinsic (bored with all the eyecandy mmorpg's th
  3. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I am looking for some advise on a "Warrior" type build. I know I want a Parry fighter capable of taking damage and dishing it out in fair amounts too. This character will be primarily for PvE and certain Champion Spawns. I played the game for a good long time, but I always like to know what is new and strong in skill building. So far I am looking at: Weapons Skill (Swords, Fencing, Maces) Tactics Anatomy Parry Healing What else and what numbers? I could probably make a template and get it going and be ok, but I would really like a strong charact
  4. Hi all! I'm back after a few years off and, boy, do I have a lot to re-learn. Good to be back, though.
  5. Don't know if any of my old mates are around- was Elric with the Skassax hangup, back in the old Village of Virtue days, and then with the Sinful. Later took up with the Imperium when Siege started up. Have been off playing other games (WoW, LotRo, Warhammer), but got sick of the levelled systems coupled with either no housing or no pvp. Just missed the UO system too much, so here I am again, out of the loop and full of newbiosity. Been kicking around Napa, seen maybe 8 people. A few in New Haven and a couple at Tram Brit bank, apparently heading off to someplace called Luna. No idea what
  6. Hey everyone! I'm so glad to finally be back in the warming glow of UO. I played from 97ish-2000 and loved every minute of my PK life on Catskills. Alas my character is gone so I'm starting from scratch. I decided to roll catskills again cause of all the good times I had on it in the past, anyone have a guild willing to take on a couple fresh recruits? Or even just a person to answer a few questions? I plan on spending a good amount of time with UOguide, and lurking the forums here to figure out all this exciting new info. Now if i can just figure out how to get off this damn island call
  7. So now that I've figured out what game to actually buy.. I'm going to be returning to UO and LS. Doubtful that anybody is still around that I once knew but I quit a few months before UO: Samurai Empire.. so I'm looking foward to getting back into the swing of things.
  8. I'm installing right now to see if this works and my old account is there. anyone wanan show me around? haha
  9. After taking a break from UO for several years I came back to a much changed world. The first major change I encountered was going from being 7X GM and kicking butt to GM is not good enough anymore. Many skills max out at 120 now. I recommend looking at the different skill templates posted on the forum and start making a game plan on what direction you would like to go. After getting my butt kicked I headed off to Britain to find a smith for some new GM armor and weapons but Britain was empty. The fond memories of lagging in Britain are just that, memories. Most people can be found hanging out
  10. Since UO is currently free of charge for old players, I took the chance to exhume my original account from early 2000 and as much as I enjoy to explore everything for myself, there is some general stuff I'd like to get answered. - Am I right in my assumption, that SA client includes all existing content up to Mondains Legacy, so I merely would have to buy Stygian Abyss? Regarding my subscription info, there is only 'Renaissance' registered, but I'm able to choose Samurai/Ninja class and can access locations from later expansions. - How can I delete an existing character? For some reason t
  11. I've quite recenlty came back to UO, and am about to update my mage. I am thinking of something like this: 120 Magery 120 Eval 120 Resist 120 Meditation 120 Wrestling 100 Inscription 60 Focus (with Crystalline Ring) I will do some PvM with him, and if I've got this right. There is no SDI cap for PvM right? What will give best damage: Tome of Lost Knowledge vs Scrapper's Compendium? How much does the 8 Int really give? Human vs Elf? If I go elf, I can use Spell Woven Britches (or is there a human version?). Anything else?
  12. Hey all, I played UO for about 6 years back in the day. I stopped playing around the time that elves were introduced. I've since returned a few times only to get back into the same lonely swing of things. This time around I want to make a different type of character and join an active guild so I can actually experience some of the newer content. Would a pally/archer be a good, well rounded character? I'm looking for something that would be able to hang in the newer dungeons/boss fights.
  13. Hi guys. I have not played in a number of years, and don't have any maxed out characters or anything at the moment. I do have all expansions now, and I've just been working on skills in Haven so far. I have a few questions that I hope someone can help me with me. 1. Where are all the player vendors? 1a. WTB rune to said vendors 1b. Would any of these vendors have runes/runebooks to dungeons for sale? Even something low like Shame to blade spirit golems? 2. Where can I find circle 5+ magery scrolls for my spellbook if I cannot find on a vendor? 3. Which cities are the central
  14. Hi all, I've just re-opened my account from a few years ago - my houses and all the stuff in them is gone but I guess that's to be expected... What I am wondering about is why the dragon pets I had (at least two dragons) no longer appear to be with me? I've been to the stable master but the only pet he has is a Nightmare. Is ther something I need to do to get my old hunting partners back? Thanks, Hella
  15. Hey guys, as the title suggests i am coming back to game. I played from the beginning era to shortly after trammel was released. Tons to relearn and such, and i am excited to get started. I mainly would like some info from active guilds currently on atlantic. My play style is PVM mostly, i will more than likely make an Order pvper for when the urge hits also(later). Since i have a ton to learn and i am an active gamer, could you guys help me out with large active guilds. As for rp, i have done a bit, but not too much there. I'm interested in a social network i guess. Anyway thanks ahead of
  16. Hi all, I am a returning player who hasn't played in about five years. Getting my feet back on the ground and all that, but I was looking for a guild to participate in. I would rather play PVE and craft, as I'm not to fond of PVP. Any guilds out there that would be interested in me, please send me a PM here on the forum or post a reply. Thanks! Ravan
  17. Hello, I am a returning vet who is coming back to the game after a (very) extended break from UO. I bought a vet account from a friend who was leaving the country, and now I find myself in a unique (or so I hope) position. You see, I never was very "good" at UO. I know in an MMO setting, and even more so in UO, good is a very relative term. All I really remember from those days is dying alot, and having people yell at me all the time. I don't think I ever GM'd a skill, and I was more useless than a well you know what you know where. But, and this is the really amazing part to me, I enjoye
  18. Hey guys, I played UO from beta through 2004. Now i have a job that doesnt require much actual work and my work pc runs UO pretty well so i decided to make a return. Obviously a lot has changed since i left the last time. I played the age of shadows for about 4 months, but no clue from there on out. I reactivated my old acct so its upgraded to AoS and i had my old toons and items and stuff that didnt go poof when my house did. Is housing tough to find these days? i found a spot to place an 11x14 in the old world is that pretty much the biggest i can drop in the old world? Any help, es
  19. I should be back from Canada around the 10th Aug so i can finally start some interaction.. YAY.. For the record. I hate military exercises.
  20. I'm coming back to Sosaria after many years away, it seems Atlantic is one of the highest populated shards now, I used to play on Pacific back in the day, but I'm trying to start fresh and was wondering what people had to say about things here. I noticed Sonoma has the most forums posts, which may indicate an active population also, but I'm unable to find any real good data/comparisons to shards anywhere, hoping someone here may be able to give me some numbers to work with. I'm traditionally a mostly PvM kinda person, I don't mind PvP for the excitement, and I've accepted being murdered con
  21. Not sure who all still plays, but am looking to hookup with folks that been around since the 99-2001 range. I had a car accident and cannot remember too much- if I run into ya in game I might get a reminder. Names like Morpheus, Doc, Lady Poison Ivy, Winter all come to mind...hope to find old and new friends. What is best time to play on Chessy for a good population these days? Also, any guilds need a dedicated and friendly player let me know! I'm still downloading so not sure as to what I will find; i'm kinda excited! =)
  22. I am well aware with game mechanics so I believe I know how to build a template well but any ways I am open to critiques. How hard is it to reach rank 7 on atlantic server and is it hard to get replicas from tram ish champ spawns? I am planing to go a dexxer to cut down on cost of scrolls and items I already have all the scrolls and skills for this template I just dont have the armor. So the template will be 120 swords 90 tactics 90 anatomy 90 healing 120 resist 120 parry 120 bushido total 750 skill but I can make that up with either rings and braclet or cap jons hat The items I
  23. First of all, Hello All. I first joined the Atlantic community a few days before the discovery of the Lost Lands. I was mostly a PvM player, but I occasionally went to hunt reds that were harassing players. I quit about five years ago. I had a successful tamer/mage and a paladin, but I think I may have sold their pets and better armors, and deleted them, because I found much of their belongings and cash on my crafter. Anyway, having played WoW and SWG, I feel myself being pulled back to my roots. I have returned, and I am recreating my tamer/mage, but I may make him a bard this time a
  24. Guest

    Returning PVM Player

    I quit UO about 5 years ago and am now in the process of returning. I'm considering purchasing an established account. If you are considering selling your account please let me know what you have and how much you are asking. I'm not interested in a pvp account. Thanks
  25. Hello folks. I have met many of you over the years in various incarnations. Main characters are Chia Moro Grd, and Chaismene Volte: TM, Grd, GM of Borough of Yew, now in Dark Cloaks. I also had a character in the shortlived guild Vanguard. I left the roleplaying scene well over a year ago. Still played UO though, but not active in the community. Mainly playing the shopkeeper Serafi and other alts. I got tired of a community that seemed to always be on the verge of imploding on itself, the pettiness, the "my roleplay is better than yours" attitude, the "us vs them" when it really shoul
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