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Found 16 results

  1. Myself, the Marschall and the Herald will be needing an escort for the meeting tongiht. All available Knights are needed! Gather at 7:15pm, Beaufort, Templewood.
  2. Posters can be seen through town: A fire has caused great damage to the Jail office of Trinsic. Trinsic is hiring you to repair the damage! Please contact Gwen Irima if you are able and willing to do this job. Gwen Irima Temporary mayor of Trinsic
  3. Hiya, further to my earlier post, i quite enjoyed starting out with but 1000gp to my name, and decided id train the char i made up a bit. I went to buy a runebook... but i got lost in translation for obvious reasons. If anyone happens to read this post and 1- speaks english and 2-has a mage/scribe that could make me a runebook with a few banks, and runes to the entrances to the newbee dungeons, Despise, Shame... that one with the Harpies in it, that would be fab!! Thanks. Please if you can, ICQ me on 176585183. Thanks!! And Merry Xmas!!
  4. Don't know if anyone can help me but I'm trying to reach an old friend who used to frequent these boards. She went by the name of Lady Taranessa here and I'd love to catch up with her. I lost touch when we both stopped playing Starcraft way back in the mists of time. If anyone remembers her and can help me out it would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Alba The Grumpy Scots Warlord :brave:
  5. Hello my little dear minions. I am in need of 4-5 volunteers for a rather large one day event in the coming few weeks. All you have to do is have an unguilded char (preferably RP named) or just make a new char. Any people wishing to be involved as the center of this event/scenario please post below. There will be opportunity for some small intense RPing by your chars, but other than that..not so much. It's what you make of it. Once again, those interested, post below or ICQ me. Thanks.
  6. source posted on UO U.Hall Here are my (mostly) PvP requirements for KR that either aren't there or don't work. Feel free to add your own. Provide a controlled set of function like these and cheaters won't need to use illegal 3rd party programs, so providing the rest of us with a level playing field. * A customisable and self-updating display of the total amount of resources such as pots and bandages that I have left, in a separate window. Oh and other things such as tithing points. * A display of a bandage starting, time to go and that it has ended. * Be able to save multiple lists of
  7. Greetings All, I require a tailor with great skill and an eye to detail to come up with some outfits for me, Long have i spent in armour meaning my wardrobe has gone a little mouldy... Can anyone direct me to a Tailor whom can help me with this.. Sagittarius
  8. I have one but it will never listen to me and just does its own thing! I have been looking on stratics for the info but couldnt seem to find it, I dont want to be able to tame it just have full control over it. Any ideas?
  9. I know that there is a lot going on at the moment but if anyone would like to go exploring, Wednesdays at 7.30 - 9 ish you are welcome to join me. I am planning to take a closer look at some less frequented areas, starting this Wed with some spots in the Lost Lands. The plan is to travel by foot and only use Vas Rel Por to gate people to and from Muls - I'll try to do one gate every 10 minutes or so - so you can join late if you want or duck out early if it gets too much! I don't mind if no-one turns up, I'm used to wandering around on my own after each trip I'll try to post some screenies
  10. Looking for someone to help design some 'Ribbons' and 'Medals' for the Guardsmen Militia and will to pay either gold or cash in return! If you have the skills required, please send me a PM here (with a sample) and I will get back to you.
  11. How much taming & lore are required to both tame and control a rune beetle?
  12. *notices placed around Trinsic and in a few other places* VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AGAIN Sunday 8th October 8.00pm The ceremony of Azak-zil must be performed to reveal the contents of a book. The required components to be gathered are: - The hide of an ancient wyrm - Blood from blood elementals - Phoenix feathers - The blood of an elf Anyone with knowledge of this ceremony, or willing to assist, is asked to meet at Trinsic West Gate on Sunday at 8.00pm. The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic: An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its
  13. *notices placed around Trinsic and in a few other places* VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Friday 6th October 9.00pm There is a book concealed in the Fire Temple which must be retrieved. Once retrieved the ceremony of Azak-zil must be performed to reveal its contents. Anyone with knowledge of this ceremony, or willing to assist, is asked to meet at the Trinsic Rose on Friday. The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic: An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow as one; take honour f
  14. Went out to staff initially, but no one replied, so it's now going out to the public I'd like to recruit some project managers, people responsible for spearheading certain projects here at UOForums Right now we need the following 1) Interview manager Arranges interviews with EA personel, other VIP's, people on UOforums and people off of, community leaders etc Creates threads to gather questions, collates all the answers, filters through and removes the rubbish questions (We do get some retarded questions sometimes), moderates the interview area Sending out the interview questions to th
  15. I'd like people's thoughts on this tutorial system i'm trialling http://www.uoforums.com/tutorials.php It's quite cool, it means people can submit their own guides on things, like skill guides, quest guides and the like. It'll replace the two drop down menus at the top for skill/quest guides, as I noticed the skill one is getting stupidly long. At least this way, all the guides can be on one page. Thoughts?
  16. I'm in the process of setting up the guild forums, so guild masters can come here and get a free guild forum setup. I'd like some opinions/feedback on the first draft of my proposed system and rules If some of you would be kind enough to look it over and let me know what you think, i'd greatly appreciate it! http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=guildapp
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