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  1. The Great Recruitment Drive is a recruiting campaign that will last over a fairly long period (I will let you know nearer the end of that period what day it will end). The Winner of this recruitment drive will earn themselves a prize! (OOC: 5 Million Gold). You earn yourselves points using the following point system: Normal Banners: 1 point each. Custom banners: 3-15 points each. Recruitment run: 5 points for host, 2 points each for attendees. Cross shard recruitment banners: 3 points each. Cross shard recruitment custom banners: 10-20 points each. Cross shard recruitment run: 8 points f
  2. Turcopoliers are the recruiting officers who interview the candidates for the Knights Templar, but this could also be done by Sergeants. The preliminary interview always takes place on neutral ground, which means in a town, in the capital city of Britain, its in the warriors guild, in other towns, its up to each Recruiter to find a suitable public building, that has at least a table with a chair that the Recruiter can sit at during the interview. All candidates are to be asked the following questions satisfactory before ! they are invitated to our Headquarters for the next stage in the rec
  3. Brethren, As there is no Turopolier officer at present, I am taking on the duties of this role. The main job of recruiting is down to each and everyone of us, getting folk interested in us, and sending them in the right direction. The Baronship of Cove are very active in their recruitment at the moment, and i thought it was time we stepped ours up a gear also. As far as ideas are concerned for a recruitment event or mini stands in towns to recruit from, please post your ideas in the space provided at the bottom of this poster. And can all brethren please take some time each day to talk
  4. When: 19:30 UK time Where: Outside the Swaggers On Monday all are invited to gather outside the Swaggers for a quick recruitment run, followed by an exciting round of Dungeon games. Come for the fun, stay for the humiliation of your fellow Vesparian, leave with the prizes!
  5. [video=youtube;jChbTs59Gw0] Watch in HD, fullscreen and turn vol up! Enjoy!
  6. Dev can you write up a little recruitment book with info about the guild, contacts etc so i can copy and distribute them please. Ta. Oh, and maybe at some point when you have time, one of your awesome posters so i can plaster them on forums etc
  7. All militia are required to gather at 8pm GMT outside the militia HQ in correct uniform and supplied for battle. The night will begin with training and after that a recruitment run to Haven, but who knows yer may run into trouble at Haven like we have previously, so be prepared. When? Thursday 8pm GMT. Where? Gather outside Militia HQ. -Escaflowne
  8. Ah was bored so ah decided to put out some flags to get some new recruits. Along with the flags ah put down some recruitment leaflets and a book of the Captains election manifestos or wha`ever they are. It said "Vote For Esca!!" anyway, hopfully get the boss some votes.
  9. When? Tuesday at 8pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather outside the Swaggers Inn -Escaflowne
  10. Tomorrow at 8pm BST/UK Time i will be giving a public speech to the people of Vesper. After that at 8:30pm BST/UK time the militia will be going on a recruitment run to get more new blood for the war! Make sure yer turn up! When? Tomorrow 8pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather at Swaggers! -Escaflowne
  11. I will be leading a Recruitment march Saturday Aug 9th at 6:30pm UK time ( 1:30pm EST ). Milita and Citizens alike are welcome. We will meet at the Town Hall, and go to several towns to spread the word. To be there in PERFECT uniform.
  12. Went on a recruitment drive today. Was a hot day to be wandering about in full armor, however I know we need the recruits. The war with the evil loyalists forces are taxing our members. Started out in Britian where I barley caused a stur. And then I went to several moongates hoping to spread the word. After that I went to New Haven where I receaved a better welcome. I finished with a trip to Luna. I can only hope that new recruits come before it is to late....
  13. This Saturday we gather outside the Swaggers at 8pm BST/UK time where we shall head out on a recruitment run since we havn't been on one in a while, we need to step these up as we are slipping! After that we will hopefully finnaly be able to finish building our new ship 'The Freedom' if we arn't interupted again. Be sure to turn up to do yer part for Vesper! When? Saturday 8pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather Outside Swaggers -Escaflowne
  14. This Sunday at 8pm UK time we gather outside the Swaggers inn to go on a recruitment run. Make sure you turn up in correct uniform and after we will be carrying out other duties, turn up to find out! When? Sunday 8pm UK Time Where? Gather outside the Swaggers -Escaflowne
  15. We gather outside the Swaggers at 8pm UK time this Tuesday to set off on a recruitment run we should of done tonight if it werent for fighting the Yewish. After the recruitment we shall depart on a hunt to somewhere dangerous and deadly so be equipped for the job! When? Tuesday 8pm UK Time Where? Gather Outside Swaggers -Escaflowne
  16. Thats right we'll have ourselves a little recruitment drive at 8pm BST (UK Time) Gather outside the Swaggers and perhaps afterwards we can do something else. When? 8pm BST UK Time Where? Gather outside Swaggers! -Escaflowne
  17. Reeds Great Recruitment Drive! Stage 1 - Post flyers and flags at all moongates in Trammel Stage 2 - Post flyers and flags at all moongates in Ilshenar Stage 3 - Post flyers and flags at all moongates in Malas and Tokuno Islands Stage 3 - Post flyers and flags in all major citys and towns (Note - at least 2 in Britain) Stage 4 - Post Flyers and flags at major dungeons Stage 5 - Repeat from Stage 1 Ongoing tasks - Post flyers and flags in busy areas, run a recruitment stall in some citys. Stage 1 After writing up a quick recruitment book, that is no doubt a poor effort and full of
  18. 7:00pm EST The goal of the recruitment faire is two-fold: 1) Unguilded players, both new and veteran, will be able to meet members of prospective kinships on the server. By meeting them in person, they may better understand the goals and style of different kinships, especially those that may not have extensive websites. 2) Kinships, both large and especially small will have the chance to make themselves known and help them grow. Tips for attending kinships: -Decide ahead of time whether your kinship will recruit on the spot, or if you will be referring them to apply. This just saves ti
  19. Time to get some new blood into the millitia! Meet at swaggers 8PM GMT time, Random event after Recruitment run is done!
  20. It probably allready is.. But lets make Sunday our Recruitment / Tavern Crawl Night! Meet up at the Town Hall at 20:00 gmt. where we`ll stock up on Banners before heading out. I`ll try to get someone Nice and Important to Coordinate the distribution. Then off to the Taverns! Where : Militia Town Hall Time : 20:00 Be There! or be a Smurf!!
  21. There`s no doubt that its difficult to make an interesting report about putting banners up to lure in potential recruits, especially if its something that happens on a daily basis.. and I think that would be a goal to aim for. Goal ; To have Recruitment Banners put up at major points at least once Daily. So if you happen to drop a Banner here or there.. Just mention it on this thread as a record.. Maybe a token picture It`s not so much about making yourself look good or trying to get promoted.. but really helping us get some new members which we could really use. By all means tho.. if
  22. Our numbers diminish, we need to gather more men to our cause, we shall head out to Britain and New Haven at 8pm GMT this tuesday, gather outside the swaggers on time militia. After that we shall find something else to keep us occupied. When? Tuesday 8pm GMT Where? Gather outside the Swaggers -Escaflowne
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