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  1. I couldn't login any more as "facattac" so I decided to pop in here and ask what's up.
  2. Zuckuss reported a problem adding attachments to posts, I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing it?
  3. Just reformatted, downloaded, installed and patched UO just fine, however I keep getting this error when I click "OK"; "ultima online client has encountered a problem and needs to close" Anyone have any idea what it might be and how to fix it?
  4. Is it just me, or is anyone else having increased graphics problems with KR client? Basically, virtually no screen is rendering properly for me. Buildings are missing walls and roofs, items are not showing at all, and genreally it just looks awful. To be honest, if the game had looked like this the first time I played I would never have come back. I have not made any changes to my system but this problem appears to be getting worse. I did notice the font used by the client seems to have changed, tho I don't know why. Is it possible that my client files have been corrupted, resulting
  5. Posted by rwek I know there are some changes coming next patch. I however, have been doing some testing/gathering and want to give some feedback. Transcendence scrolls in felluca are really crappy with the 105s. In the past 10 scrolls (non boss) I have had 1 Transcendence. Ok, pure pad luck maybe? But are they sure its 50%? Do they think the 105 is a reward at all? I'd rather have 500 gold pieces. Ok, Protection with Justice. In the past, protecting range probably worked fine. Most people only needed protect on for the final boss. Now however, the range is not large enough. At leas
  6. Welp seems that the housing server is down or the placement tool is broke or something.. Ive tried several times tonight on Atlantic to get the tool to open but no luck.. not getting nothing to come up. Anyone else having problems with this as well?
  7. I am running into problems. I've created a free trial account a while back (thanks for the heads up at that time!), but unfortunately due to RL things going on (new job, moved home) I haven't been able to spend much time in UO and hence the free trial went down the drain, I am afraid. I'd like to give another serious shot at UO, but the registration webpage gives me a headache. If I login with my UO account it tells me that the account name is not known by the system. Note that I CAN login to my account management page without problems with that name!! Ok no problem, I thought, maybe I ne
  8. Hi everyone, Well I decided to sign up again to UO! I was on these board a couple of weeks back asking about my friend who lost his main char - he has been working hard on a new char at the mo and has got his skills up into the 90s already for the most part so that’s good for him Y question is re: housing. I managed to place myself a nice log cabin last night and decided to buy some chests for storage. My problem was when I came to lock the item down, I spoke 'I wish to lock this down', the cursor then changed and I selected the chest - so far so good I thought - but I was still able to pi
  9. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with connecting to UO Assist's update servers?
  10. Hi all - I've got vendors with items that were put up maybe a week before the patch that included the vendor penalty went in. Last night, I took some items off of the vendors to move to another mall. I put the items in my backpack. (They were music box gears priced at 5,000 each). I recalled to the new mall and tried to place them on my new vendor. (The same character owns both vendors). On some items, they went just fine. On others, they gave the error that you can't transfer items between vendors (bummer, when did that change?! I used to enjoy that feature when I reorganized my vendo
  11. Can't seem to sign on today heh First it spammed my screen saying my contact list wasn't available, but "hasn't been lost" Although the last time it said that, the list WAS lost. But now it's just refusing to connect, doh!
  12. My GD has been stuck at 115.4 wrestle and 113.4 tactics for over a week now,I have sent it on sphynx,df,meli,paragon balrons and what not and his skills just wont move at all.Everything else is in GM which is cap i think except magery which is at 120..but his ´´melee`` skills are veeery stuck >:(Im not sure on cap,but if you 115 was cap on wrestle,why its 115.4,and i dont think 113.4 is a cap for anything..I know its suposed to be slow at this point but this is ridiculous..
  13. A few of you mentioned friends dissapearing off your contact lists, when they, or you, hadn't selected them for removal. I believe that's now fixed, it was a conflict between the forum's own buddy/friend system and another older system we used to use. Also, if you, or anyone else is having problems logging in in the last 2 days AND you were registered at the Pacific roleplaying website (theprc.com), shoot me an email. Merging the two databases didn't go exactly as well as I'd hoped, as the conversion is supposed to match duplicate accounts and merge their posts/pm's/passwords/username et
  14. Hi everybody I am in need of help with patching. I have the latest HW, latest drivers, perfect ping times to the patch-server, no missing packets etc. a Cable-Modem connection (usual download time worldwide for a meg is roughly 15secs) but still the patch download takes forever (like 2hours) for a misely 8 Meg file. I had to reinstall my entire UO along with UOKR and now I am patching boy am I patching especially since you can only download Vers 1.46 for UOKR and the next patch witch is downloading is : 123 MEGS!!! Please please anybody enlighten me a) if there is some kind of patch-mir
  15. I'm hoping someone can help me, by pointing me to some badly needed answers. I have installed KR --OK! Run program patch ---problem with not finding "buildinfo.txt" will not patch. Need some help here! Only gets better tried to run client, get to login (put in name password) get "Network Error - Connection Lost". I am missing something somewhere!!! Racked my brain for hours. I have no problem running 2D client, been doing so for years. I'd appreciate someones help. :eusa_pray: Thanks
  16. So tonight when I got home, I logged into UO only to find that all of my Mondain's Legacy items weren't equipped on my character and were in my bag. When I attempted to reequip them, I got the message "You require Mondain's Legacy to use this item." message. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Anyone know a fix? It seems to happen in both the 2d client and the KR client.
  17. I have followed the directions on how to add BOD into the program with using UOA. The problem that I am having is when I click to add multiple BODs I get a message says that it did not enter the BODS. I have copy and the paste the BODs into Nystul's but it will not enter them. Am I doing something wrong?
  18. A lady goes to her parish priest one day and tells him, "Father, I have a problem. I have two female parrots but they only know how to say one thing." "What do they say?" the priest inquired. "They say, 'Hi, we're prostitutes. Do you want to have some fun?" "That's obscene!" the priest exclaimed, "I can see why you are embarrassed." He thought a minute and then said, "You know, I may have a solution to this problem. I have two male parrots whom I have taught to pray and read the Bible. Bring your two parrots over to my house and we will put them in the cage with Francis and Job. My parrots
  19. I don't know if this is the right forums to post this in but we are trying to get UO Kingdom Reborn working on a friends computer. Everytime he tries to patch it says Error cannot apply patch. We've gone through every step on ea games support site yet still have this problem. Have gone through three complete reinstalls of UOKR as well. Does anyone have any clue as why this is happening? We currently have UOKR installed on two other computers and it patches and plays fine. It's a new Dell XPS that is only a month old as well, fully virus free and connected directly to his cable modem with firew
  20. So last patch (the one before the current one), my computer decides to try and download a non-existent patch. I have to wait every time I open UO to get the patcher to say "Error, Patching Problems. Don't Log In!!" And I log in anyways This is a real problem because now I can't get the new patch, and a lot of valentine's cards appear as "Error String ID not found." And I probably can't access the valentine's stuff. Anyone know how to fix this? Also, I feel like complaining a little. My friend on TC1 wants to change my house again, but... my house won't trade! It says either "House buildi
  21. Heres the situation: When playing 2D everything works fine. However, when I play KR taming does not work. First, when I try to tame an animal (goat, dog, horse) it tells me "that creature cannot be tamed". Second, when I try to do animal lore on a tame horse or dog that was bought from a stable it tells me "that is not an animal". The same thing happens with my necro when I have a shadow wolf/death adder and try taming wolves/snakes. I have a supercomputer: x6800 pentium 4 gigs ram /physical address extension 2/300gig RAID0 7200rpms HDs 2 SLI Geforce 8800 Ultras 680i nVidia chipset mobo Vista
  22. Okay, took three or four days to download that massive KR patch. Er, to patch the download. Wutever. Anyway, my patch folder contains uokr_win32-2-45-7-3.pat AND and RTP file. The PAT file is 1kb. The RTP is 338,888 kb. I can tell that some of the stuff has downloaded properly because there's new files in my main KR folder. But it just STOPS applying the patch in the middle somewhere. I'm not sure if it downloaded the whole thing, but it wouldn't be doing that if it didn't think it had everything it needed, right?
  23. I'm having major issues downloading KR. Whenever I download it and try to open it using winzip it says it cannot be opened due to an invalid archive or something like that. (cant remember exact error) any suggestions? I tried using IE and Firefox to download.
  24. Hopefully someone can help... I tried dling a couple 2d versions, 1 worked but after auto patch it said there was an error and the ok box never became usable. The other had a error when I started to install the readme.txt I tried KR and had the same problem with the autopatch as above Any ideas?
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