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  1. 0 - 40: Train at NPC Mage in New Haven When training, target an inanimate object such as anything on the ground or in your backpack to avoid causing damage. Also equip a 100% Lower Reagent Cost (LRC) suit to save reagents. Other important properties include up to 40% Lower Mana Cost (LMC), having 2 Faster Casting (FC), having 6 Faster Cast Recovery (FCR), and as much Mana Regeneration (MR) as you can. Finally, equip a -29 Magery skill Wand or Weapon. It will allow you to cast lower skill spells which are faster and consume less mana. You will need an extra faster casting (FC) to compensate f
  2. I was reading up on the reasons why they took power hour out of the game. Having played the game with power hour in it I can honestly say that even though I did not know about power hour from day one that it was an extremely pleasant surprise when I found out about it. This site has the reasons why power hour was taken out, but I would like to see it put back in along side the GGS. http://uo.stratics.com/content/interviews/evocare.shtml This game was so good just for this one reason, My 2 cousins, my brother and I all played until we went to college. I started back up in 2004 and to my dis
  3. icq me 102388892
  4. Hey there Just thought some of you may be interested in this, a Band from the UK called Ascension! we are inspired greatly by ultima, particularly in our songs Moongate, and Blackthorne. We also have a few songs in production called The Avatar, and By the virtues, heavily inspired by ultima Our EP " The moongate " is out now, and is also heavily inspired by Ultima, although i will say, not all our songs are about Ultima haha youll see a lot of Ultima References in our artwork and our songs, and i just thought some of you may like it the first song you will hear on our myspace is called T
  5. Following her failure in finding all of the fabled “Books of Sin”, the anti-virtue tomes that would lead to the Skull of the Ancient Arch Mage, an artefact of such power that it is said is capable of splitting the world in two, Faeryl fell into a deep depression. Her depression led her to believe that Lloth no longer spoke to her, causing a further downward spiral into insanity. In an effort to regain the favour of her goddess and fearing a diminishing of her High Priestess powers, Faeryl set on a course of utmost depravity of torture and breeding experiments. But her incompetence was always a
  6. Due to lack of interest, the Flower Power House Tour which I was going to host will be cancelled. I thank those of you that have responded and hope that one day in the future another type of house tour can be held as there are many homes that have had hours of labor and love put into them. The hard work and dedication that you show should be seen and one day, they will. Thank you again.
  7. A Journey To Power Summary: The old legend says He who wields the Ring of Pharius [air]calls upon the greatest magic of all. He, who wields the Horn of Hemdal [earth] , commands the army of dead. He, who wields the indestructible Shield ofSarius [water], , reflects both all weapons and all magics. He, who wields the Sword Gram [fire] , will take down all thine enemies within thy sight. The one wields the four wields the lands.” VTC is determined to gain this greater power by bringing together four items, Marc is sent off on journey to fund them. Whilst back at home, events a
  8. Hi all - I've been working on adding a long-requested feature to the Pet Power Calculator: a resist calculation that gives higher priority to the pet's strongest resists while negating some of the value of the pet's weakest resists. In theory, a pet that has extraordinary max values in one or two resists would be used to fight monsters that deal damage in those high resist areas. Let's say a pet has awful cold resist. You wouldn't likely take that pet out to fight against monsters that deal primarily cold damage. Therefore, the fact that the pet has low cold resist isn't very important. I
  9. Original link from: http://www.cityofheroes.com/news/news_archive/letter_from_positron_issue_13.html Letter from Positron: Issue 13 Enters Open Beta! Good day everyone! As you can all see now, Issue 13: Power and Responsibility is now in Open Beta. This means that anyone and everyone who has an active City of Heroes account can try out the issue on the Training Room server. We're just a few short weeks away from releasing this to the Live servers, so we are hoping you will all try Issue 13 and report any bugs you find so we can have a smooth release. If you aren't familiar with connecting
  10. Palin abused power, probe finds The report said a family grudge was a likely factor in the dismissal The running mate of US Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been found guilty of an abuse of power, according to a state legislature probe. Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin was accused of sacking a senior state official over a family feud. But the McCain-Palin campaign team said that the report showed Mrs
  11. The Dread Warhorse has been added to the pet power calculator. The min and max skills are going to need some tweaking as I gather more data, but the resist and stat information (which makes up a large majority of the score) should be accurate (based on the UO Stratics Hunter’s Guide). Be aware that if you have trained your horse AT ALL - even just one combat encounter - you will need to choose the “Trained” option in the calculator. The dread warhorse appears to have a very small range of tamed untrained versus trained skill levels in a few skills, and even a small bit of training can bring
  12. An end to spaghetti power cables By Maggie Shiels Technology reporter, BBC News, San Francisco WREL could mean batteries being recharged within a couple of feet Say goodbye to the tangle of cables and the wall socket and hello to powering up you
  13. Haven't been able to play a lot lately, so my gaming time is important to me. I finally get in for the the new quest. Friends guide me thru the first part. Things are going great. We hit Melissa's room. Can't seem to get a hit on her the first time she appears. So we hang out awaiting her return. BAM power goes out. ARGGGHHHH!! Forget stimulus checks, shoring up the dollar, Wall St thieves, inept leaders. The Government should provide all gamers over 50 with back up generators in case the power goes out! My heart can't take the stress!!
  14. Did the point values change? Previous patch notes said clockwork would be worth 250, instead they are 200... ~M
  15. Each part costs 10k. Buy them all or buy them individually. My ICQ is 416063353
  16. Hi all - I'm about 85% done moving UOCraft.com to a new server. For those jonesing to see their Greater Dragon pet calc scores, I invite you to test drive the new numbers. Feel free to provide feedback. I'm using a combination of the numbers gleaned from the Stratics Tamer forum and Vetmaster. Here's the temporary location of the updated pet calculator. Coming Soon: UOCraft.com » Pet Power Calculator Don't bother bookmarking it, as it'll only work at that address for the next week or so, until I point the UOCraft.com domain to that server. (And don't mind the weird domain - it's a serv
  17. One of the best power leveling I have seen done in a long time. Source
  18. Hey all - I've gotten some emails asking about the addition of greater dragons to the UOCraft.com Pet Power Calculator. I've got the update ready to go (with numbers as best as can be gathered from current data between Stratics and Vet Master). I'm having some trouble with my current web host. FTP and SSH access have been disabled, leaving me with no way to update the site. I'm working to come to some agreement over how I can continue to update the site, and if I can't gain access to it, I will move it to one of my own servers. Hang in there! It's coming - I swear!!! Thanks! UOCraft
  19. This is only for interest, because I didn't find anything about it: Say, if I get a Power Scroll for Magery 115 in my hands and I use it - then my Skill-Cap increases to 115. ok, so far, so easy. Maybe I get a Magery 120 Scroll after using the Magery 115. Is it possible to use the Magery 120 again to raise my Skill-cap to 120? Can I use Power-Scrolls for ALL of my skills? - So that I'm not anymore bound to 700, but to - for example - 770 (for example: using 7x 110-scrolls)
  20. An innovative plan to bring high-speed Internet through electrical outlets may not see the light of day Broadband over Power Lines, or BPL, is a technology developed to send data over lines also used for electric power transmission. Simply put, it's high-speed Internet through your electrical outlets. Right off the bat, the appeal of a system like this is attractive for a lot of reasons. It could provide broadband service to rural areas without the physical infrastructure for DSL or cable and would require only minimal hardware installations by the power utilities. It would also pave
  21. Iraq war shows limits of US power By John Simpson World affairs editor, BBC News Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 I have spent almost a year of my life here, reporting on the confl
  22. VIA's Glenn Henry Speaks On New Low Power Isaiah Processor With all the buzz around VIA's recent announcement of their next generation low power Isaiah mobile processor and the parade of online coverage of the recent press event VIA held at their Centaur design center in Texas, we felt rather than regurgitating the usual marketing fluff and press pitch material, we would get together with some of VIA's top architecture and design brass in a "fireside chat" sort of venue. The idea was to provide a little more insight into what the team at VIA feels will be the real value proposition of their
  23. On those other forums, I ran across a 24+ page thread of ppl ranting that a horde named Kadera emoted spit on someone. Online gaming brings out the best in some ppl, but alot of the time, we see the worst in ppl comeout.In world pvp, either fight, ignore it or just move on is the best advice I can give anyone.
  24. I write this in OOC because well, here is what happend. I Blame UOFORUMS and the PAXLAIR website!!!!! (hehe jk) So I had forums open, paxlair website site, UO KR, Aim, Icq, Yahoo, Email, UOam, Buncha webpages to. SO im trying to place a house for the New PaxOku outpost i want to open when the side of my computer Flys open and my Processor seriously flys out of my computer. Im guessing I umm had a over heat problem because the two bars that secure the processor fan melted and thats why it flew out. So as of now I jigga riged it and its laying on its side so it doesnt fly out. I dont kn
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