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  1. As posted in the 6/13 FoF. We'll keep this stickied as a warning.
  2. "No rants. No finger-pointing. No bitterness. Not in this article. Patrick Malott, the UO designer known as Leurocian, has tended his resignation at Electronic Arts. His last day there is June 17. He and his wife are returning to Indiana and I'm sure every seafarer in Sosaria will join me in wishing them the best of luck in their future endeavors. A year ago, I wasn't even playing UO and this site was shut down. It was in July when I checked in at Stratics to see that a new designer, Leurocian, was posting quite frequently about his new job as a UO developer and what he was hoping to accompl
  3. Just to remind everyone this is a Training Event Open to Everyone But Particularly For Recruits - Esquires. Meetings Place: Fort Beaufoir Time: 5pm BST Saturday Oct 3, 2009 Event: We will be leaving fully equipped to search for the lost Lord Gendin in Ice Dungeon. I have received a message that he had to go into the Ice Dungeon for an important reason only to fall to some doom. It is not known where he is alive or unconscious, and what aid he will require. Objectives: The team will go to Ice Dungeon to search and locate Lord Gendin. Good Communication and teamwork skills will be required,
  4. If ANYONE has ANY problems whatsoever to do with Vesper, how things are done, other members or anything else then please bring them to me so i can adress the problem, it will be confidential if you so wish. I couldn't care if its even about me personally, i won't bite your head off, i'll take it constructively and deal with it. It is my job as the GM to deal with any problems or complaints and address them to keep -V- members happy. Your happiness with Vesper is top prioirty and well if your not happy with something then theres a problem. I however cannot address problems if people do not s
  5. Rules of Engagement 1) No Looting 2) No Ress Killing 3) 10 minute timer after getting killed (You can get rezzed and grab your gear but keep the death robe on and no weapons armed....also stay far enough out of the way so you don't get hit by area effect stuff) 4) Keep it respectful, rp dialogue between two warring groups is expected, but lets remember this is all for fun. 5)Fel is wide open, as are Zento, Paxoku and Guardians Gate....throw in the RP and have some fun with it! 6) No gank fests, if you grossly outnumber the other side offer them a duel, once again maybe some rp "no, n
  6. After reports about problems with quivers EA issued an announcement via Chrissay as follows. Bugged quivers clarification There seems to be a little confusion on what constitutes a "bugged quiver". A "bugged quiver" weighs more than 50 stones and holds more than 500 arrows. If you have one of these types of quivers please page in so that a GM can fix this for you. Please be advised that if another player pages in on you for having a “bugged” quiver, your account may be subject to punitive actions. Chrissay __________________ Chri
  7. "I was watching a movie on the computer with my girlfriend the other day, and the screensaver kept coming on, even though I had it disabled. So I wrote a little script to make the mouse move ever minute to break the screensaver. Turned out to for nothing - I was halfway through writing the documentation when she got dressed and left." - reminded me of some people I know around here
  8. http://www.f4g.net/vesper-trading-company/9221-page-ranking-concering-van.html
  9. http://www.f4g.net/vesper-trading-company/9221-page-ranking-concering-van.html
  10. Just saw this on yahoo news and thought I would let everyone know about this. They are urging everyone switch to something other then Internet Explore. This is why.. "The major press outlets are abuzz this morning with news of a major new security flaw that affects all versions of Internet Explorer from IE5 to the latest beta of IE8. The attack has serious and far-reaching ramifications -- and they're not just theoretical attacks. In fact, the flaw is already in wide use as a tool to steal online game passwords, with some 10,000 websites infected with the code needed to take advantage of t
  11. Hello plz contact me at 454760378(ICQ) im looking to join up on siege perilous.
  13. So last night im in RBG ventrilo talking to Ryo and Dar and Tiber and emma etc. I am in RBG so I gets to be in it....anywho. So im in there late late night and some members of a fel guild are there. One asks me to go to a private channel. Ive known this person for years so I go down and what happens? I get yelled it. I get *&^$ yelled at me for paging on a scripter that was trying to place the Luna house. I also get &^$%#ed at for removing someone from the party with some issues that i cant go into. So now all of a sudden I am the bad guy. I am a P. O. S to people now because I p
  14. First off...THIS IS NOT A RANT. Its simply facts being presented in a comical way. While I enjoyed getting 125k free points for my account I kind of feel its a little insane. I mean, they made Sea Horses and Anchors worth 25k points (not that anyone in their right minds would turn them in for that), and now they are just throwing 25k free points at anyone that can find a dungeon and throw a pot. As this journal shows you don't even have to be good at either of those... Without further ado I present "Diary of a Newb". This one lays out the back story of what I'm attempting to accomplish. Oops
  15. Wassup everyone, i've been browsing through alot of forums on atlantic and great lakes and came across their awesome daily pvp moments with factions and guild wars. Does anyone feel like that would be great here on catskills or are we on different levels? I feel like because of the crazy pvp on atlantic and GL, everyone is transferring over or getting ready to transfer as i know 10+ regular pvp'ers on cats transfering as soon as xfer comes back up. Me and my brother just started again since 2006 and started chars on catskills because as far as we can remember, chesapeake was headed downhill an
  16. PaxOku city is getting a new play house. It is located on the Chesapeake shard. (Please dont let this turn you away because its not on your shard.) We welcome anyone from any shard who wants to write a short or long play and acting people who want to perform in front of people. Our first play is Ghost Vacation. We have five parts. It is a rather short play with not much plot (I wrote it so i can rip on it) Its really just a feeler play to see who all attends and how hard it would be for people to do the play. So if your at ALL interested please PM me or icq me at 267944224 (Request
  17. Our account was hacked into yesterday buy some 20 yr old loser from Wisconsin. I would really like to know what he did that upset you. Please give me any information that you can to help us prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. It is illegal to hack into and steal accounts. AoF guild members and DGS guild members were also affected from what I hear.
  18. Our account was hacked into yesterday buy some 20 yr old loser from Wisconsin. I would really like to know what he did that upset you. Please give me any information that you can to help us prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. It is illegal to hack into and steal accounts. AoF guild members and DGS guild members were also affected from what I hear. Thank you!
  19. The Mark forums as read link was dissapearing when people received a new pm, friend request or other notification This is now fixed.
  20. SouthernRageLNR posted about an issue affecting 'reds' Devs could you please look into and fix the bug with guilded pets going blue or unguilded. This is a super hugh iusse for red tamers, we have no why of know if our pet is guild friendy red or just plain red. So when a guildmate does an aoe my super dragon eats his face and i have to hear them complain in vent. This has been around for years can we PLEASE get it fixed. ....I know im not the only one that thinks this is important!! ~~~~ Sakkarahagreed as did many others Yup, many of us do, but it's already been brought up in t
  21. This threat is for general talk and announcements for PaxOku City. This forum is OOC or IC if you like that is up to you. If you have an event/quest going on in the city you can post here. ~PaxOku Government
  22. Members of the Council of Sin, I would like to sponsor a event to be held on the 13th of each month. The event would be pit fighting [gm only gear (which I will provide), no jewelry, arties, etc...toons not scrolled over 110 in skills, stats...+20?] using bare minimum weapons & armor. What I seek is other members of the CoS who would be willing to sponsor a fighter. [i'll form a pit-fighter guild, each fighter's title would reflect which seat it represents] This would give us the opportunity to meet a little more often, interact as a group, with one another, and with the public.....and
  23. Right if events were to start rolling again who would attend?
  24. Have a story to tell? Want to give your [character] a more in-depth background? This is the Place! Here's a few "Rules" for this forum. In-character stories ONLY (Role-playing). Stories can be fictional or actual in-game situations. This is NOT a news forum. Don't create unrealistic fiction about other people's characters, but you can use them within reason by knowing what those people's characters are like. Try to keep the threads clean for the Chapters. No need for "Great Story!!" comments. PM the author with praise. Two types of Story threads:Single (or few) Authors - Mainly for author
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