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  1. Hiya! I just reactivated my account after 6 years, and I'd like to get back into the game but I need some cash. I have 2-4k of every color ingot except Valorite, and about 45k Iron Ingots from my crafting days. Would anyone be kind enough to let me know what the current ingot prices are or point me to a resource? Thanks in advance! I also have quite a few special gems if anyone is interested..
  2. okay so i haven't played in a long time and was wondering what some of my things are worth so I decided to ask here. any help with quotes is greatly appreciated. in the picture you see a backpack, bag and my bankbox BANKBOX 1. full 6th anniversary white bag and bell. also has the standard cake and fireworks wand. The rarest of them all. I never saw another white one though I know they exist. You can see the bell in the bag. BAG 1. Shattered crystal wisp fragment (Black thing) Event item from years ago. 2. Wood Curls. Very rare 3. Petrified Bone Spurs. Another event item from years
  3. hi guysjust 1 quick questioni found in my stable in old dragon, i looks like a whyte wyrm (not the true white) a bit with shade.just noticed that he makes not the wyrm sound when giving him commandsIt┬┤s sounds like a normal dragon , Many ppl at luna where confused and toldme that this kind of white dragon only spawned the first day at the beginning of ICEDungeon. And where changed to wyrms after that. i will post its stats laters. any idea if its worth somethink ?thy
  4. does any one have any idea what a piece like this might go for? its on the chesapeake shard.. just got it this evening..
  5. hey guys.. how u doing... im new in here and ultima too... i used to play in freeshards, but here is very diferent im a miner and i want to know how much is the cost of the ingots if i want to sell... iron, dull, copper, everything... and logs too... sorry my poor english and thanks
  6. Price check on the mini house deed Thatched roof cottage. I was told was rarest of the mini deeds. Will possibly sell. Also have Tower mini deed will be willing to sell. thanks in advance! oh btw..these are on atlantic shard
  7. Wanting to sell couple of dread warhorses and Golem with 100% poison resist on Baja wondering what going prices are.. Thanks
  8. looking for a price check on a 120 ps for magery
  9. Luna Lance +10 Chivalry STR bonus 5 Swing Speed Bonus 20% Damage Increase 35% Use Best Weapon Skill ALSO: Full set of white plate armor (came without helmet) that's also a 10th year vet reward Thanks!
  10. What year/month was that? Also, have expansions always cost the same amount? How much? Thanks.
  11. Stealth +15 SDI 3% Cold 15% Poison 15% Energy 6% I am not sure I have ever seen resists on jewelery that are this high.
  12. as above, its a silver chain rather than females neclace type.
  13. Looking to see how much my ring is worth Night Sight Hit Chance Increase 14 Defense Chance Increase 14 Faster Cast Recovery 3 Fire Resist 12 was told ranging from 20-65... Im trying to figure out an close price to where i could sell it for. Thanks
  14. I got a box from an idoc the other day weighs 255 stones but only has a statue in it that can't be removed.Any info on this would be great:) Thank you
  15. Guest

    Price Check

    Does anyone know the current price of the server birth "Hay"? It is the very thin and scattered type. thanks
  16. Found a deck of playing cards. These look like the kind a card player would hold in their hand, not tarot cards. Thank you.
  17. Plz Post What A Furniture House Ladder Is Worth.???.
  18. I stumbled a couple things i really dont have a clue with,first is a mace: Silver-Etched Mace Undead Slayer Spell channeling 25% SSI 54% DI 14% poison res 40% phys dmg 40% poison dmg 20% energy dmg Wep dmg 14-17 Wep speed 3s Next item is a 8th year veteran reward weapon engraving tool with 10 charges(think thats maximum?) Thanks
  19. Got my second set of magincia rubble and will sell one of the complete sets. Any ideas what the going price is for the whole set?
  20. Can anyone tell me how long its been since sea serpent scales have been used to craft armor? Is this a rare? Have sea serpent scale gloves and helm? Price check?
  21. How much do you think would one have to invest to buy a Dread Warhorse?
  22. I know the poison green is a super rare color but have no idea of it's value. Stats as follows (fresh tame) and this is on Great Lakes. 465 HP 683 STR 114 DEX 318 INT 58% Phys 90% Fire (max resist) 15% Cold 48% Poison (2 from max) 45% Energy 100.5 Wrestling 94.3 Tactics 86.4 Resist Spells 67.7 Anatomy Thanks for any and all info or help...
  23. Was wondering how much Gwenno's harp goes for on Sonoma. I saw one in Luna for 1.5 mil and bout died laffn. I have no idea what they are really worth to someone who actually uses them. I'm not out to get rich, as some of you know, I just want to make my fair share and provide someone with an item at a reasonable cost. Any info would be nice. =)
  24. Hello! What would you consider a fair price for an untrained GD on Europa? Any input would be appreciated . Cheers!
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