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  1. Hello All, Few years ago the f4g site crashed and all data was lost. There was plethora of stories and reports written there. I've tried to recover the data from google cache and recovered about 1.5GB of data. However I have never gotten around to sorting it and doing anything meaningful with it. The archive still sitting on my hard drive. It's around 1.5 GB and while doing cleaning I would like to get rid of it. If you know someone who might be interested in recovering it I would gladly burn a DVD and send it to them by regular mail in any format they would prefer (ie. XML). I will make a
  2. A tragic thing has happened! My dearest kitten Tammlyn has disappeared - if you see any sign of her, dear Greenie, contact me immediately. All help is appreciated and shall be rewarded.
  3. [uPDATE] Madden publisher's earnings report shows huge fiscal year 2009 losses despite increased sales; Lord of the Rings: Conquest sells 1 million, Warhammer Online subscribers now 300,000. It's been a rough year for the industry, but few companies have taken it on the chin like Electronic Arts. Today the publisher released its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, showing that the company limped to the finish line in a year that saw it lose more than a billion do
  4. I was trying to get rid of some of the pictures I posted of RL things I was selling in the Trade forum to clear up my attachments, but I couldn't find an "EDIT" button... hrm?
  5. Forgot that breaks everytime the forum is updated.:dancet:
  6. As opposed to the yesterday before last? or two yesterdays ago from Monday?
  7. Did this person change his/her screen name, or did they just shoot up the "all time poster" scoreboard while I've been in Iraq? Well done, in either case... ~M
  8. Original story NEW YORK - Video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc., whose titles include "Rock Band," posted a wider quarterly net loss Thursday and said it is laying off about 6 percent of its work force to cut costs as it heads into the most lucrative season for the games industry. Higher development and marketing costs led to the bigger loss for the July-September period. The quarter's revenue surpassed Wall Street's forecast thanks to the success of games like "Spore" and "Madden NFL 09," but the company did not exude the cheery optimism that has characterized the video game industry
  9. does anyone know how to block these lotro from popping up on my filter? I have all lotro feeds that are on the options list turned off but I still see these pop up?
  10. Although there has been no response [yet] official or otherwise about this from EA,on this subject, I feel it necessary to inform other players [ aside from those that read Stratics] to give as many players as possible a heads up on the HUGE amount of ' duping etc ' that is currently going on in the game. We see 'returning players' weekly,and eager to update their items,they are the ones most likely to be caught out by this current problem. My reporting of this is there fore mainly to inform them of the situation,and reiterate to others to be extra vigilent at this moment in time about what
  11. Is there a way to set a filter in the User CP to allow/exclude forums from showing up on the Unread Posts list? I usually visit this site and check in on my guild forums and then maybe one or two other specific ones before hitting the Unread Posts link. At that point, ALL unread posts from across UOForums show up, but some I will never read(basically anything aside from UO). It would be nice to have a setting to only have the forums I'm interested in appear. Is this doable?
  12. As there has been no interesting *NEWS* this week, I decided to do a round up of whats been discussed by players and Devs. First off lets all join ChrissayEAMythic in wishing SupreemEA a very Happy Birthday. ############## Aladaria asked if there was Any more information on Pub 52 yet? Hi all! Just wondering if anyone had any more info on pub 52 and the 'great hand in'? Just popped on TC1 and the portal in moonglow is gone but I can't see anything/anyone that resembles a hand-in? Anyone know anything about it at all? Thanks!!!! ~~~~~ Trevelyan reminded every
  13. Guest

    Posts: 195,220

    Posts: 195,220 We're nearing the 250k mark! nearly a quarter of a million posts!
  14. If you need help im sure this is place eather pvp or pvm stuff let me or others know and we can help ya :blob5:
  15. I wasnt going to post this thread over,originally, as there was no response [ Jeremy had said she wouldnt be around that week] . Now shes back a reply has been posted ,so I am happy to show it . Oh and OP Has now changed thread title as shown below. ~~~~~~~~~~ Jeremy gives a response on day 19 about cheating 10000000000000 posts asking about stopping cheating--not one reponse from anyone at EA. Accusations of GM corruption--no response. Posts talking about payers quitting because of cheaters--no response. Your silence is defening. It shows your concern for the intergri
  16. I just wanted to apologize for some of my negatives posts lately. I have been really stressed lately with finances and some other things and I let it get to me.
  17. I like it when I can see how many unread there are.
  18. source UO Kingdom reborn Anyone having issues with naked people in KR? When I play KR with this person, if i run off the screen and they chase after me, they usually appear naked!! How can I tell if this is an issue with me or them? They never see anyone naked, and I only see that person naked....how weird. Any suggestions? Hm. Let me see if I understand the situation. You are constantly being chased by naked people. Do you use Axe body spray? *giggle* Sorry I can't offer anything useful - but maybe another "hot coffee" is just what UO needs to attain former glory and make
  19. Tiberius the Commander of PaxOku Blue Guard is looking for the following people: Oberon, King of the Elves and Nanoc, Mayor of DragonsWatch PaxOku Blue Guard wishes to meet with them sometime this week if possible.
  20. There hasnt been a great deal of new stuff posted by Dev's while I have been away but I thought I would set a few of the links here for those wanting to have a read on any of them. Taken from Thread -: Tired of Waiting for New Content Only to be Let Down! in UO U.Hall Comment In my personal opinion the Devs should post at least a day ahead when they are going to add content to the ongoing storylines. (Inu, Ricardo, Blackrock, Timelord, Book of Truth, etc.) The reason I think this is a excellent suggestion is that most of the people who have been following these events look forward to
  21. This was a feature we used to have, not sure why it stopped working, but anyways. For those who don't like seeing posts in forums they never visit (Like the personal forums for example), you now have the option of blocking those forums from view and also any new posts that show up in said forums, won't show in the "New posts" link. To block any forum from view, or several, click "My profile" at the top of the page Then click "Edit options" You'll see an option at the bottom (pictured below) where you can either block an entire category, or select forums from view (Hold down CTRL to block
  22. taken from Thread :- Five on Friday is UP! found in UO.UHall Hi Wilki and Jeremy, any update on this? Just to make sure you guys doesn't like me that always forgot what I'm doing at Friday night when I get back to work on Monday. ########################### I've found some posts that Leurocian gave us before on Japanese websites(Llama-net and lycaeum.net). These sites collected posts of devs on Strattics and archived them before and beside me. I couldn't find his original posts on Stratics arhives that are older than 10/15/2004. Have they been already deleted? Dev's time
  23. source taken from UO.UHall Comment In the last 2 days, we have had two accounts hacked (literally). I think our time on this game is spent. Now keep in mind we are experianced players, pvpers, etc that do not give each other pw's, etc (not even some of us who have been playing together for a few years). Now one hacker I know who it is as they admitted it in game (IP Hack according to them). But the latest one jacked us hard as they took our main guild house with several players items, etc. as we were a transfer guild. Now I hope at least you (most likely not) return the soulsto
  24. Adam... I know you remember me. I know I have not posted in a long time, but that doesn't mean I have forgotten. I logged in today and see that my post count has reset to 5. What is that about????? I know I have more posts than that? Did you change up servers or something? Anyway let me know, you can PM me if need be.
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