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  1. I'm a bit confused by this. I saw, both in screen shoots and in houses I visited myself, all kinds of stuff on the bar counters people built with the house customization tool. So I thought I could place some bar counters in my house and then put things on them... The problem is no matter how hard I try I cannot get anything on the bar counters. So what am I doing wrong? Is there some kind of trick to getting thing on the bar counters?
  2. Zombies sometimes drop these but it's actually pretty hard for me to get a lot of bones. Most I've gotten so far is 200. Is there a better way? Creature? Monster? Place?
  3. I'm looking for a customizable house to buy, or a person who can place one for me. It doesn't need to be big. ICQ 416063353
  4. Sorry for the short notice, but due to Paypal taking 7 days to clear an "E check", rather than taking funds direct from my balance and bank, I'm 2 days away from the 7 day deadline to cancel this current server. If I don't transfer within 2 days, I'll be charged for another month I'm out most of tomorrow, so it'll start sometime in the evening A temporary URL will be in place during the domain propagation period.
  5. Finally trying to turn my red back blue but been years since i had to work off counts. Need some advise on how and where to work them off. Dead or alive ?etc.:icon_eek:
  6. I have been looking around, well not everywhere but, i have problem to find a housing spot !! Can anyone help please ?
  7. ok so, ive found out this awsome place where you can find a rune book for everywhere, it is a full library!!! and there is also 3 or 4 houses sourounding that one, all owned by Travel lodge, they are there to help you! they have everything you could be looking for ( unless they are out of stock lol) so if you are looking for this place, just tell me here, and as soon as i find your message, and that if i see you on the forums, ill send you a message Via chatbox telling you to come over to New Haven, and i will have a marked rune, or a moongate, prepared for you so you can visit it! TYVM to
  8. I would fix this up asap..simply cuz it is annoying me and it seems a new glitch. Whenever I try to place something be it a loom or apple tree past week or so I keep being told I am not in my house. WELL I AM IN my house !! The msg repeats a few times then the item places anyways but...it is annoying. >
  9. Hey everyone, I've really been thinking of giving UO a try again after a long line of disappointments in other online games I've played in the past. Ultima online always really amazed me with the amount of depth that it offered as well as the very friendly community that lives within it. Most of you are probably thinking, "Well, if you liked it so much, why'd you leave in the first place?". When I last played UO, I made the mistake of trying to do everything solo. I used to be a really independent player in games like this, until I finally realized that a game's only as fun as the community
  10. How do I get into that big group of zombies at the starting city? its to the east of the safe city? I can't seem to get in there
  11. Is there a place where spell weavers generally know to meet up with other spell weavers on Catskills? It'd be nice to have some place where i could boost my stone with 5 people without having to have my friends all make spell weavers. And if nobody knows of a place where people are meeting up to power their stone then maybe we could designate one.
  12. Over the last few weeks buzzz has been hiting the streets. It would seem that Deputy Mayor Sin has grown in more popularity then Mayor Gareth in PaxOku City. From what I have heard from citizens at that Sin runs the city better then Mayor Gareth. Again this is just talks. It seems after each meeting Mistress Sin's office is the place where everyone goes. While Mayor Gareths office is left emptied. Is it time for Mayor Gareth to retire? Some say Yes! Is it time for Dep. Mayor Sin to take over? Most say Yes!
  13. Im pretty noob at houses but i wanna place a tower at a spot but cant. I can place a houseground 16*14 at this spot and on uo:s homepage they say that a tower is 16*14 but i cant place it. (tried many times) Is there any probs with placing a tower? thinking of the upperlevel that comes to close to another house? I cant afford to costumize a house from ground nor i have the time for it. so I want to place a prebuild tower there. tnx
  14. Several people have asked when we go adventuring in the Realm. Many people are free on different days and times. So.... Post here if you would like to go adventuring and when. We can keep this thread rolling with LOTS of replies about adventuring on Chesapeake, how much fun everyone has, and who is looking for a group. Regards, Winfield, Old Man
  15. source Where is the cheapest place to get ML, i heared u can get it for 10 Euro's but cant find it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you find the ML upgrade for anything lower than the price on uogamecodes.com, the code was almost certainly obtained fraudulently - or you've found someone who doesn't mind losing money. I know which one I'd bet on. (We do not offer any sort of bulk discount for those codes, so there's no way for anyone to resell them at a profit for a lower cost than ours.) E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythic
  16. I find sometimes good things when i go to hunt. Oh, nothing uncredible, nothing worth millions, no artifact nor rare items, but normal correct things someone could find useful... and i don't know what to do of it... i'm looking for a place where i could put a vendor, somewhere in trinsic territory. my icq is 110 992 653 Thank you
  17. Hi all - Where's the best place (read: easiest) to take a cu sidhe for training on rotting corpses? (I've read that that's where you should train them to get over 90 healing). Do I have to wait till my pup is GM in fighting skills before I try? He's currently 95 wrestle, 76 tactics, 93 anatomy, 90 healing. I'm looking to avoid dying, if at all possible Thanks!
  18. source UO U.Hall It's Day 1 of the week. Can we the players of Siege Perilous get an estimated time when it'll be turned on? Much thanks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This week, with any luck - stay tuned! E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  19. Erasmus came home to a nasty suprise! Mages and Trolls chased him into his house. "So much for a nice relaxing night off..." He thought to him self as he quickly grew orbs of flames in his palms and hurled them at the beasts. Erasmus's companion, Roach, his giant blue beetle attacked the troll as Erasmus defeated the evil mage glouriously. But the troll had Roach on the run, Roach, being pretty smart for a bug ran upstairs to the stream of healing waters, which flowed from the fountains of life. And Erasmus used his last bit of energy to raise up a fatal flame of fire, over cooking the troll s
  20. HOW TO PLACE NEW EMPLOYEES IN YOUR COMPANY :! A PRIMER: STEP ONE: SET UP 1. Put 400 bricks in a closed room. 2. Put your new hires in the room and close the door. 3. Leave them alone and come back after 6 hours. 4. Then analyze the situation. STEP 2: ANALYSIS a. If they are counting the bricks, put them in the Accounting Department. b. If they are recounting them, put them in Auditing. c. If they have messed up the whole place with the bricks, put them in Engineering. d. If they are arranging the bricks in some strange order, put them in Planning. e. If they are
  21. I'm re-visiting UO after a 5 year break. Much has changed. I'm wanting to know where the best place to mine ore is these days. I've heard of people mining insane amounts of ore, and Minoc just doesn't seem to be producing that much If anyone has any tips I'd appreciate them! -Zyros
  22. *Scribbled down in spidery handwriting* Greetings, I am Nightshade, Before I get any questions why I am named this, it was the name that my Master gave me. I have finished my apprenticeship in the city of Umbra but I still have alot more learning to complete. I have heard of your group and having travelled to all the cities, I have found that it would suit my purposes. *You see some runic symbols sketched along the page and along the bottom. Kindly in regrads Nightshade
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