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  1. Well claimed the "A Codex of Virtues" for my 12th Anny reward on one of my characters and I'm just curious if anyone has a screenshot of it cause I can't get it to place anywhere in my house...I'm just trying to get an idea of how much space you need for it?
  2. Any knowledgeable powergamers out there interested in writing up a basic, detailed guide on powergaming with the Satyr discord method? I'm a returning player, and much of my powergaming knowledge is outdated. Surely if I am in need of this kinda information, there are plenty others out there who'd also benefit. Thanks.
  3. Hello All - Since I finally figured out how to stack items on a pedestal for display, I'm happily setting my most prized posessions up for public viewing. It occurred to me that the Devs missed a great opportunity: Wouldn't it be great if we could double click the pedestal and write a short description of the item on it? Then, visitors could just mouseover the pedestal to read fun facts! Can we implement this? Pretty please? (Your thoughts?) ~M
  4. Howdy mateys! i have been participating in this fine game for a few days now.. And i just feel that i deserve a helping hand. Like perhaps some guidance, perhaps a few spare coins. or a LRC suit for my Mage tamer im working on.. This is not a begging post or something.. I'm just trying to say that i personally feel that i deserve a helping hand soo that i can get even more involved with this fine game and enjoy everything it has to offer me! You will find me as Kall on Europa server! May the force be with you
  5. On Tuesdays after the meeting or before if you prewrite can the Mayors, Governor and those that make announcements PM me their reports and information so I can more accurately report on the meeting it would be so very helpful. I have a hard time making the meetings but would like to report on them to get the news around to different areas. ~Merik of the Oku News Network (ONN)
  6. Luna Rossa awaited the arrival of her patrons to the Pagan Tavern for their weekly gathering. Customers had become fewer and farther between, much she felt were the fault of the brigands that had laid claim to the roadway to the east of her tavern and south of Luna City. None of her usual patrons had shown up yet instead an unfamilar face entered the tavern. After introductions and delivery of some much needed ale, Luna Rossa inquired as to the safety of Xaveria's journey along the road. Xaveria had ventured unscathed but the question arose as to why the mayor of Luna City had not dispatch
  7. Hello All! Since the lag in Qatar has dipped a bit, I've grown braver and joined the fight against the evil Shadow invasion armies. Actually, I think I'm the only player trying to turn the tide anymore... The spiffy colored armor and weapons are piling up in my bank box. It is a good thing that my stealth tamer's bank strongbox was nearly empty, or I'd have no place for all of this nifty loot. Here's the thing: These suits of colored armor would look absolutely spectacular on display...but we've no way to display them! I propose the following: Craftable Armor Display A characte
  8. With all the good info going around about items lately, I was wondering if some knowledgeable person could discuss how mage weapons are used and what makes for a valuable mage weapon. I know that the wielder's Magery skill counts as the weapon skill when using a MW, and that the penalty given is applied both to hitting & being hit (a la a normal weapon skill), as well as to the wielder's ability to cast spells. But what specifically makes a valuable mage weapon? I see them up for sale on the stratics boards all the time for many millions, and I very rarely understand exactly why that pa
  9. Hello All! Even though I have not yet begun to claim my gifts, I read here that - once again - there are oodles of holiday cards to collect, each with one of 70 different Developer names. I am puzzled by this apparent contradiction: First, we have Spring Cleaning 2008 to eliminate scads of these sorts of things, then the team turns right around and creates new ones. Perhaps in the future, there could be a way to combine all of the cards into a single recognition plaque. Once a player collected all 70 cards, he/she could turn them in or combine them to create a nice item to hang on a ho
  10. For the longest time, we could tailor gilded dresses and flower garlands, but the 2d client continues to use the fancy dress and bandana art to represent them. Can these two items get their own unique art for the 2d client, pretty please?
  11. With another publish coming, it's time to ask, beg, plead for the Developers to address that long standing issue: Bard flagging on blue pets in Fel and constant Peacing exploit. The Dev teams have been fully aware of these issues for many, many months. Yet is has been allowed to continue. A blue bard can not only disco any other player's blue pet ( and area peace every 1.5 second using the *** trick) but can also disco your pet right through walls of a house. Many have asked for the bard to at least be flagged to the pet owner, much less to the population at large. Why this has been allo
  12. Over the past week I have been sent messages by two RoT members requesting PaxOku citizenship. As it is setup now PaxOku functions with an open door policy of accepting everyone trustworthy and constructive to the city. What I fail to understand is why they are requestion citizenship. Yes citizenship is auto accepted by just asking as long as you are trustworthy and constructive but, the question still remains as why. I wish to ask permission from PaxOku city and the Statehood level to meet with RoT leadership and discuss why this is being requested and their plans. I also do not wish fo
  13. Greetings to all roleplaying organizations, guilds, and individuals of Lake Superior, In the Hall of Dragons in Malas, I am working on constructing a library, not only for the use of my guild but also for the use and enjoyment of anyone interested in knowing more about roleplaying on Lake Superior. To that end, I request that anyone who possesses player-written works about roleplaying events and history that have occured on Lake Superior, and would not mind an extra copy of said works being stored and displayed in a Malas repository, to please contact me privately so that we may arrange the
  14. I didn't pay much attention to them yet, all I know is that they drop some kind of boxes on the ground. So I'm asking if there is a summary of information about them. My basic question are: - Where do they spawn? - When do they spawn? (is there a trigger or a certain time as with the controllers?) - What's in those boxes? - How do I fight them without a Greater Dragon? Answers would be much appreciated. And if I simply missed the thread where all this already was posted - be so kind and toss me a link
  15. Hello all! I'm stealthing around the citadel, and I don't really seem to be making any progress. Anyone have a good walkthrough they care to post? I've trided UOguide and Stratics, to no avail. Thanks! ~M
  16. Make these items to be able to turn directions. I like the looks of them, the Archer target is cool, and the dragon head is nice, and the horse barding is also very cool, but I want to be able to change the directions, as I do not want two of them, but hate to be lock in as to where to place them if the facing are one direction only.
  17. Ultimate Online Forums - Guild application form I've added a link to the main page, but will probably add it to the navigation bar at the top later.
  18. YouTube LLC has refused a request from U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) to remove all videos sponsored by terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda, contending that most of them don't violate its community guidelines. Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Monday called on the Google Inc. subsidiary to remove video content produced by terrorist organizations that showed assassinations, deaths of U.S. soldiers and civilians, weapons training, "incendiary" speeches and other material intended to "encourage violence against the West." Full
  19. Captain, There has been an increase of Ronin and Rouge Ninja activity these last couple of weeks in the Tokuno Isle, I humbly request that I take a break of absence while I help bolster and organise the empires forces to put down this rebelion. Domo Kai
  20. I am hearby requesting arresst warrents for : Mia Jackson on the charges of: Piracy Terrorism Escape from custody Attack on Jehlom Attack on Myslef and my guardsman In Dangering Civilian lives Transporting "explosives" Mariah Aka: The Black Rose on the charges of: Piracy Terrorism Attack on The Grand Marshall Attack on the Royal Guard Attack on Jehlom Trasnporting "explosives" In Dangering Civilian lives Sal From VTC on the charges of: Terrorism Piracy Attack on the Grand Marshall Attack on the Royal Guard Attack on Jehlom Transporting "Explosives" In Dangering Civilian lives. Circe-f
  21. *Takes pen to paper and begins to write* I am requesting a arresst warrent for Cressida of VTC. She had been apreahend by trinsic guards for questioning, in which she proceed to open a chest that set the room on fire. In the confusion and smoke she fleed. Unpon examing the chest, I found it was filled with Blackrock as well as deadly Potions. Myself, my Field Marshal Eric, Galen and Lord IronHorse wittnessed this. --Piper-Grand Marshall
  22. [Your characters have not seen this, unless Ath posts it publicly and/or your character is shown it by Ath and/or is affiliated with the Court in some way. It's posted for dramatic purposes.] Official request for an arrest warrant for: Lilith Mauvais. She is a blacksmith/crafter with the Vesper Trading Company. Several nights ago, she attempted to abduct one Beatriz, from the Keg and Anchor tavern in Trinsic. (Though Trinsic may, or may not, have its own arrest warrant out, it is still under the jurisdiction of the crown.) This act was witnessed by myself and Dragon Edge (also a memb
  23. Another good question raised by smile Currently, we are unable to perform certain functions even when we meet the basic skill requirements with the help of skill enhancement items. One of these functions would be the combat special moves. Basically, we have to wear these items in order to derive the advantage of performing these special moves. This is unlike other skills like necromancy where the benefits remain even after you take off those skill enhancement items. I really cannot understand the reason for the difference. Devs, please consider this minor tweak in your list of changes.
  24. advice welcome! Not sure if this is still good... would adding chivalry or something be better than having magery? Anat 110 Archery 105 Healing 100 Mace 110 Magery 67.6 (and pointed up, but I think this was just for recalls & stuff) Resist 100 tactics 110 do i still need tactics to do damage? Thanks!
  25. The city of Trinsic is offering a reward of 10 000 gold coins to any person who can give us information that will lead to the arrest of the bandit known as "black bandit". A reward of 20 000 gold coins will be given to those bringing this person to a Trinsic guard. Note that proof must be made before reward can be collected. Signed Ikus Middlethorn Protector of Virtue Defender of the Crown
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