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  1. If you kill a member of an enemy faction two or more times in a row, you only get kill points for the first kill. That's pretty straight-forward and makes sense. But - and here comes the question - what exactly has to happen before you get points from that character again? I searched the playguide but couldn't find anything about this.
  2. The House of Commons Meeting, just a few screens north of the Britain (trammel) Moongate, filled quickly as many were interested in what EM Dudley had to tell us. Some of the highlights of the evening were: 1. House of Commons meet every Sunday in September at 9pm eastern all are invited to attend. The schedule may change in October, day and time will be announced. At these meetings discussions with the EM's take place. Questions are answered and ideas, suggestions are put out there. This is where you can find alot of first hand information of past, present and future scenerios taki
  3. Ok, here's the total points so far. I hope I'm doing my math correctly and I apologize in advance for any name misspellings. In the lead now we have a TIE! Lady Phoenix and Lord Sencha both have 910 points! Lord Lucien Snow - 885 points Lady Zarshey Snow - 810 points Lord Drake Darkfrye - 775 points Niva the Savage - 660 points Lord James Von Kreig - 650 points Visago - 470 points Lord G-Two - 425 points Niallis - 350 points Kilik - 315 points Thog - 250 points Bfk - 210 points Lord Jasper - 75 points Kalars - 60 points Good job everyone - though Don't Be Deceived! Points come fast
  4. Im looking to buy either 600,000 points or a male Sorerer's suit
  5. I have 25k points in Catskills, I need to trade for same on Atlantic. I also have gift boxes X3giftbox: holiday tree,snowglobe,soulstone fragment token,reindeer or sleigh X5stocking:candycanes,mcard,gingerbread house deed,snow,gingerbread cookies & recipe X5gift box: spring decor token please message me if you have any of these on Atlantic and would like to trade.
  6. Hi all. I have this template: - 90 Taming (120 cap) +15 Ring / +5 Talisman / +10 Mark of Travesty - 105 Animal Lore (120 cap) +5 Talisman / +10 Mark of Travesty - 120 Magery - 120 Eval - 120 Medit - 120 Veterinary So I have 45 points left. What should I do with this points? I thought Necromancy to be able to transform myself into wraith form (to be able to cast offensive spells recovering my mana), but I have Midnight Bracers and a +15 ring so I don't need to use this 45 points on that. What is my best option then? Spellweaving (I don't know if there are good spells at this lvl)? Focus?
  7. Kimmy


    what do points go for on pacific these days?
  8. Willing to go on any shard and collect spring tickets for same on chessie.
  9. well since we have been given a reprieve on the latest events till early next week, i will once again look to trade points on all shards cept great lakes for same on chessie.
  10. Ive got 12 tickets on Great Lakes and 11 possibly 12..will check in the morn..on Sonoma if anyone is intrested in trading for tickets on my shard..Chesapeake. icq 219496837 thanks!!
  11. I Have 175K On Atlantic Wanting Same On Chessy ICQ Me 463260860
  12. Where do you trade in your spring cleaning points for items?
  13. Trading for points on any shards but..catskills and sonma..(done those) for points on Chesapeake. Ill provide a rezzer and a book to recall out with! Expect the same on your shard!!
  14. Currently Creating Characters on Chessy to run the Casca room in hopes of finding someone on Chessy willing to trade 150k in spring cleaning points on Catskills for Chessapeake points. So if anyone is is interested please send me a pm or reply with a way to contact you..
  15. Willing to make newb characters on Great Lakes to take to Casca for the points and trade for Catskills points. Might need a rezz if no one is in the room rezzing and a possible way to recall out.
  16. This is my last Shard guys I have it all ready to trade 275k or 11 characters on Napa for the same on sonoma. Please icq: 223796758
  17. I have 275k points on Baja plus 2 heritage tokens and one ss frag token. Im interested in Sonoma Points. I can help rez and what not. ICQ 223796758 *Trade Completed*
  18. Now this isnt a bug or anything Simple if you have two accounts- Each character can only get the spring ticket and cloak ONCE BUT if you grab you little mule lover boy and load him up with 50 greater explo pots go down to the boss room and just Throw the pots at her like youve never thrown pots before you get a Ticket and a Cloak!!! She is really low fire so ur expo pots do 25-40dmg but throw on some +25% enhance pot stuff and then your secure. Normaly have to hit her with twenty Pots. Now if your like me and have seven accounts with each account allowing 6 characters you can get 1,0
  19. I'm willing to pay good for 100,000 points. Anyone have any they are willing to sell? If so, state the price and I'll tell you if I can afford it. lol Irony eh?
  20. Did the point values change? Previous patch notes said clockwork would be worth 250, instead they are 200... ~M
  21. From the Rares Discussion thread: Recently 3 sets of Novo/Etoile Bleue jewels were sold at auction on Chessy for 12M, 12M, and 13.1M. Concurrently, a set sold on Altantic for 16M. That puts us at 43gp/point (Chessy) 53gp/point Atlantic ~M
  22. I turned in my spring tickets last Friday which was like 8300 points just on holiday stuff. I went this morning and started turning in my stealables from Doom. When I went to turn the tickets in, I wanted to see want my rewards first. It said I had 0 points. Now I did not get anything last time I turn them in so I should have like 8300 points. I paged a GM but of course I get the we can't replace lost items. !!!! it ain't lost you took it. WTF!!!!
  23. The map below is of a couple key points in the Vesper-Minoc Area; They are the location of Hawk's home, Van's Home, Swagger's Inn, and Van's Museum. I know this is a crude first attempt at mapping, I'll get better with time. If you would like to see more maps, please let me know. * signed * Michael Hawk Squire, Knights of Honor Duchy of Trinsic
  24. I have thinking about putting bushido on my archer but is it worth it. Is the 80 skill points worth lighting strike? Isn't there only 2 spells that I can cast with bushido confince and lighting strike?
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