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  1. Hello everyone! <content removed> Thanks
  2. I tried to do a quest as an escort but the destination was way too far away. Not to mention the NPC I was escorting couldn't keep up. Am I missing something? Traveling THAT far for one quest? Is it worth it? If not, where are some quests that are worth my time? Or should I grind to level up?
  3. hey all, i'm trying to do the solen matriarch quest to become a friend of the hive (to make it easier to do the naturalist quest). i gave the solen matriarch a seed, and she said to me, "I would offer to make you a friend of my colony, but you appear to be busy with another task at the moment. perhaps you should finish whatever is occupying your attention at the moment and return to me once you're done." Wha??? I was signed up for the dreadhorn quest (so i could access the twisted weald), so i resigned from that thinking that might be the problem... nope. gave her another seed, and
  4. http://www.uoforums.com/loyal-fury/62924-completed-knight-quest.html
  5. Argh. It's installed on an older computer which is having trouble reading the PDF manual. I can't get past where you have to enter the locker combination. Anyone play this one? I'm downloading Adobe Reader now but I'm not sure it will run on that computer.
  6. Hello All! First: Three cheers for the new tiered quest system! Granted, there are some monotonous aspects to it (I get it already: Pink is the new black), but on the whole it is a welcome departure from the preceding system. No more Hag / Ant repetition. No more Heartwood style. Why do I think it’s a great idea? Because it is scalable and modular. Scalability: Although there are currently only two tiered quest chains (Percolem and the Alchemists), this is something that could easily spread from Ter Mur across the rest of Sosaria. Even better, it can incorporate existing quests as
  7. This quest allows you to obtain your dragonmark. Speak to Lockania outside of the dungeon, and then walk inside and speak to her again. She will give you a series of questions. We would like to compile a list of all of the proper answers to these. Some of the questions and answers of this quest: Q. Which now-lost mark appeared with the mark of Shadow? A. Mark of Death Q. Which House is the greatest military power? A. House Deneith Q. What House created the lightning vail and warforged? A. House Cannith Q. Who operates the Courier's Guild and lightning rail? A. Hou
  8. Kijustsu Anei and PaxOku Crafters Society finally got a public Soulforge. Thank you Charles Wood from RAZE for donating one. Anyone is welcome to use it for training and what not. Also We put the Carpet Quest rune book on the steps of the H-J rune library. It is a simple quest to do. For those of you who want some carpet and rugs have it. (Make sure you use a blade and target the sheep to get the wool.) Don't kill it then slice it. Also please kill off the sheep after you get the wool off of them. So they respawn and people don't have to wait a long time. For those who
  9. I apologize if this has been covered already but I was wondering if we know if there will be a quest to turn from human to a gargoyle in SA like there was for elves in ML? Thanks.
  10. Red char cant go in city of Heartwood to find synaeva ...how to do this quest??
  11. Eros inquires When SA comes out will people be able to change their race to a gargoyle by doing some sort of quest ? ~~~~ Bomb Bloke replied To memory, the official answer to this is currently "no". To which the response from the community was, "so with SA, we'll all be getting more character slots, right?" Can't remember if there was ever an answer to that... ~~~~ Funny story, that. When we first announced SA we were so excited to say "Oh hey! In *this* expansion we're not doing that whole find-your-lost-heritage thing where you have to feed the entire Elven kingdom and t
  12. Sentinel's Challenge posted 11-Jul-2009 Please note that the quest line "Sentinel's Challenge" has been closed temporarily due to an issue that prevents players from completing the quest even though they were successful. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and we hope to have this quest line open again soon.
  13. Greetings, i will be leading a group task from the tasks board during the day of Thursday. We gather at the swaggers mid afternoon {5.00Pm Gmt}. It's only a short patrol up to the task site but will give anyone who attends a chance to complete the task!
  14. Following her failure in finding all of the fabled “Books of Sin”, the anti-virtue tomes that would lead to the Skull of the Ancient Arch Mage, an artefact of such power that it is said is capable of splitting the world in two, Faeryl fell into a deep depression. Her depression led her to believe that Lloth no longer spoke to her, causing a further downward spiral into insanity. In an effort to regain the favour of her goddess and fearing a diminishing of her High Priestess powers, Faeryl set on a course of utmost depravity of torture and breeding experiments. But her incompetence was always a
  15. On GL Magicina is burned down... Where is the new starting point for the quest??? Thank you, Malimn
  16. Ello chucks, Tomorrow I will be hosting Europa Auction's 250th anniversary auction! So along with the usual auction, we will be holding a quest! The quest will start at about 8pm BST, so join us for fun and a chance to win some nice prizes! Hope to see some of you there! Ama Chuck
  17. Hi everybody, I'm a new player on Europa (can you believe it!) and so far I'm alread stuck with two problems... (KR Client) 1. I can't for the love of god figure out how to plot a course for my ship. When I click on a map in my inventory I get a tiny map in the middle of my screen which I can close, but that's about all I can do with it. Never found a Chart Course Button. 2. I want to get the sheet of music for Gabriel Piete ( ) in Britain but the Impresario who has the sheet doesn't talk with me, the only thing he says is "Conversaitonal Event" and the button that usually would have an
  18. I have an human to elf quest bug in 3d (KR). I am unable to transform into an elf. I have done all the quests and get a screen to turn into an elf but the the options are blanks and I can't change. I paged a GM twice. The 1st time he stated he fixed it. The 2nd time he stated to download the 2d client. I am not sure where to download the 2d client, nor do I think that should be a requirment to do an old quest. I perfer the GM to fix it, and not give me an additonal job to do. Anybody else have this problem, and have a work around that works in 3d? If not, I think I'm done again. Just
  19. Again, this is Vexis recently came back after a 5 year venture. Been trying to figure out and do some of the quest, there's a big lack of communication when trying to ask for help from people at Luna. So i'm wondering, is there a wiki guide to the quest? Or any type of guide? *Scratch this post, found a guide.*
  20. [OOC: There was a lack of pictures towards the end, really sorry about this, haven't downloaded UO picture taking program yet.] "Come meet me at the top of the Fort, I have a task for you. Signed, Gendin d'Trinsic, Grand Templar." When Jeremy came up the stairs seeing the Grand Templar kneeling at the ankh he stopped and coughed slightly. The Grand Templar stood up and turned around. "Ah, Jeremy, I have your final Turcopole task ready." "What is it i must do, sire?" Jeremy asked. "You must go and lend what ever aid you can to Gizelda, living beyond Stonekeep" said the Grand Templar. wi
  21. I was busily slaying slimes the other night in Minoc and after killing ten I received a message telling me to make sure to turn my quest in. What quest, and where? I certainly never picked one up beforehand and if there's somewhere to turn it in I've no idea where to even begin looking.
  22. AsStratics Forums explains hes been away recently and wants info on the B&W seeds Hello Fellow Gardners, I have been away for like 3 months, broken HDD, changed ISP & the Holidays ... Been back a week or 2, and started doing the Naturalist Quest for the B&W seeds. As I understood (till today that is) was that the B&W seeds from this quest should give seeds for the "New Style" plants. Imagine my face today when I saw the first two bloomed into .... a white campion and water plant ... I have been questing alot the past week and still have like a 30ish B&W's growing,
  23. I cannot recall on the rune Dawn has given me. It was a normal looking rune at first and now its a blackened rune and it tells me I cannot recall to that location at this time. I was trying to get the Tutor Statuette for my other account (all of my slots were filled up on it).
  24. Was recently in Britain which is at the moment over run by possessed NPC thieves and I did a quest. Afterwards I receieved transparant heart earrings which were blessed. Does anyone know what they are for? is it a compassion thing?
  25. I just recently GMed Fletching so now I planed on working for Runic Kits. My question: Which quest should I do? I know pick the one that cost the least amount of wood, BUT does one give a higher runic chance over the over?
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