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Found 20 results

  1. Ugh! I went to make some repair contracts with my Legendary Tailor today and it let me make ONE. The rest of the time it gives me an error message 'No Such Object.' when I click on the scroll and that message plus 'LEATHER/HIDES(0)' stays on my screen until I log out. I've tried: Logging out & back in Restarting the client Switching computers (Windows XP & Windows Vista) 3 Facets (Tram, Fel & Malas) Switching sewing kits Switching blank scrolls (and back and forth betwen individual scrolls and a stack of scrolls). Has anyone else experienced this or a similar problem?
  2. What skill level of tailoring and bsmithing does a person need to repair items?
  3. Ever seen one of these before?
  4. An open letter is left in several public places:
  5. An open letter is left in several public places:
  6. An open letter is left in several public places:
  7. An open letter is left in several public places:
  8. I bought some repair deeds today from a vendor and this is what popped up in the lower left corner of my screen. You purchase a repair Service contract from ~1_Skill_Title~2_Skill_Name~ is this something new or is it a existing bug/glitch?
  9. It's all breaking and I can't fix it. Is there somewhere I can go to pay to have it fixed? I'm working on my Blacksmithing on a differnt toon, but crafting has never been a favorite of mine. I like to be out killing stuff. Anyone know what I can do?
  10. Why oh Why Can't I repair these with tailor repair deeds.... no I have to waste time and log on with my smith and tailor.. to repair my full suit.. BLAH!
  11. An interesting discussion came about from a player asking this question Was there a previous FOF or Post that described how exactly self repair works. I.E. 1. Does it repair while you are sitting at the bank? 2. Does it only repair while you are in combat? 3. Will it repair while you are logged out? 4. Will it repair sitting in your bank box/chest in your home? 5. What is the formula for how often it repairs one point under the above conditions if at all? This was really never important to me until the recent invasion started chewing through my armor like tissue paper. Righteous ~~~
  12. does anyone know how it exactly works? My virtue armor set is tore up and its not self repairing at all. I also have a heater sheild with a sr of 4, it is not repairing either. I am using a holy sword... it is the only thing repairing itself. any ideas?
  13. Guest

    Repair Deeds?

    Can someone please tell me how to create repair deeds? I'd like to be able to make some for my guildies. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :eusa_pray:
  14. Good evening all, A guildmate is having an issue repairing his hunter's headdress. Says none of the regular repair deeds will work on it. He also mentioned someone told him that it has it's own repair deed (specialized). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks
  15. source Whats up with these? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Those are artifacts and are also blessed. The same stat is also on a few items like Shamino's best crossbow and the holy sword. If your reward broke all the time would you be happy? Nope. So this is how the most uber of uber stay in shape. Normal items don't do this as they also can pull more and better mods than these items have. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your post makes no sense. Jeremy stated that the mod Self Repair is capped at 5 and the Virtue pieces where having their labels corrected to display that, so why not corr
  16. Hi, I have a question on self repair. Does anyone know the formula? I.e.: what does self repair 1 do, 2 do, etc.? The reason I ask is I was given/loaned Royal Leggings of Embers and an Ancient Samurai Helm and they are both down to 254/255 and haven't gained back in some time. Will they or is this decrease permanent. Can I fight weaker hitting monsters to be attacked more often and gain it back that way? I've read a few different places and can't seem to find the formula, though I might not be looking hard enough.
  17. Alrighty, one of you guys or gals out there has GOT to be a GM in House Maintenance My house is 4 years old. My toilets have plastic flappers with plastic "chains" to the flush handle. I had to replace both flappers. (One chain broke, and the other's seal wore out so that the toilet leaked water into the tank constantly... which I discovered when my water bill tripled one month!) I went to Lowe's and got 2 new replacement flappers - the kind that say the fit most standard toilets. The looked the same as my old ones, and were like $4 each. My toilet is a "Universal - Rundle." I remo
  18. I've tried a blacksmithy, tinker, carpentry contract and they all say its the wrong kind what am I doing wrong?
  19. so the durablilty of my weapon is low and i don't know how to repair it. sooo can someone tell me how?
  20. Was wondering how repair deeds are made, and if blank scrolls can be made? If they can, then, ummm by whom! lol, anybody?
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