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Found 9 results

  1. Almost all the "good" artifacts have tons of cold & energy resist and relatively little poison & fire. On one of my toons, I can actually remove two pieces of armor and still have 70 Energy resist. Is this deliberate to force people to use some runic pieces, or is it just some weird oversight?
  2. Hey guys ok this is my current template I am a Necro/Warrior. I use two weapons Bone Harvester (for MS) and a beefed up Longsword for AI/Conc My stats are str 100 dex 134 and int 50. My skills I use are Swordsmanship: 95 current Anatomy: 88 Healing: 80 Resists: 100 Necro: 80 SS: 70 Tactics: 90 Now I'm wanting to know if this template would be ok for pvp? I know many are for mage templates but I really want to be a melee based pvper. Now would it be feasible to drop resists to pick up parrying, poisoning or something else? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  3. If all damage output were reduced by half, and all resists were reduced by 4/7, would you have a problem with it? If so, why? Some quick numbers to show how things would change OldR|NewR|OldD|NewD 75 | 43 | 25 | 29 70 | 40 | 30 | 30 60 | 34 | 40 | 33 50 | 29 | 50 | 36 0 | 0 |100 | 50
  4. Has anyone been able to find a way to lore the vanguards or knows the vanguards resist levels?
  5. so are they going to be usable with the new set, useless rares, or altered to the new stats?
  6. Ok, so here's the problem: My physical resist was 45, and all my other ones (fire, poison, etc.) were at 40. I then picked up some new leggings that offered higher resists than the ones I currently had; however, when I put them on, the only resist that went up was Physical Resist (went up to 50). All the others stayed at 40. I tried this with some other various pieces of armour that I found, and while all of them offered resist in poison, fire, etc., my resists never went above 40, with the exception of physical. It was like they were capped at 40. Is there something I'm doing wrong
  7. How would you rank the importance of hit points versus resists versus stats in a good pet? Further, within the resists, how would you rank the importance of each? I'm thinking that the pet power calc needs to weight resists more heavily than HP and stats, and further that phys/fire/energy should probably be the most heavily weighted resists. But to what degree? Opinions?
  8. Buying FC1/ high luck jewels with LRC or resists, FCR not really important.
  9. just curious as to what the maximum amount of resists you can get on a shield are, thank you
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