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  1. Hi all. One thing the skill guides are missing is how to make macros, and WHAT macros are useful for a given purpose. There is so much that we can do with macros, yet I am completely clueless about how to do more than bow or say "BuGAWWWK!". I have been tinkering with both clients, and I think it would be very helpful to not only myself, but other veterans & n00bs who have not really made good use of this feature. There is already a UOSA Macro posted for Self Healing, which I will be absolutely using. Please post yours! Once there is a good number for each client, I will copy them
  2. Got a customised house? Proud of it? Show it off in this thread! Posting a great design in this thread, with proof it's your house, might just earn you some forum points as a reward!
  3. Like the title says... what does your computer desktop look like when you're NOT playing UO? :grin: <a href=" " title="Photo Sharing"><img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/162/345051695_679219619d_o.jpg" width="800" height="512" alt="desktop_meme_010307" /></a>
  4. Hello All - It looks like they've turned on crazy colors for 12th Anny gift bags. Post your colors! I'd post mine, but Vista refuses to cut and paste anymore... ~M
  5. Morpheus Mardox and I will be making my way around Chesapeake this week for Establishments on the shard. I know we have player run cities but, we will get to those later. However the following things I am looking for to update are. Taverns Rune Library's Library's Public Training Buildings Auction Houses Community Centers Museums Playhouses This is for Uoforums as well. Depending on the moderators of this forum we will either have all that information posted here and/or on the Chesapeake Community News forum area.
  6. I am currently leafing through the character map to try to find those exact symbols, and then hoping that Google Translate will have a way to translate them for me. But if someone actually can read this, then maybe you can clue me in on what Maria said? Thanks very much!
  7. 0. Being cheated 07/29/2009 08:11:11 PM EDT Three days ago.i encountered a person,he name is [Removed] in the game .he told me he need buy gold,and orderd 10k .this is order NO.:g4per_072591005454Shu'halo-Alliance [Removed] 10000 496.767 4166483616 [Removed] Then i trade he ,but i trade wrong,i trade he 22k.10mins later i found it ,so i talk to he.but he offline ,then i call he soon.but he dont answer the phone.The next day i f
  8. U.S. video game sales post largest decline since 2000 by Gabriel Madway, Reuters Buzz up! SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. sales of video game equipment and software fell 31 percent to $1.17 billion in June, research group NPD said on Thursday, the largest decline since 2000. Sales of game software fell 29 percent to $625.8 million, while hardware sales dropped 38 percent to $382.6 million. Sales of accessories declined 22 percent. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter blamed the decline in part on the high cost of video game consoles. "The consumer is just n
  9. Measurements. (I'm a guy.) Sorry, it would be immodest to share those any more! I didn't remember correctly, but I thought the muscle between the shoulder and elbow was the bicep and the one between elbow and wrist was tricep. Obviously I have to lose some fat in several places... or I just have a very broad back... EDIT: Deleted measurements.
  10. So you think your a leet dexxer pvp'er? Post your skills, stats, gear, and rotation of moves.
  11. Out-of-character notes: This is an RP post. It's from Galen's point of view, and is in the first-person. If you don't like RP, or don't like the Galen and Joylah characters, don't bother reading this post, it'll just bother you. This post is around PG-13. There's some rather explicit violence, involving people not monsters, and sex is referred to. Most events referred to in this post aren't public knowledge, with the obvious exceptions. (People know the towns have been invaded; know about Clainin's murder; etc.) This post is long. Those of you still with me, enjoy! -Galen's play
  12. Lolz @ the newbies http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7857469.stm CCTV has captured the moment when two handcuffed prisoners' attempt to escape custody came to a crashing end as they ran into a lamppost. The pair ran away while awaiting their court hearing in Hastings District and managed to cross a street towards a car park before they were recaptured.
  13. The Best Combined Houses All Put Together So It Looks Like 1 Giant House It Would Be Nice To See A Couple On Here
  14. Okay I'm over here, Stratics gave me the heave-ho. Meh, whatever. Okay I said in Uhall you could bash Stratics here and that's not true, I'm sorry I said that. I only said to irritate TPTB in Uhall. Anyway Refugees Shout out and let me know when ya get here.
  15. Hello all - For those of us unable to access our accounts due to real life interference...please post screen shots and descriptions when they get released tomorrow! First person to do so will undoubtedly garner many "Thank you" clicks! ~M
  16. Hail I'm Zane Xander may have seen me scooting by from time to time. This is my first post for my Home Shard, Atlantic. This give me a chance to say hi to all the lil people I ran by while in a hurry; as they were saying hello..
  17. Any bugs you have found ? Please post here and we can discuss together and or /post any 'official word on fixes etc.
  18. Hello, All! I wanted to do something significant with my 1000th post on UOForums. In the past (in my stratics days) I contributed ideas which either paralleled what the devs were already thinking, or gave them good fodder and (although I’ll never be able to prove it) in my heart I know I contributed significantly to the creation of the Pixie Swatter, the Alchemist’s Bauble, the increased karma loss of the Ossian Grimoire and the “charge” spell effects of talismans. With that in mind, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy reading my 1000th post as much as I enjoyed imagining it! It’s not perfect, co
  19. The recent HoC chat started a very in depth discussion a few weeks back on imbuing in SA with PoF,prior to the Chicago Town Hall meeting. Der Rock started the thread with this opening post. i think, a big problem these day´s are the forgetfulness of the people. remember last townhall, what jeremy sayd about randomness off mining and lumber resourcess and why they make it like this. so, if collecting higher ingots and wood(valo/frost) is more catchier, then the new SA items will be not easy to get. fact is, that NO of todays new top mmo´s let items brake. items can be useless/worno
  20. Hello dear admins and Adam, I think something with my post counts do not work. It seems I'm stuck at 9. Though having close to 20. Just soo curious to be able to play the arcade games. ;-) Thanks in advance for your help! Regards, Riboflavin
  21. Kinda curious to see what kind of characters everybody is paying, and what servers they are playing on. Feel free to post screenshots as well, or anything else like that. The World of Warcraft Armory ^ has been my main since the summer of 06 when i decided to go for HWL. The World of Warcraft Armory ^ my alt warrior that i raided with briefly in TBC. I haven't played either char in the last month or two so their gear is somewhat outdated. No full s3 and no 2.4 badge gear :s
  22. Well yes Im on origin , kinda liking it but its quiet at times
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