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  1. Alright, SO I've always wanted to play UO, and I wanted to ask some questions before I commit! 1. Is the game still open world full loot PvP? I heavily enjoy PvP, and having a good system for it is important to me. 2. Where can you even purchase this game? I look at orgins and the "Styggian abyss + new account" says I need the styggian abyss upgrade first? 3. What dlc do you need to have all the expansions? Again the orgin store doesn't even really comprehend UOs existence. 4. How bad is the learning curve actively? Thanks for any help provided!
  2. the stats that you have for your character - strg/dex/int and then the the others magery/archery/necro so on and so forth... are they related - i mean for your whole point total - do they both get added as one or are they separate? the stats that are for your character strg/dex/int - do they have caps? and if ones too high - can you lower - besides just pointing the arrow downwards of course? it seems like the ones i have pointed down never go down....very frustrating. hope that all makes sense.
  3. Hey everybody. I'm doing some research at the University of Denver about faction loyalty. So, if you have a minute to take this survey, I'd appreciate it: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFdyZmdKZ280b1VxZ3prQmhLdDJ6OHc6MQ Thanks!
  4. If I have one char with a 40 in a skill and I put that skill on a soulstone. Can I have a different char who has 30 in that skill download the skill from the soulstone and then he would have 70 in the skill? Or would he just get the 40?
  5. i cant do any macro on that. Is there any shortcut for releasing these ? ı'm raising spellweaving with summon fey but it says there are too many followers. I need release them. Help !
  6. Dear All I would like to know if Blood oath also applies for MAGICAL damage, or it just returns phisical damage ?
  7. Hi guys and gals, I've acquired an account that has a toon that is blue and has 2 long term murder counts. I don't PvP, so that is like Greek to me. (I don't speak Greek, either). I read up on what murder counts are, and all I could decipher was that 1 long term count = 40 hours to clear it. So I'm guessing, 2 long term counts = 80 hours to clear it? Does having the counts affect me in any way, assuming I don't kill additional people? And, the 80 hours... does that just mean I have to put in 80 hours of play time before I become a normal, blue, non-murdering member of society again?
  8. Ok sorry if this is the wrong thread but I have a couple of quick questions if somebody doesnt mind helping me out.. I started to play UO in Nov of 2000 and quit in April of 2004. Thankfully I remember my account information but over the years I've lost my games... I really want to reactivate my old account and start playing again but I'm completely lost now.. So my question/questions is this.. Where do I even start? Is there a collection of the games sold together or do I have to start from scratch and buy each one seperately? Can I reactivate my old account using these new disks?
  9. Does a char that has 400 skill points on their template gain skill any faster than a char that has maybe 600 skill points on their template? Does total skills have any bearing on how fast one will gain?
  10. While reading the questions posed to Mike Moore, one occurred to me. Is there anyplace in tokuno where one can launch a boat? I've tried several times over the years to no success. Would love to take a sail on those mysterious waters.
  11. What class(es) would you suggest for a brand new utterly clueless player? What I am looking for is what class is closest to EZ-Mode, just for the sake of learning the game and least frustrating in terms of player mistakes. A couple of suggestions would we wonderful, and I would greatly appreciate the help. =)
  12. I have read something about 3d graphics, currently I am using the Stygian Abyss client but have seen no options for 3d. Am I missing something or do I have the wrong client or something? Basically is there any way to get 3d graphics? I don't mean first person, but isometric like most action RPGs like: Sacred, Sacred 2, Diablo 2 ect. Thanks in advance for any help provided -- Scibat
  13. Ok i have SA and I am still using the 2d client. But I want the enhanced version i guess it is. with the different graphics? How do I switch from 2d to it? Do I need KR first? Man i hope not that thing was a beast I wiped it off my computer. lol
  14. If you kill a member of an enemy faction two or more times in a row, you only get kill points for the first kill. That's pretty straight-forward and makes sense. But - and here comes the question - what exactly has to happen before you get points from that character again? I searched the playguide but couldn't find anything about this.
  15. Forgive me I am new and this question may sound stupid but I have two questions that need answering before I decide if I want to spend money on UO:SA... 1) Does the "New Player UO:SA" pack give a new player everything that they need to fully enjoy UO like all the previous add-on's ect? 2) I have signed up for a 14 day free trail will I still be able to purchase the "New Player UO:SA" pack and get the free 30 days as well? Again sorry if this is in the wrong area or if these questions sounds stupid but I like to make informed choices before buying stuff and I've tried looking for the answ
  16. I haven't explored much of SA yet, but I was wondering if anyone encountered a Baron Almric or a Lady Arial/Ariel in there?
  17. Hello! i just have one simple question... Im currently training magery on my char.. i have about 76,3 magery to be exact.. and aiming on GM:ing the skill.. but it takes a very very long time to even increase 0,1 point of the skill.. is this normal or have i missed something??
  18. Me and a buddy of mine found out one of his old accounts was still hanging around (since 2002) so we decided to buy a UO Code and start it up to take a look, but it says that the account is only "6" months old. How can this be? We were hoping to take advantage of some of the old veteran awards with it, but even though it was made on 2002 (and shut down later) it's only 6 months?
  19. Ok, so my tailor had a blue beetle. It was bonded, never had any problems with it. I logged on to her today and the blue beetle was attacking her! It went wild somehow. I don't know how this happened, as I know I logged off mounted on it. Now the things that were in its pack are gone. What happened to them? Did they drop and then decay? I don't get it... what would cause this to happen?
  20. Hey all! I just returned to UO after a long absence. Now, I made a rather dumb mistake and managed to lose my armour due to lack of insurance money. So I'm curious as to how much a new set of gear would cost. the old set I had was quite good, with maxed out LMC, LRC, SDI etc with a bit of int bonus and 5 MR. Back to the question! How much would a new set cost me, and where can I find a shop that sells it? The set doesn't need to have all the maxed out properties, but at least 100% LRC and close to 40% LMC would be preferable! Thanks in advance!
  21. i cant seem to find this information anywhere. The Blue Beatles... can you not snoop them?
  22. Is there anywhere to see what shard has the most people on it? When i left a couple years ago the shard i was currently on (Napa Valley) was basically a ghost town. It has always seemed to me that Chesapeake & Atlantic had great people.
  23. Does anyone know if you can download the SA software onto a portable memory device then take it and install it on another computer? I live in the boondocks, and have no high speed available (except direct satellite, which I can't afford), but have a super fast connect at work. Thanks for the help!
  24. I havent been able to find the answer to this but a friend of mine was out lumberjacking one day recently and a spider spawned next to him. The spider was like a tamed pet in that it followed him around and had the blue health bar that he could rename the spider. I can find nowhere in any of the lumberjacking information that this is possible. Is he just pulling my leg or is there something to this? Thanks in advance for any answers. Lord Viro.
  25. I'm downloading UO at the moment and hope to be online in another hour.... Question....Are all the Servers PVP related in this game ???? I am not really into the PVP scene and I don't want to get ganked by someone while I'm trying to do a quest... If so, Is there a way to turn off PVP mode so no one can attack you ??? If not...does the game tell you what servers are NOT PvP based ??? Thanks
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