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  1. I'm curious to know what keeps everyone playing and what would enhance your experiences on your current shard. I enjoy AoS personally because it was such a controversial era for the game. Anyone else still prefer it too? 1. What aspect of UO do you enjoy most? What keeps you playing? 2. If you could change one thing about your current UO shard, what would it be? 3. If you could add a concept to the game to enhance your playing experience, what would it be? 4. If you could remove one concept/aspect from the game, what would it be? All responses appreciated!!!!!!!
  2. As you may have heard, NASA held an online contest to pick the name of the new living quarters module on the International Space Station. Stephen Colbert, host of a political satire program on the American cable channel Comedy Central, asked his viewers to submit and vote for his name as part of the contest. Surprisingly enough, when the contest came to a close, his name had won with over 230,000 votes and well ahead of the next-closest name, Serenity, more than 40,000 votes behind. NASA technically has the right to name the new living quarters module whatever it wants. Do you think it shoul
  3. I noticed Adam using the "Angelic" mood. I think it should be outlawed for use by him, after all we all know he's evil! Your opinion please, we've kept it private to protect you from backlash or just plain whippings!
  4. Should we have to join a specific faction to partake in an event? Posted by Lynk Draconi, Please extend PvP to trammel during this event so that I may kill the horde of trammelites that dare oppose Lady Minax. ~~~~ this one is pure Felucca. __________________ Tim "Draconi" Cotten Lead Designer Ultima Online EA Mythic ~~~~~ Posted by Deb Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this mentioned back during the Moonglow event? When we went in the hole and chose sides. I seem to recall that we would choose between Shadowlords or ??. The event when we got the glass daggers. Or is tha
  5. Since it seems no one remembered that Thursday was the new Open House night at the Ravens' Nest. i would like to know from you all what day would be a day you would like to have the Open House night. Please Reply, If there are no replies, I will close down the Raven's Nest.
  6. Since it seems no one remembered that Thursday was the new Open House night at the Ravens' Nest. i would like to know from you all what day would be a day you would like to have the Open House night. Please Reply, If there are no replies, I will close down the Raven's Nest.
  7. Here's a question for you all. If UO's survival was dependant on people switching to UOKR and for the 2D client to be scrapped, would you switch over?
  8. I'm curious to hear your opinions on the current patch...
  9. Hopefully we have the main responses covered, feel free to explain your answers or not as you see fit I'm taking as read that you'd suggest people come read UOForums to help them make their decision as well as taking your advice!
  10. UOKR will be 5 months old, come November 28th, so we're now doing a poll on what you guys and girls think of the client, in general So, what do you think of UOKR now it's been gold for 5 months?
  11. Simple and straight forward only two ways to vote. I think its about time to see what the players really think since we all cant make Townhall meetings.
  12. I'm considering my first ever go at a poll - and essentially the question that's intriguing me just now is : Would you recommend someone start playing UO now? I'm inclined to list the options as Yes, unreservedly Yes, with some caveats about things to watch out for No, but possibly when things change or settle down a little No But, since the fate of polls is usually to get responses saying 'you didn't give the right options', I'll start by asking 'which options do you think appropriate? So please - don't answer the question yet, just tell me what you'd think the best options for a 'l
  13. So last night im in RBG ventrilo talking to Ryo and Dar and Tiber and emma etc. I am in RBG so I gets to be in it....anywho. So im in there late late night and some members of a fel guild are there. One asks me to go to a private channel. Ive known this person for years so I go down and what happens? I get yelled it. I get *&^$ yelled at me for paging on a scripter that was trying to place the Luna house. I also get &^$%#ed at for removing someone from the party with some issues that i cant go into. So now all of a sudden I am the bad guy. I am a P. O. S to people now because I p
  14. As per the survey that 2D users are getting But an additional option to tick "Other"! So you can put any other comments in which EA doesn't want to hear.
  15. I started a poll regarding the next PaxLair Statehood Meeting on Tuesday, November 6th. The poll asks what kind of meeting we should have and another poll on where it should be. Since many people across the shard come to our weekly meetings, all are invited to answer the poll questions. The poll results are public and will show who voted for what response. The Poll is here on the PaxLair Statehood In-Char Forum, and links to the second poll regarding potential meeting location. Thank you, Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood
  16. A letter from Mayor Gareth
  17. Just wondering what age my online friends are? Im 42 (physically)
  18. One of the things I noticed when I returned to UO was the fact that the players are so much mature and friendly. There also seems to be alot more girls playing than before I was wondering what the ratio of girls & boys are- maybe if I started a poll it would give us a good idea...
  19. Interesting results. VOTE RESULTS Will Live Earth make people more environmentally-aware? Yes, it's a force for good 12.63% No, it's a lot of hot air 87.37% 19790 Votes Cast Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion
  20. Where do you prefer to have the August RP meet?
  21. Again this is multiple choice.
  22. ack we can't build a new guild without a name, the name is the most important aspect of any guild, it seperates the clowns from true rp pros. Choose wisely... It's not final, but it might help Also, VanQa and Irvyn please feel free to vote too
  23. The threads in the FAQ are still growing, as are the views per day. Time to make sure we are going in the right direction. I have recieved very few inputs/sugestions/comments/groan/moans/ etc. So I am muddling through as best I can. I has struck me though that you, the viewer, may eventually have a problem finding the appropriate area to answer your question. The purpose of this poll is to see what you, the user, want. Please repsond below with any topic area requests, suggestions, ideas, moans, groans, lawsuits, etc. For those who choose " Don't know what is is", click on the first
  24. The two signatures can be found : http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?t=30584 As i stated in my other post, 2 winners. But will be fun to see which people vote at and which one Gnomy (Me) will choose.
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