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  1. I've been skilling my necro/mage the past two days, and I'm having trouble finding a workable solo strategy for PvM with the template. Many of the necro spells seem to be oriented towards closing with the enemy (i.e. Curse Weapon, Blood Oath, Wither, etc.). For most things, I'm able to close and hold my own in Wraith form, so long as the battle is one-on-one, but in UO most things gang up, at which point I quickly become overwhelmed. The only strategy I've found to be effective is that which I've employed to great success with my gargoyle mystic, that being to summon (right now a "Blade Summ
  2. Greetings... A player from 1999-2005, I am pondering a return to UO after years off. Kept my old account, just haven't played. My characters are on the Atlantic shard, but no one seems to respond on that shard's forums, so maybe time for a character transfer to a more active shard. I am looking for a good, fun, mature guild that is actually somewhat active that is interactive in having an old n00b :-) I have a melee character and a tamer that was my main claim to fame. Cheers, Moi
  3. Greetings... I have been testing this new Template in ToT. Animal Taming 120 Animal Lore 120 Veterinary 120 Archery 120 Tactics 90 Healing 80 Meditation 70 Using the right Talisman and Weapon you can deal ALOT of damage. You can tweak it so you can PVP or do the Gauntlet, Spawns, Peerless... All input is welcomed.
  4. Guest

    PVM Archer

    Would this template work for PVM. I am just getting back into UO and Im looking for something that can do good dmg and thats easy to play. Arch 120 Tact 120 anat 110 heal 100 chiv 80 necro 100 SS 90 What can I tweak or should i just go a different way all together. I would be using vamp form mainly. I also had thought about dropping SS and taking 10 pts off anat and takign 100 resist. I've also been reading alot about wraith form. What would be a good template to use that focused on using wraith form primarily.
  5. Ok. I find myself with an open character slot...I want to make a PvM/Moneymaker. I cannot find any current information. Can anyone tell me the best race/skills combo for me?
  6. Greetings all, Following a physical cross-country move, followed by only occasional play on my old Baja chars, I've decided to build a new home on the Chessie shard. I have also decided to start all my chars from scratch, in order to re-experience all my favorite parts of UO. I am a casual rp'er who and I will be building all of my chars slowly and "organically" through game-play. Also I only plan to accept specific help (such as high quality equipment) from other characters I meet in game. I will probably play a range of styles from crafting to PvM to Champs in Fel with different charac
  7. With an economy like we have today where even toilet paper costs milions,you have to take a look at the loot tables.When was last time you seen someone killing anything but ML nameds(which are still kind of pointless either way) .I do send newbies to Despise Ettins because they are a good source of income for first days ,and theres always the arty chance..I guess.But then? I can not think of many worthwhile activities in UO other than .. champs,peerles and Doom? (I dont count idocs as a normal UO gameplay experience..) .You can arm yourself of valor and do a suicide run for a ancient wyrm or e
  8. I could use some template advice please. I want to do Champ Spawns and some other PvM with this character. Looks like I have 715 points to work with. I came up with this but have 80 points left over. Any suggestions? I was thinking Hide maybe? Magery 115 Med 100 Necro 105 SS 115 Eval 115 Poison 85 I read poison + Magery should = 200 which is why I have poison at 85. Would bringing this higher be worth it? I carry a boomstick and a shield of invulnerability. That would make wrestling worthless, right? Should I lose the boomstick and shield and use a slayer spellbook? I have to equip the bo
  9. Guest

    Returning PVM Player

    I quit UO about 5 years ago and am now in the process of returning. I'm considering purchasing an established account. If you are considering selling your account please let me know what you have and how much you are asking. I'm not interested in a pvp account. Thanks
  10. I'd to know some templates on the best type of chars to make for each one. I noticed in a lot of threads, tank characters good for PvM but not PvP. So since I'm going to have more than one character, can you tell me some of your favorite templates? Also, any weapons that can greatly enhance the enjoyment (i.e. kill people) better?
  11. A Friend and myself have started to play UO again. About to finish up our chars and are looking for a good PvM guild. Peerless, champs. Anything to have fun. Guild must be pretty active as we play much. My AIM is VanSob so any information would be great. Thanks
  12. Geez , can we get this reduced a bit. The spells from bone magi , skeletal mage aren't much , but if you're getting blasted by 10 of them , this is significant. I can understand being killed by Rikkitor. The fc / fcr for mobs in Pvm is also a bit high. a skeletal mage is easy. Being blasted off the viewing area by 4 or 5 of them is entirely different. It just seems very over zealous by EA/Mythic It would be ok if the drop rates for replicas were really that high (I doubt if it's just me) but I've only gotten 1 drop from all 10 of my chars from doing them. My warrior got blasted and d
  13. Hi all. I have always seen the CC billed as the ultimate PvP item. Since I am one of the cowards who focus on Trammel, how useful is the CC in PvM? I mean, of course extra stat boosts are good, but is it something that makes or breaks a successful character as implied by vendors promoting it for PvP? 17 million is a bit pricey if the gain is moderate for the PvM application. Of course, if anyone wants to sell me one for a slightly used candy cane, I'd be willing to barter you down to a piece of chocolate, lol. Thanks for the insight! EDIT: Seeing as how the CC takes up an otherwise
  14. Foxy of Foxy's Baja Auction Mall & Taslin (GM of Protectors of Virtue and Peace [PvP.] and Providing Vast Mayhem [PvM]) Are Pleased To Announce His Two Guilds Are Holding An Auction Friday, December 12, 6 p.m. PST (7 MST, 8 CST, 9 EST) At Foxy's Baja Auction Mall (located inside the Luna walls in the NW corner) There will be gates to the auction from Luna Bank starting at 5:40 p.m. PST
  15. I did not invent this idea. Others have proposed it for awhile now. However, I don't recall there being a thread devoted to it, wherein EA could see us specifically discussing the disadvantages and advantages of this idea. I don't want to make it too specific...I've noticed that proposals that are too specific, the team tends to disregard because if they take it verbatim there will be complaints that they are stealing ideas. At any rate,.....I like the idea of there being some kind of an entire suit of non-meddable armor having some kind of PvM damage absorbing property, similar to that
  16. I am looking for a powerful PvM character for mostly Doom/Peerless runs. Which one of these has the most damage potential and survivability? These are the templates I am trying to decide between: 120 Archery 120 Tactics 120 Spellweaving 120 Bushido 120 Chivalry 120 Meditation 100/55/100 - Elf + intel increase items 120 Archery 110 Animal Taming 110 Animal Lore 100 Bushido 100 Tactics 100 Veterinary 80 Chivalry 100/30/125 - Elf + intel increase items Thanks in advance for the advice.
  17. Our guild name is "All That Glitters" [AU]. Join only if you are completely obsessed with treasure. Right now we are looking for folks to go exploring with, fish up untold riches with, dig up buried wooden chests with, and slay untold amounts of scary creatures in the hopes of receiving some sort of worthy loot to feed our lust for treasure with. Our mission is to plunder. We don't want to take over the world, we just want to acquire riches from every corner of the globe. So if you think that this is a guild for you, you should send me a PM and meet up with me in the game. I'll give
  18. I have been hunting around and am having a hard time finding a PVM guild. If I have to RP I will. Any sugestions?
  19. I am thinking in buying those glasses that give 30 dmi. I heard that for pvm you can go all the way to 300 dmi, but I dunno if that's just from the dmi bonus or from all the things you have like tactics anatomy etc. Overall is it worth having those glasses ?
  20. hi, just finished making the core of my bushido/chiv archer. i want to take him to do doom and some champ spawns. does anyone have good advise as to what type of bows i will need to pick up in order for him to be most effective. thanks.
  21. Well I had stoned My necro and SS skills for year or so. But latetly I been thinking of dusting them off and building me up a Dexer. Just for PVM. So far I got: Necro: 115 SS: 110 Resist: 90 (Its what i got on my ABC and works fine for my purpose) Now Im thinking: Fencing 115 Anat 115 Tacts 115 I have 60 points left what should I use them on?
  22. I am considering making a fencer/pally/sam/necro and wondering if my temp will be right fighting peerless etc. I have 110 ana 80 bushido 70 chiv 110 fence 90 heal 80 necro 75 ss 100 tactics 101str 104hp 115dex 140 stam 51int 86mana (this is with jewls equipped) my resist is 60/70/65/70/75 while in vamp form i have 5mr, 31lmc, 36hci, and 31dci (or 46 with sam helm)
  23. Guest

    PvM Archer

    Hi...Im thinking in something like this 70 115 40 115 Archer 115 Music 115 Discord 100 Anatomy 90 Healing 80 Chivalry 100 Tactics 715...And i have only 700 skill poins avaible, but surely i can get some jewels with +15 to my skills Well the questions.. How much chivalry is needed to not fails EoO? Maybe i can lower chival a bit. Is an option make a pvm without healing? Maybe necro (for vampy) instead of using healing... Or 50 bushido to lighting strike and use honor for luck Or remove healing and anatomy (although i think the bonus in dmg of anatomy is nice) and use Necro 100 and B
  24. I am looking for opinions as to the best PVM template. Thanks!!!!
  25. Ok I know its not the best way to go for archers, but Im tired/bored of playing bard/tamer. I love pets though and have an archer toon I play with often. So I wanted to mess around with both. Any suggestion for a template? So far I have: Absolute skills necessary are: Animal Lore 100 Animal Taming 110 Veterinary 80 Archery 110 That leaves 400 points for an archer template. Whats skills are needed to maximize damage in a PvM environment? Also need either chiv or magery to travel/heal/cure (if I don't choose anat and healing for healing/cure)
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