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Found 20 results

  1. DDO has multiple methods of playing the game. All Players - Get turbine points by leveling, and my completing certain quests once. - Must pay turbine points to found a guild. Free - You pay nothing, and play as much as you want. - Some adventure packs (dungeons) are not available. - You cannot make a Monk, and cannot create Warforged or Drow. - You have 2 character slots per server. - You can't page a GM, but automated support is available. - You require leveling sigils to level up. Premium/Points - You pay for Turbine points, and use them for what you want to unlock. Doing the math,
  2. While several other MMORPGs had large servers merges in the past year, according to Turbine’s developers, The Lord of the Rings Online player base is growing. In fact there are 4 new servers between Russia and Korea. " While we never release exact numbers I can tell you that we’ve seen month-on-month growth in the Turbine-operated service all year. This ties in closely with a bunch of marketing programs we’ve been running - including the currently active Anniversary promotions. I can’t comment on behalf of our partners, but domestic growth + new markets + promotion in the
  3. Simple questions to all of you. How do you plan to explore SA? Which template will you favor? How do you plan to adapt your current templates to the new skills? Will you be a gargoyle? Will you use the new Client? Any problem with SA not allowing 3rd party programs to run over UO? New pets... will tamers have more stable slots? Thank You.
  4. Major plans for tidal energy farm The Antrim coast site is being hailed as having significant energy potential A major tidal energy project is being planned for waters off the coast of Northern Ireland and Scotland. ScottishPower has identified sites off the Antrim Coast, Pentland Firth and the Sound of Islay to test sea turbines which could power thousands of homes. They have been worki
  5. So, what's everybody up to in UO this weekend? I've been out hunting monsters that give the new seeds... Thinking of finding out what this "miasma" thing is... never hunted it before. I've got a living room I'd like to redecorate... And I need to get my vendors set back up... maybe set up a plant shop... grind out some potions since I can't seem to find kegs for sale anywhere on Atlantic (at least not any in stock!) That's what's on my to-do list!
  6. SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian companies providing critical services to the economy will be allowed to intercept the emails and internet communications of their workers under new security counter-terrorism laws. The government's current Telecommunications Act, which expires in June 2009, only allows security agencies to monitor employees communications without consent. "I promise we are not interested in the email you send out about who did what at the Christmas party," Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on Monday. "What this is about is looking at our critical infrastructure. If ou
  7. Turns out I will not be able to have time to do a Vendors Association. I just will not have the time nor the resources to put to task such an undertaking as I envisioned it. I want the idea and concept to stay alive however, and I would be willing to do just about anything to keep the concept alive--even to the point of relinquishing my 12x14 plot due East of the Yew Moongate to further the cause. However, I cannot put as much time in as I hoped previously to make this hope a reality. I do apologize, but I think it is better to state so now before I dig myself further in a hole that I migh
  8. As of now we have two shops in PaxOku. One has some vendors up already which is the building next to the Moongate in Kijustsu Anei Village. The other is the OkUC Crafters Hall inside which now holds 12 spots. I plan to open the bottom right side corner of the BLT. Which will house a few vendors. I am also trying to change the Old Fort Park to the cities main shoppings center. I know it seems far but with smaller ones around the city and the traffic we get down the road with people killing gamans, Tuski Wolfs and such we do have a prime area. Also Each Vendor Mall will have a welcoming
  9. I spoke briefly with Jeremy about a few issues, and got clarification on some They aren't going to reopen the UO Pro program, so no programs will ever get the "approved" status They aren't going to allow modification of the 2D client, but do allow modications of the UOKR client (such as skinning etc) Third party programs to allow people to modify the skin of the UO2D client, won't be allowed either Jeremy doesn't think we'll get our interview back from Chris Rabideau (sp), because.. But she's going to look at it again to see if it's useable or not.
  10. SO what are everyone's weekend plans i do hope to get alot of uo in this weekend since i just want to relax
  11. Posted on UOHerald.com The Best Laid Plans… Draconi Jul 27 2007 7:08PM How had it come to this? Everything he’d worked for was slipping away, just like the coins he was letting fall from one hand to the other as he sat there, thinking. His machine, his project, his research, all of it laying unfinished back in the city, for no rational reason other than the fears of the Guild. It was like the world itself had turned against him. If it weren’t for the blackrock scare, if it weren’t for Haven… Kronos leaned back against the tree and gazed at the fountain in front of him. His eyes danced
  12. 1 have 2 things in mind 1 to ost my bows on this site 2 to use all the great charts that baldguy posted up ohhh ohhohohohoh and to drink my azz off and play u.o
  13. As usuall i have aother communion on saturday, little uo on sunday followed by Sopranos...oh and how do i forget happy hour tonight...have a good weekend everyone
  14. Let me start it off i am having a 2 day party with famly and friends at my house bbq n beer and surronded by love ones'..and some uo in the evening
  15. Somebody has a sense of humor. Take 60 seconds to do this, I guarantee you will show someone else, it's too funny not to. 1. go to http://www.google.com 2. click on "maps" 3. click on Google Maps 4. click on "get directions" 5. type "New York" in the first box (the "from" box) 6. type "London" in the second box (the "to" box) (hit get directions) 7. scroll down to step #23
  16. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/6376639.stm US 'Iran attack plans' revealed USS John C Stennis is being deployed to the Persian Gulf US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure, the BBC has learned. It is understood that any such attack - if ordered - would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and
  17. Games giant Games giant Electronic Arts (EA) has announced plans to acquire online games developer Mythic Entertainment. The new studio, called EA Mythic, will develop Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) Mythic is behind online game Dark Age of Camelot and is currently developing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Mark Jacobs, CEO and co-founder of Mythic, said the proposed deal gave them "opportunities and resources we could only dream about in the past". See what players and Developers have to say source taken from UHall.com Comment Did EA buy the liesse
  18. Not much here, i've got a few new toys arriving, more geeky computer stuff HP Officejet Pro K550 And a new case, yay Antec P180 -EU
  19. Our adventures this week will lead us into yet another deadly region! The Palace of Paroxymus. [grin] There is no quest required to enter this area but you do have to have Mondain's Legacy upgrade. You will need an acid proof rope to gain entrance. I have a carpenter capable of making the ropes so I will bring along a supply for us. Some items of special note with Paroxymus. First and MOST important NO pets, mounts or summons. For fighting inside the dungeon, it's fine. However, when facing the Fat Man himself, even a lowly horse will heal him to full health and he LOVES to eat pets. Same
  20. Heh hmm Military Plans Cyborg Sharks By Bill Christensen posted: 07 March 2006 06:34 am ET DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) has taken another page from science fiction writer William Gibson's book by creating a neural implant to enable engineers to remotely manipulate a shark's brain signals. This would eventually allow them to control the animal's movements and possibly decode their perceptions. Given that sharks have senses that humans don't have (like the ability to sense electromagnetic fields), it could open up some interesting uses. The implant consists
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