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  1. My name is Sysaro Rakshasa, Son of Armand Rakshasa, & leader of the Order of the Elder Dragons guild on Napa Valley. Our main members are those who have been "turned" towards the darker side of the peaceful life in Trammel and look to turn others (especially Paladins) fighting for what they describe as "Good" side which is a matter of opinion. Anyways, I ran into a group from the guild "^OB^" I believe it was near the entrance of The Blighted Grove but none of them spoke to me. Is anyone still on this server? Does anyone play UO anymore? Just curious where everyone is. We try to role-p
  2. hey everyone, was wondering if you guys knew these people or hopefully know if they still play... Desert Fox Spleansplitter Thalium Ishan Cameron ldyhwk BOR Fuse Thend Isnear Malkalvian Beggar Portia let me know... thanks...
  3. A friend wants a laptop somewhat for gaming and I want to tell him which to get but I'm not a laptop person. EDIT: Is this a good one? But it's more likely he's getting this one. WOW specs. Warhammer Specs.
  4. Tell me your server type and why! Feathermoon - RP: I enjoy RP every now and again. Not that much into PvP. Plus, I have found some of the nicest people on RP servers!
  5. I'm taking a Statistics class this term, and a large portion of my grade is going to be based on a research project. For my part, I've decided to take a survey of MMO gamers and find out who plays what online games based on their gender and age. I ask everyone here and your friends to please fill out the following information: 1) Your Gender 2) Your Age 3) All online games you have either played and/or spent money on in the past month. 4) For each online game from #3, the main reason why you play among the following: - Online Community (your online friends play the game) - RL Friends (your
  6. It will be a brand new character, level'd up. Starting with 1M Gold Coins. Probably a mage. Anyways, what server should I play? I want to do lots of champ. spawns and hopefully it won't be too hard to fight off the raiders. =P
  7. We will probably be getting satellite internet soon. DSL and cable isn't available where we live. I want to ask if anyone plays UO on satellite and how it is? Are you able to play? Do you get disconnected alot?
  8. does anyone even play this shard? i made a char on this shard just to do different things with different people and most of the people so are like hi join factions then ill be your friend lol but with a char with no skills im not going to join faction but anyway all im trying to ask is any one on here play GL and fancy doing some type of skill gaining hunt type stuff hit me up =)
  9. Hows everybody doin? Its been almost 1 1/2 years since I've played. Was wondering if anyone I played with back in the day still plays and if anythings changed since early '08. -Elie/KARURU/a hooded figure
  10. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/video/wowfreakout i dont know if its real or not but its funny any way
  11. A little bit ago I sent everyone on the HC a link to the LS Role Play website. I am not sure if anybody has had a chance to look around yet. But I would like to open a discussion here on the HC boards to see what everybody thinks. Any thoughts, feelings or questions concerning the LSRP site? http://superiorrp.yuku.com/
  12. by Ben Silverman Buzz up! Still haven't boldly gone to see the new Star Trek film? Maybe you're too busy playing a video game. According to a new study by market research group NPD, about 63% of Americans have played a game in the past six months, compared to only 53% who have enjoyed a night at the movies during the same period. NPD's Anita Frazier puts that into perspective. More fun than the silver screen? "Video games account for one-third of the average monthly consumer spending in the U.S. for core entertainment content, including music, video, games," sh
  13. There is a book in the Consellors Hall giving dates and times for a series of role play events which are presumably EM led. First one is Monday [tomorrow] and then Tuesday with an experimental pvp tournament on Wednesday night at the new "pvp arena" - which again presumably relates to the new place in felucca south of Trinsic Public Moongate.
  14. I have to share my dream last night (more like a nightmare).... I dreamt I lost everything I have in UO. It was horrible. I was home and recalled out did something (not sure what) and recalled back and someone else owned my 18x18. They dyed it lime green and ignored me when I tried to get them to give it back. I then was telling everyone I met in real life about it and how I couldn't decide whether to quit or not. It was 9 years worth of stuff after all, how do you replace all that?! (lol) This dream lasted a long time and I was very disappointed but very relieved when I woke up and realized i
  15. Then play on an RVR server on Warhammer Online! I got slaughtered in a campaign then the "newbie" area was invaded by PKs! Char: Lucifia.
  16. Does anyone still play WoW on this forum? I've always had a neat time playing games with people from this community, and I was hoping to either xfer or roll a new char. so I could play with some of you guys, if you still play. So, do you?
  17. The perfect game for the UOF member house party! [video=youtube;xEOLOQWfkG8] =)
  18. What shard do you play on? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?
  19. http://www.onemotion.com/flash/spider/ Not for people that are afraid of spiders...
  20. ive just returned to uo after a year's hiatus and im looking for a new guild and some new people to play with i have several vet characters of different classes...if you wanna know more feel free to q me at 323518295 or reply here
  21. Oh I can see you're already rolling your eyes. Dont worry I didnt change much. Takeing the statues down and transfering them to Nara and taking the Fountains down and then puting the goza Mats down and raiseing them up and then replaceing the character statues and then replaceing the Fountains is a PAIN. So I put all the statues groun level so now I just have to place the statues and cut out the Goza placement and raiseing them all up. I did have to eleminate One statue on the outside because the trees blocked the statue and you know I HATE that. So the Statue areas were just moved a space
  22. Anyhow, was watchin e3 the other day and as anyone who cares already knows, gears of war 2 is in november. this made me realize...I NEED MORE GOW FRIENDS to play stuff like horde and co-op and whatnot. i play other games too but gow is the main multiplayer game i play. hit this up!
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