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  1. Seems a lot of players have been reporting problems with this,especially when wearing the Sorcerers outfit. Paging a GM is working for some folk and not others Several players complained of repeated messages saying to report it to their quality assurance team,whilst another advised that you just have to specify you have no active spell buffs on and no other enchants in the page. The problem should now be sorted out so if anyone is still experiencing problems please post and we will make sure Chrissay knows about it. ~~~~ On your shard's next scheduled maintenance we will be addres
  2. After almost 3 months back in the game, I finally took the time to take inventory & clean out the bank box. I'm an 80 month account, spaced out over the entire time UO has been around (didn't always keep my account current when I was over in the sandbox) & have financed a lot of my comeback on pulling random "old" stuff (rares, etc) out & selling them to buy the "new"stuff. Last night I stumbled across a bag of old "charged" items ....quite a few of them with the old +10 STR/INT/Dex on them. I'm tempted to try and enhance the items ....anyone got any experience with trying th
  3. Question for the forum here. Do pets gain the same bonus to resistances that players do, where at GM resist, they get a base 40 in all resistances (ie physical, fire, cold, etc.)
  4. Do golems only spawn with 99% poison resist nowadays?
  5. Merc

    Training Resist

    Will having protection on (which drop resist by 35 skill points) raise resist faster then without protection?
  6. First my template: 120 Archery (currently 113) 120 Bushido (currently 107) 100 Healing (currently 92 and stuck ) 100 Anat (currently 110...whoops) 100 Tactics 100 Resist 80 Chivalry I like resist. I think it's a good skill. But the way my template is set up right now, I'm really reliant on Mana Leech bows to not go OOM. Almost invariably, I'll be in farming Miasma, and someone will walk up to me, look at my bow and say, "Your bow kinda sucks. Try mine!" and I will, and it'll do a little more damage than mine did for about 4 hits, at which point I'll be out of mana and have to run out o
  7. Is there a new player resist cap or a mage cap of some kind? I recently (today) started a mage, and his resists wont go over 30:huh
  8. Can anyone tell me does the resist on armor stack? Like say I have a gorget with 20 fire resist, and gloves with 20, does that give me 40 total fire resist, or how does that work?
  9. I'm sure a lot of ya know this, but I was casting curse spells with my mage who doesn't have any eval, on my other character, who has like 78 magic resist, and while I failed to actually curse Character B, he still would gain skill in Magic Resist. So even if you get the Fizzle indication, and no effect from using 1st circle curses, it is actually still being checked by Magic Resist. Just another late night...thing from me, lol. (have to do something while ya train up skills, haha)
  10. Nydon

    Resist on armor

    i made a pair of Barbed Leather Gloves last night that had 75 resist total . i was only useing a Horned hit . whats the highest you've made ?
  11. Hey guys. I just started playing again. I want to make a swordsman/paladin/samurai, but I don't think I have the point allotment to do it... unless.... I can drop resist. I've seen many builds on both the paladin and samurai forums with no resist. Now what I want to do is PvP. I was a great semi-PvPer before I quit oh so long ago, but now that I'm older and have had an overwhelming fill of successfull PvP in other games, I want to try my hand at UO pvp. So is resist required for a good PvP build? Also, what is the advantage of really high bushido skill? The main thing I love bushido
  12. Just wondering the best way to train magic resist..currently my char is at 37.6...any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. I'm a little confused. I finally purchased all of my stuff to get myself up to the perfect 70/70/70/70/75 but the only problem is, it doesn't go to 75? The ring goes over plenty enough, but there is no increase above 70. I know you can go to 75. P.S. This is Energy Resistance
  14. I know this is an old issue but I can't remember how to fix it. When my character is naked he is -10 5 5 5 5 resists. I remember this being a bug that started appearing with the introduction of AoS but I don't remember how to fix it. When I paged a GM they just told me that I needed to report this to the bugs forum. I have recasted protection to turn it off and and that doesn't seem to be it. I have recasted magic reflection and that also is not it. I am pretty sure both of those are off. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. Someone told me to stand outside of a cemetary gate and have them cast spells at me to raise my resist. All they did was kill me with poison. Is there something I'm missing?
  16. I am having problems deciding which skill to add for my swordmans. Do I add bushido or resist or both and have to go 4/6 to heal? :? Template 1 120 swords 120 parrying 120 bushido 100 Tactics 100 anatomy 90 Healing 70 Chiv Template 2 120 swords 120 parrying 120 resist 100 tactics 100 anatomy 90 Healing 70 chiv Template 3 120 swords 120 parrying 120 bushido 120 Resist 100 Tactics 105 Chiv rest in med and use 4/6 to heal
  17. Is this common? And, out of curiousity, what sort of wealth would one expect to trade for nicely balanced arms of this nature, with no other mods? I'm not looking to sell, since they now give me a MR 11, near perfect 70s suit with 94% LRC and 24 LMC...just curious... Arms Lore bonus is really making a difference with the new runic intensities! ~M
  18. I had to try this. My apologies if it is already widely used: 1. Train ninjitsu to the point where you can morph into a dog 2. Buy 40 resist in New Haven 3. Be naked with jewelry/non-destroyable items that add HP regen 4. Go attack (but do not fight) every one of the spectral spellbinders at once in New Haven. There are about 12 of them 5. That's it. I GM'd resist very quickly. I also ate a 110 scroll when gains really started to slow at 99 Proof, for you naysayers: Shortly after I snapped this, I was 100.2 ~M
  19. I was trying to get my resists up the other day for my t-hunter. Here're his skills: GM Cart 94.4 Eval Int GM Lockpicking GM Magery GM Meditation GM Musicianship and 111.1 Peacemaking I got him down to his diaper (how could anyone honestly call them underwear, ug) and noticed he's got 10 in every resistance except physical. His physical resist is -25! He's got no buffs or curses, or anything. Am I gonna have to call a GM to fix him or am I doing something horribly wrong? Please help.. Thanks, Nasher
  20. Does the jewelry cap trick still work?
  21. No magic, nothing just normal leather *or whatever* with as much resists as possible ICQ 387-985-674 with price if you can do it, don't post here, very unlikely i will check back
  22. posted on Stratics last night by a player. I just couldn't not make this thread....I tried to stop msyelf, I really did....What comes of it is anyone's guess. It's now about 9:30pm on the West Coast. Someone's probably still working out there, and if not working, then at home, drinking, checking the boards, and listening to some slow jazz. Look at this thread as your chance to reassure us. If not tonight, then tomorrow morning. Early. You have to admit that announcing this move at this particular moment was kind of not the best idea. On the eve of a major event that a lot of us wer
  23. I have a all 70's resist LRC suit that I have somehow lost 15% physical resist on. It went from 70 to 55 for some reason. Is this possible? All my other resist's are 70 or more so I don't think I accidently put on a wrong item. And my LRC is still 100+. Thanks, Mike
  24. How does one obtain this? Vet reward? Minor artie?
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