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  1. I'm trying to complete the entrance quest in the Underworld, but I seem to be stuck. I've looked at the Stratics Guide, and it says that in the secret rooms, after clicking the level on the wall, I should be able to make a copy of the key under the globe of Sosaria, but for some reason when I click on it, I just receive a message that says, "You can't think of any reason why you'd want to do that." Am I missing something?
  2. Hi Everyone, I haven't played UO for 10 years and only just got back into it. I have a few questions since I can't remember the game play that well and Im having trouble finding answers to my questsions just on google. Hopefully you guys can help me. First question - How do I get bags? Do I buy them somewhere or do I have to make them? Second question - I am having a lot of trouble with quests. I am in Britania and every quest giver I go to doesn't give me quests. Third Question - Maps. I don't remember much outside of Britanias main city. Is there a site that is avaliable that
  3. I've been doing alot of the NPC escort quests from Cove in recent days to raise my compassion virtue and also to make some easy money....... Is it just me tho or does every bloody NPC you go to seem to want a gate to Nujel'm?!?! Do they know something we don't
  4. At such an early part of this game I would have to say all the Staddle Quests and some of Adso' were very enjoyable. Just getting the widow to like the Hobbit had me smiling.
  5. Just a quick poll to see if alot of people have already done the thread quests in Magicina. Did the necromancy requirement limit particpation, or did folks find a way around it. Regards, -H.
  6. Okay so Im getting quite frustrated . . . does anyone know of a good guide or faq or walkthru because i need more info. Like forsaken souls . . . they can only be released by exorcism? So that means only a GM Spirit Speak/Necro can do that quest? WTF?! Or am I misunderstanding something? Why is it they make a quest for an event like this so GRRRR! Aggravating?
  7. For the last months I have been testing luck and crafting. This was tested on the fletching quest, doing bows. Luck 0, 20k wood... 81% of backpacks had 1 item. Luck 1600, 20k wood... 17% of backpacks had 1 item. Luck 2030, 20k wood... 04% of backpacks had 1 item. Maybe Luck changes it... ? Anyone has any information on this one? Thank you. (yes, I have way too much time on my hands... I know... but what can I say, I can play from work and my ping is 250+... so I craft... )
  8. source taken from UO U.HAll Here is a list of the quest rewards from the new Haven quests. Some of them are very useful, especially to newer players. Tunic of Guarding - From Andreas Vesalius the Anatomy Instructor Philosophers Hat - From Gustar the Meditation Instructor Arms of Armstrong - From Alden Armstrong the Tactics Instructor Bracelet of Resilience - From Alefian the Resisting Spells Instructor Bulwark Leggings - From Aelorn the Chivalry Instructor Gloves of Safeguarding - From Dimethro the Wrestling Instructor Healers Touch - From Avicenna the H
  9. Just curious if luck affected the loot in chests from quests. Thanks!
  10. This is the seventh time I am attempting to complete the "Gareth The Emissary" quest for the Cloak of Humility. I have completed this Quest twice and failed the last 5 times on 3 different chars. I have experienced the identical negative results 5 out of the last 7 tries!!! At the moment I have completed the Brit Library quest for 5 Poison Sacs, I have answered the questions, I've invested yet another 225,000 gp (75,000 x 3) in the donations and I am currently running errands between 7 NPCs. Therein lies the big roblem in the last 5 out of 7 attempts. Maribel in Brit accepted my initial st
  11. Okay, here's the story. In all other RPGs I have played I have always loved quests. They are a chance to explore and learn about the world, but with some guidance and a point. While the free form playing of games like UO is fantastic, it is kinda nice sometimes to have someone tell you what to do. But......I hate using quest guides ( i.e help from other websites) unless I absolutely have to. I just started my first "real" quest (other than "escort me to the local ice cream parlour" or "go kill 3 squillion amoebas") and it is worrying me just a little. The quest is "The Ancient World (
  12. Once again my search-fu is weak. Where are the various victims of the black order badge quest? (Serpent Fang, Tiger Claw, Dragon Flame)? Thanks in advance.
  13. How do you do them? I tried one, and /dance with the instructor, and immediately fail. What exactly are you supposed to do?
  14. Wondering on any recent updates a player asked Just wondering if there's been any progress in correcting both the Chat system bug and the ability to resign from quests. I'm also wondering if the status or a time table of these corrections has been officially addressed in the past little while. In regards to the questing system being broken... wouldn't it just have been a smarter idea to remove the quest(s) that were being exploited instead of breaking the entire system? The reason for all this is that I'm trying to decide if I want to continue with UO. I would like to think that I'm a
  15. Cant resign from quests..... arghhhh.. ive tried everything, you name it i tried it. and cant resign from quests. sent several detailed bug reports.. and still cant resign. anyone still stuck like me.:?:?
  16. I know that there is a majority of us who love to do quests, and some quests will now have to be done in the battlegrounds. I am proposing that for those wishing to do those quests, we form protection groups to help them complete those quests. the rewards from some of those quests are spec'd higher than most average monster drops. * These quests are not mandatory for anyone. I understand that there is a minority that will not PvP, but in the battle grounds everyone is expected to help.
  17. I am looking for a link with info on the New Haven Quest Rewards to include stats. anyone help me out.
  18. I have a few quests to finish in the Blackfathom Deeps. I believe I have to go into the instance to finish. Anyone else have any? Mine are: (24d) In search of Thaelrid (25d) Twilight Falls The corrupted brain stems are also in this area and I'm sure many of you have that quest already. If we can get a group together we can all go to the dungeon
  19. I have a few quests here I still need to complete, I'll post when I get home. Anyone else have any they need to finish?
  20. Please post what quests you have left in this area, if you need help
  21. After a week of work, it is at last done. There may be some mistakes in level versus creature, so dun die. I tried to indicate the best loot per level. Quest givers are in alphabetical order.
  22. I beleive there should be a larger variety of quests. I think a lot of the rewards should only be able to be used by the char that completed the quest. This would solve high end char doing quests over and over again and selling the rewards. Make some quests number player based. Some quests require more than one player to start and complete. Long time based quests. Quests that span over many days, weeks, or months.
  23. Ive done the human to elf quest and got all the way to the end just to be told that I have to upgrade to Mondains. Quests should come with a discalimer if a certain version of uo is required. Wasted 4 hours :angry5:
  24. While doing quests is there anything that shows you where to go or is it like everquest where you just have to search??
  25. Despite not having a lot of love for the 2d client, I decided I'd wander around the latest urban addition to Sosaria (New Haven) and see what I could find. What I found was a bunch of quests! However, you need truely sucky skills. For instance, there is a quest from the swordmaster, he asks you to train to 50 swordsmanship and he'll give you a sword, a really cool one! So I made a warrior (a proper warrior-warrior) and set his skill to 49 in advanced char gen, and completed the quest within minutes! And I got a sword, Jockles Quicksword or something, it's a a pretty decent (not uber or an
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