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  1. My shift started slowly and uneventful and after a round through the town I took up post at the gate. Lady Moiraine was in town and trying to coax something out of the Sheriff that was sent from Britain, but he stayed with his previous answers about Ricardo and that he must have complices. She also informed us that Covians are banned from town and that we should take their names when escorting/throwing them out. Lady Moiraine asked us then to accompany her to look for Ricardo's scoundrels and I complied, forgetting about those portals she normally uses. We took a magik portal to Buccanee
  2. taken from Thread :- A report in the jail of Trinsic (RP) found in UO.UHall posted by Kaelyn-DOT - Duchy of Trinsic guard ...09/25/06 09:48 PM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My shift started slowly and uneventful and after a round through the town I took up post at the gate. Lady Moiraine was in town and trying to coax something out of the Sheriff that was sent from Britain, but he stayed with his previous answers about Ricardo and that he must have complices. She also informed us that Covians are banned from town and that we should take their names when escorting/throwing them out.
  3. Pilgrimage to the Virtues A contemporary report of the well-walked path through the ages By Gerrick Adarastos Part I: Introduction and Honour As many have done before me, I donned the pilgrim robe and hood on a quest to contemplate on the Virtues set by Lord British. Taking with me modest supplies of food, bandages, drinkable water, parchments, pen and ink and a copy of the Virtues, I began my long and perilous journey to visit all 8 shrines erected to honor them. As the reader knows Lord British placed first the three principles, Truth, Love and Courage from which either directl
  4. Re Sunday 4th Oct: Duke out at Templar ceremony in Yew, city generally quiet apart from a visiting bard round by the healers. Told him to keep it down or I’d arrest him for being a public nuisance. Went out on long patrol up to Britain road bridge (nothing unusual to report, one wandering solen, a few mongbats and ogres, and a gazer at the bridge, all dealt with). Came back and was told at gate there was trouble at docks so went straight there. Everything apparently quiet, checked around then found Gwen, Iljian, a couple of other people and two very dead bodies in the Sons of the Sea offi
  5. As I was about to recieve my medical lessons from the esteemed Lord Heath, I noticed three Besiegers headed for the head quarters. I stepped outside to greet them and find out what the hell they were doing there. Apparently Yew now sends a pack of full armor-clad ruffians (though unarmed) to deliever simple, mindbogglingly pointless messages. As a symbolic act of disapproval towards our opposition of oppression, they have decided not to trade with us. It hardly effects our economy at all; a rather pointless venture if I may add. Sincerely yours, Elaine.
  6. After finding a Solen tunnel underneath Vesper Beach containing a vast quantity of eggs the other week, the Vesparians set off on a mission to exterminate the Solen Hive and burn all batches of eggs within. As a breach to the Republic's security it was their duty to do so. Just the other month Vesparian scouts had already explored and drawn up a map of the Solen hive, locating four egg chambers which were the primary targets. They swept the tunnels of the Solen hive slaughtering all Solens in their path, including the solens enemy ant lions that had infiltrated the hive and giant beetle
  7. Command- Comrade Luke McCloud Attendants: Lieutenat Blagus Bloodmore Comrade Cal`ain Cui`gnir Comrade Paps Chuck Firebrand Lance Sanders Private Anthony Ewens Private Marcus Helmguard I took a small squad of Vesperian soilders to Moonglow to survey the Island State. We gathered at The Swaggers at 6:45pm and set out through the Vesper Moongate at 7:00pm. Once we arrived in the City, I had Lieutenant Bloodmore take the two Privates to scout and report on the Western Half of the Island while I took my fellow Comrades and the Firebrand with me to scout out and report on the Eastern side.
  8. Last Friday eve saw an Ambassador by the name of Kurt Addison sent to our Grand Republic by Queen Dawn of the Kingdom. As the Ambassador arrived he was met by a heavily guarded Olk Samsca, Chancellor of the Republic. The two say down and began their talks. The meeting was tense from the start with the Royal Diplomat calling our Mighty Republic and the freedom it holds a 'situation' to the Queen. The Ambassador asked why Vesper wanted to be seperate from the Kingdom to which the surrounding Vesparians gave their views on the Kingdoms tyranny. As the talks drew on, with tensions building
  9. I have been working diligently to ensure that the Outpost is stocked with supplies for the comming battle. The Outpost is currently low on supplies as I have been working alone and have not requested much help from any one. Here is a list of current supplies. 9700 Bandages 2157 Arrows 2000 Crossbow Bolts 3 Kegs of Greater Poison 3 Kegs of Greater Cure 1 Keg of Greater Strength 2 Kegs of Night Sight Full Stock of Food Full Stock of Drink Any one in the Republic that can lend aid by helping with this stock, Contact me, and I'll be certian to let you know what needs to be done. ___________ Luk
  10. Met up with Iljian and other members of the Duchy-Hily and Gwen at the Cat's Lair in West Britian, where Iljian and I began to question Goldberh the bookkeeper about his records, the office key, and his acquaintances. The subject began to protest his innocence while at the same time sweating profusely and acting nervously, for example, he was unable to meet our glance directly during questioning. Only after considerable encouragement did he agree to take us to his place of residence in Trinsic. While we were there, he inadvertantly revealed to us a hidden stash that he had spent considerable t
  11. Leading: Elaine Blackoak Attending: Calin, Luke McCloud Well, that was "successful". Lacking the numbers for a decent combat training, I took those that attended for a stroll to Ilshenar. As the Meer had been complaining about wolf troubles of late, we wrestled down a few wolves to help the poor people. Moving on, the lads were given physical exercises to complete; however they skimped like hell and wouldn't do them properly. Just went up and down quickly and claimed that was decent pushups! Pshaw! Moving on we encountered a whole bunch of living water puddles and talking trees. Even met a
  12. Well on the new Chancellor Samsca's first day he took us to West Vesper to threaten the intruders stationed there. A few words were exchanged before the Chancellor told them they had a week to pack their things and piss off! Too right i say! When we got back to Vesper there was some strange hole on the beach, we sent Private Edwards down first before all jumping in ourselvese *smirks*. When we got down there we found a bunch of eggs, it looked like a solen tunnel. Could the Solens be tunnelling under Vesper for an attack? I say we exterminate them! Gave me enough trouble back in Wind! W
  13. To the good Chancellor Escaflowne, and whoever may succeed him, I was sent as our envoy to meet with Queen Dawn and the various Royalist factions while others attended our grand festival, and I write this to detail the results. Aside from myself, Jierdan and Devante (for Republican interests) there were representatives from Trinsic, Templewood, Cove, Yew, the Collegium and others. It should be noted there did not appear to be diplomats from Skara Brae nor Haven. Judging from those that were there - it was obvious that the Kingdom is still seriously fractured, divided and weak. While
  14. After several months of plaining, moving, building, and decorating, The new West Vesperian Outpost is completed and is ready for use by the Militia. (Court Yard) (Bottom Floor - Office, Medical Room, Storage and a Single Holding Cell) (Second Floor - Dining Hall and Outdoor Training Deck) (Third Floor - Bunk Room and Eastern Outlook Deck) (Roof - Over All Outlook) Design By: Liberator Elaine Blackoak and Soilder Luke McCloud Land Donated By: Soilder Luke McCloud Commissioned By: Chancellor Escaflowne -Luke McCloud Soilder Vesper Militia
  15. Tonight during my grand training session the Town crier reported that Rebecca and Declan from the Swaggers had taken the building behind the military armoury hostage. When we went to investigate we found they had barricaded the building and were demanding more tips and storage space for the Swaggers. They had eggs and apples as ammunition to throw at us and also claimed they had rigged explosives in the building. The military quickly raided the building and capture both of the culprits before the Chancellor turnt up and ordered them to be sent to the cells. They were both charged with jail
  16. I came on duty eariler then expected, and standing position at West gate, I was then attacked by two beings. I knocked the first that was shadowwalking near me, then gave chase after the archer, after a short sortie of spells and arrows flying in the woods, he ran. Going back to the West gate where I dropped the first one he too had disappeared. Didn't see what they looked like as they was wearing hooded monks robes. Wasn't Injuried during the exchange, thou one of the beings will have a very sore head and the other a bit charred. *Signed* Jessica Stareye
  17. As me an' Luke McCloud was walking into the swaggers for a drink we noticed a phew bombs... Luke said it was an orc bomb, Luke disided to defuse the bombs I took cover NOTE!: this was not a cowerdly act just what he said! he defused the first bomb then followed with the others Oh dear, is he hurt? As you see Luke died trying! Your's sincerally Theo Westaman
  18. Report on the arrest of Samsca, Olk On the evening of the 25th of August I was surveilling the crowd in front of the jail when I noticed a person, that had already proved troublesome earlier, making remarks at persons on the Gate Walkway. Little time later he produced and fired a bow at said people. Upon my inquiry the target approved of filing a report and identified the offender. He was taken into custody with little resistance. After paying a fine, as decided by the mayor, he was released again. Half of the fine was payed out to the victim, Grenadier Milako. -scribbly signed- SeanLd
  19. Thought i'd give the military something a little different tonight, so i rounded up a bunch of horses and llamas for a mounted training session! I split them into two teams, The Evil Llama Riders and The Brave Horse Riders. We travelled to the field north of Vesper for an open battlefield clash. After that we took to the road west of Vesper where we carried out an ambush exercise. One team had to slowly move along the road whilst the other had to ambush them at any point. To round it up we returned to the field for a last man standing. Twas a grand session, i hope they enjoye
  20. Those present - Sean Llyonadhadd - Recruit Edward - Recruit Sparkle - Recruit Iljian - Guardsman Van Cocidius - Mayor Madeline Warmbow - Civilian Reann Lothain - Sergeant ------------------------------ After assembling at the gates we headed for the Painted Caves in order to be certain there population was under control for the comming week. After entering the caves we encountered light resistance from the Troglodytes, which was met with strong force and put down. We secured several of there fetish's and fell back to the caves entrance where we were set upon by several more of them and a
  21. Well, according to the Chancellor he was hoping for this to be the last battle in the war and for us to deal a devastating enough blow to the enemy to keep them out of Vesper. He told us that intelligence had reported all our enemies armies rallying in Minoc for an all out assault on Vesper and it was our plan to strike at them in Minoc before they could get to our city. The Chancellor then left us to do the job the *scribbled out word*.... We had been given reports from our scouts that the enemies forces were split into multiple groups and patrolling the town of Minoc. The Marshall split ou
  22. Yestarday on the 20th august i insulted Damien Bedford. Due to my actions i was punished the next day i was told to gather 100 iron ingots for the armory. I started to mine the ore which took some time i smelted all the iron ore into ingots Finally i had finished i got a little extra than one hundred but hey i learnt my lesson "NEVER insult a guard!" Your sincerely Theoden Westaman
  23. Last night in the fray of Melancton being attacked by assassins in front of the Swaggers, we heard and saw him and the other Collegiate present at the time implementing spells associated with Necromancy. Among others, the words "In Agle Corp Ylem" were heard - the only spell we could fully identify. It turns the victim's skin all dry and corpselike. *Signed neatly* Elaine Lurtz Thaur
  24. After the escapades of last evening, I set out to cut the logs as was our punishment task. I gathered a total of 1540 logs, which should cover for all three of us. Sincerely yours, Elaine Blackoak.
  25. The drums of war could be heard once again as us Republicans rallied at Vesper Bank geared for battle. We headed through a portal to a camp next to a naval blockade of 11 ships long at the mouth of the Covian Bay. The purpose of this naval blockade seemed to be to block off sea trade to Cove and trap their navy within. After a run down and pep talk from the officers we stood guard at the barricades and on the ships keeping a firm eye out for the enemy. Our encampment was apporached by the leader of the Covians, a few words were exchanged before he left to rally his troops; it appears they we
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