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  1. Greetings Travelers, Gamblers and Citizens of Sosaria. I have been honored with the duty to announce the Grand Opening of the Blackrock Casino. This will happen this Saturday: The 17th of March 2012 from 19:00 CET/MEZ (18:00 GMT/UTC). In the Blackrock Casino. Opening Night Raffle On opening night there will be a raffle for items to be won, These are no ordenary items, they will be displayed in chest(s) near the stage on the 2nd floor of the casino, untill they are won. Tickets for this will be purchaseable from a vendor near or on the stage, Only on opening night! On eve
  2. To those who like to play the bad guy, I am looking for players or guilds that would like to take part in LS RP community. We have various amounts of good guys but there are not much evil/bad guys. If you are interested I can talk to you more via meassages or hit me up on ICQ 419-524-851. We are part of the RP with the High Coucil.
  3. Hello all i was wondering if uo has offered a old school based server yet. Something around pub 17 at the latest. I played uo from beta to about aos release and quit due to new content i didnt care for. Then i bought ummm i think it was kingdom reborn? Not 100% sure tried that and ya it wasnt something i enjoyed either. Mainly im looking to know if they offer old school shards or if pking is still active in the game or do you only get to pk skilled players instead of random lumberjacks and miners in the woods by brit? Well if someone would let me know id much appericate it.
  4. Chesapeake Players Rejoice For Color-Pride Monster! In Attendance: Sundina, Bam Bam, Demon, Ryo Ohki, Misa Amane, Bear, De'rler, Black Ice, Lord Gareth, Malicious Destin, Em Vladimere and Mesanna (See the Youtube Video of this event. This is our first time useing this. Thank Mayor Bam Bam of PaxOku for doing this little video clip.) After the long 2hour shard meeting everyone was a bit tired. Em Vladimere left us for a bit. (I bet he regrets that decision) Mesanna hung around. I was bored and asked Mesanna if we could paint something. She asked what so I sugge
  5. FoA Victorious Over EMs and Tram Players Fel Jehlom Pits And Brit Healers 7/11/09 In Attendance: Iveisse [DWxC], Faith [}--D], IchiBan KichiGai [}--D], Lootu Too [DWxC], Lord Gramps [F*V], CharGar [F*V], Lady Sami [DwB], Limerence [s*D], Lord Gareth [RBG], Lord Al [OATH], Nox Vandal [FoA], E-LoomiNaToR [FoA], Denathar [FoA], Bubbles [FoA], AhmZirah [FoA], Credrick Dubois [FoA], Braunstein Frese [FoA], Sir Lancelot [FoA] Tonight Em Vladimere held a !!!! and Dragon Fight at the Fel Jehlom pits. What was to be a night of fun entertainment for people turned into a fun n
  6. Just curious about who all plays either of the main Warhammer games. If you do, what are your preferred armies? I'm a WFB Bretonnian and 40k Tau player, although I rarely play 40k.
  7. I am wondering where all the role players can be found? A certain bank or player run town?
  8. and has given out an email address to send comments, suggestions, or concerns. Always appreciate EA staff that are willing to listen, and share their feelings for a game we care about. Thank you EM Kaen. Oops almost forget the important info... the addie is kaen@uoem.net
  9. I played Ultima Online since Beta. The days when your were happy when you were able to make three steps before freezing for five minutes. I saw the game progress from nothing to something I was highly addicted too. Sadly I saw the decline in the game as other online games were produced and the players left. Ever Quest was the ultimate evil to Ultima online as we saw many lost. The land of Sosaria was at war with these other games and when the day game that World of Warcraft was released I found myself rarely seeing another soul in game. Finally saying good by to the Celtic Village I had spen
  10. Hello fellow Britannians, I just wanted to share with you two big news regarding our website. First, we added video tutorials for both clients. Well... just one for KR since I don't want to finish putting them up to restart everything with SA... But there are now 10 videos for the 2D client. Concepts are the same between both clients for most topics. 2D Video tutorials Second, people can now post comments in all articles. So if you want to share extra bit of informations, you are most welcome I take the opportunity to remind everyone that if you want to contribute with articles (tem
  11. Alright, so not so new. I did play waaaay back when it first came out, but never actually paid. Now that I'm starting a trial again, I find the games pretty fun, except I'm so lost on a few things. First of all, WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!11111 I met one person in haven, then never saw another soul again. Went everywhere through every moongate I could, not a soul in sight. Just villages full of demon npcs and/or nothing at all. Second, theres no direction? Either everything is impossible to kill or way too easy. I like this game but.... Where should I go??? Games pretty fun t
  12. Greetings I'm not sure if this has been brought to your attention on these forums before so I do apologise if it has. I came upon this link in another forum about a new MMO called Link Realms. It isometric view like UO, has a Skill system like Uo and basically takes UO's house customization and takes it 10 steps further and allows you to build a realm that's yours then link it to others. Other players will have to pass through your relam on their adventures. The open beta filled up fast so more spots opening up next week so it seems. It's for Adults only too. Check it out http://www.l
  13. First off, I'd like to say I currently play on Atlantic. However, me and a real life friend are thinking of transferring to a smaller east coast shard primarily to spawn and pvp. We will be starting our own guild, and would like some competition. However, we would not like the type of competition where we are fighting 10 people by ourselves every night. lol So, which is the best smaller pvp shard for a couple people looking for a little fun and experience?
  14. now that most shards are ghost towns is there a way to see what shard has the highest population?? newb question maybe
  15. Hello plz contact me at 454760378(ICQ) im looking to join up on siege perilous.
  16. For some unknown reason, it seems that the rudest players I ever met in my life are those on the Legend server. There was an exception or two but that was all I found. I have asked a time or two if I could get a gate somewhere, where there is no moongate. With the exception of one person running to the moongate to travel where I needed to go so he could mark a rune, not one person was willing to provide the gate. Of course that one person came back saying sorry, well if I was able to get there using the moongates, I would have. There was a time or two that I asked a question or two, but no
  17. Recently reading some of 'and bears' posts on her perspective of the game and classess played, I thought it would be nice to start a thread where folk can post their experiences. For new players its nice to look back at how you felt,and for those of us further along,its good to remember how new players feel So post away Freep/Creep regardless.
  18. Any new citizens are so welcome and special to us, I am setting up your own thread. :occasion14: This way we can keep track of our new players and make sure you get all the help you need! :hello2: Please list your character name, whether you are cross shard, newbie, or returnee. :hat45:
  19. Our guild name is "All That Glitters" [AU]. Join only if you are completely obsessed with treasure. Right now we are looking for folks to go exploring with, fish up untold riches with, dig up buried wooden chests with, and slay untold amounts of scary creatures in the hopes of receiving some sort of worthy loot to feed our lust for treasure with. Our mission is to plunder. We don't want to take over the world, we just want to acquire riches from every corner of the globe. So if you think that this is a guild for you, you should send me a PM and meet up with me in the game. I'll give
  20. Not sure if this has been happening on other shards but the last couple of days theres been a player on Atlantic whose using an old scam to either make someone destroy there Crimmy or drop it on the ground this old scam involves them telling peeps they know of a bug that can put extra mods on there Crimmy. He first parties someone and begins to tell him he's so and so alt so seems he does abit of research on peeps guild members. He then tells you of the supposed bug which basically entails you putting your item in a wood crate and axing the crate now I havent fallen for this so not sure if thi
  21. Since I'm well aware many gamers and many forum members are from countries other than the U.S., I would like to be able to offer ads/services to them on my website that would interest them. Any of you guys/gals have any suggestions? I do have partnerships with adobe, symantec, roxio and some of the other big names heck I even have pengo UK, but I wanted to ask what yall think?
  22. Anyhow, was watchin e3 the other day and as anyone who cares already knows, gears of war 2 is in november. this made me realize...I NEED MORE GOW FRIENDS to play stuff like horde and co-op and whatnot. i play other games too but gow is the main multiplayer game i play. hit this up!
  23. Not in game dragon the little Sig Dragons for those of you that have them. PaxOku City and Kijustsu Anei Village has created a Dragon Den for you to post all of your dragons and their names in. http://www.uoforums.com/f1406/paxoku-city-kijustsu-anei-dragons-47092/#post357932 Please do not post questions about Dragons or any comment for they will be removed. Please only post your dragon picture and link it to your scroll if you wish. Dragon Name and if you have a story for them you can add that as well.
  24. AUCTION EXTENDED TO SUNDAY MIDNIGHT JULY 6TH STRACTICS EST TIME Auction was advised to be extended for reasons mentioned in a post listed below. Good luck to all our bidders. He will accept CASH bids only due to his current circumstances. He will have no minimum bids or buyout bids for this auction. He reserves the right to refuse any bid he deems to low. He prefers all CASH bids to be in the form of money orders. I will consider gold bids if I a UO broker is willing to come forward and buy the gold. I will also consider PayPal payments from people I trust and then I will pay Doug for y
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