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Found 18 results

  1. Hello All! The title says it all: buying a deed for a potted plant. I'd like to keep it to 4M, if possible. Thanks- ~M
  2. In particular I need some vines and the short hedges, anyone know of any well stocked vendors?
  3. I can not find info on the prices anywhere. a museum has a potted plant deed and ranger ingots on display... now I know the ranger ingots are rare, but i thought they were illegal. and i didnt think potted plant deeds were that rare thanks! -Derium
  4. Buying seeds for orange petal plant Please PM/Message me with your offer Thanks!
  5. I am interested in buying a cocoa plant in order to produce home made chocolate. Please PM or message me with a price and availability.
  6. I am interested in buying a cocoa plant in order to produce home made chocolate. Please PM or message me with a price and availability. Thanks!!!
  7. Xevious has a question about x pollinating I did the Solen hive quest and got one fire red and two black seeds, planted them, and they are growing. I noticed today that the fire red has a yellow - next to the pollen indicator. That should be a red X shouldn't it? Both of the black ones have red Xs there. ~~~~ DHMagicMan_1 wondered It's not going to polinate into more Fire Reds, I'm sure... what plant is it? Fire Red what? ~~~~ I don't know, it's still in a bowl. ....replied Xevious ....I was just saying it should have a red X and not a yellow -. ~~~~ DHMagicMan_1 I have a
  8. Guest

    Plant watering change?

    Suddenly today, when I water my plants (the same way I always have) it does not require me to target the pitcher of water, it just uses it, the same as it always just uses the potions in my pack. Is this new or did I do something different I am not aware of?
  9. I am growing over 500 plants and as eh characters plants mature i grow another 100. Seeds simple to get. I did priceing on what people will want the most. Almost every SINGLE person asked for Hedges so I priced them the highest with the tall trees. The smaller ones I priced lower and nothing below 5,000 Not everyone is going to use this price guide but this is what I am useing on the Chesapeake shard in Luna and on the OkuC plant vendor mall that will soon be in full new plant swing with sales.
  10. Can anyone direct me to a vendor selling decorative Plants? Preferably NOT in Luna
  11. DHMagicMan_1 asks some pertinent questions on pollination of the new seeds The patch notes, with regard to the new plants say.. Not to be picky but does that mean that they will never be able to be cross-pollinated but you may, at some point add resources to some? Or does that mean that you would consider making them crossable and maybe even give us colors and such? Maybe even making the new plant available through the Naturalist Quest? There have been several threads both here and in Botany but I haven't seen anything from Mythic replying to anything since
  12. Anyone do the whole plant thing? I am looking for some of those red petal thingies that you can use on books. Not wanting to pay a ton if they cost a lot but I thought I would check.
  13. Anyone know just how rare black and white seeds are? For instance, I've got about 100 cross-bred plants a-growing... how much chance do I have of a rare color? Also, does a plant make just one black or white seed or 8? (Or do I have the whole process confused?)
  14. Hi! I've just got back into UO and thought i'd try growing some plants to decorate my new home. However, it appears to be taking longer than I remember and I need to go away this weekend and I'll be without internet access so they will end up dying. Is there a way I can freeze their growth until I get back? Locking them down or putting them in my bank or something?
  15. [urlhttp://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=7233605&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1]UO U.HALL The redrawn plants look lovely - except for one thing. Colored plants are still all the same color, instead of having green stems/leaves and pink/red/blue/whatever flowers or fronds. Gardeners have wanted this addressed since the gardening system was introduced - is there a technical reason why colored plants were redrawn this way? Is it an aesthetic issue? It seems as if UO:KR was a perfect time to address this - but it hasn't happened. We don't
  16. Hi all - I have 2 plants (snowdrops) that were mothers to plain poppies. (They were cross-pollinated with campion pollen). They grew all of their poppies seeds. Yay! Question: If I store these live plants to be pollen donors, will the pollen they produce be for snowdrops? Or will it be for the poppies? Thanks!
  17. We Grow the Campions (A Poetic Harleyquinn Parody base on "Queen - We are the Champions") I've emptied kegs, time after time. Planting these seeds, makes me feel so sublime. And Some seeds, I was suprise what grew. I've had my share of bugs all over the place, But I potioned them through!!! And they grew on, and on, and on, and on.... We grow the campions, my friends We'll grow these seeds till they end. We grow the campions We grow the campions No time for dungeons Cause we grow the campions...of the world! I've done the naturalist quest. To many times to recall. You've brought me fer
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