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  1. I've been searching for a Vesper Picture thread! Have yet to find one! Shame, shame on you all. I love picture threads for I love to see all the odd people (myself included) who play characters that I RP with alot! Muhahaha. Me, with the sun glasses. Fun. Uhmmm that's all for now more to come later after someone more post!!
  2. I can't seem to figure out to display a signature banner that I have uploaded to UOForums... but then I am pretty thick. Uh.. it just showed uo. Okaaaaaay....
  3. I was going through some pictures from my units last deployment to Afghanistan and found this one, one of my favorites, thought I'd share. This was taken in August 2008
  4. Make sure the text is legible, but make it smaller? Thx. Or maybe use the basic paperdoll image & do something with using a more horizontal format? Thx.
  5. PaxLair's 11th Anniversary nears and we are in need of some screenshots for the PaxLair Statehood 11th Anniversary Pictorial! I beleive Neo of lothlore is setting this all up but he cannot be at all the events so let us help him out by posting pictures from statehood events and occurences on this thread! This is an exciting picture show so dont miss out on getting your screenshots in! If you do not know how to post a picture on the thread please feel free to PM me. I would be glad to help.
  6. I got to post this in full for those who dont play LOTR,and maybe cant access The Oracle link, cos it has some new screenies at the end. Nov 4th 2008, 16:00 GMT Developer Diary - Anatomy of a Cluster Welcome back, all! It’s been a while since you last heard from me. We’ve been busy working hard on providing you with many more instances and lots of new content. Hopefully, you’re anticipating the arrival of new and exciting experiences, and we’re equally eager to have you see them! I want to talk a little about our approach to Moria instances, and raids. We’ve learned a lot from our live
  7. I copied this pic from the forums. I cannot find it now. I am trying to recreate this idea of the lighthouse and dock. If anyone out there would be willing to give me a step by step walk thru (if the owner of this house would do it, that would be awesome), I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. I just took a sweet picture of Beck Hansen!
  9. A plate of Mum's finest to the first person to correctly identify what's wrong with this screenshot. Shouldn't be tough. This has been happening to me a lot in KR. I have yet to observe it in 2d. It might be fun to play with, but it's probably not terribly useful. Edit: To clarify, no spellweaving spells were utilized to get this screenshot. ~M
  10. Hope I am posting this in the right place... http://tech.yahoo.com/blog/null/66647
  11. In case anyone wasn't able to see the eclipse tonight, I got a few photos (140 in all). Attached are a couple of them, though I haven't had time to peruse the entire set to find the best exposures. I wanted to stay out a bit longer, but when the temperature hit 2 degrees, my fingers went numb and I couldn't work the camera any longer. Enjoy! [ATTACH]7966[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7967[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7968[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7969[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7970[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7971[/ATTACH] The small "star" to the left is actually Saturn, though it is so far away I couldn't get a good shot of it.
  12. Ten years is a long, long time... I'd like to wish everyone a Happy 10th Anniversary and raise a glass to everyone who is here to see it and the many old comrades who have moved on... I'm feeling sentimental and want to share a few memories.... These are Atlantic specific but I bet similiar things happened on all shards over the years... Ladies Night Out with The Brotherhood of The Crimson Knights (BCK) & The Kingdom (TK) at the Serpent's Cross Tavern... Order's Grand Opening appearance on Dalriada...These are for Lady Cleo of UTB... The Annual Naked Hythloth D
  13. As posted on F4g.net and Stratics A Note left on the General's desk... Sifting through the daily reports he noticed a scroll bearing the Official seal of the Gorimdor High Council. Finaly word back regarding his constant requests for reinforcements.... He read the note and the further he read the more his emotions became mixed, the was some joy but also alittle apprehension of what the future will hold. Picking up his quill he penned a note to be read by all Kaldor's: ' News has come to me from Gorimdor about our requests for re-inforcements as follows. There are to be none t
  14. Gnomy prepures 'imself.. Wussn' easy to get all things needed! Gnomy arrives 'nd finds sum' blues guards.. Gnomy saw 'em bit later too.. DEAD.. *Cackles* Wussn' Gnomy though... Gnomy later fund Master Decardo in middle uf all.. Tha's nuh surprise to see 'im in the middle. Strong warrior.. The other person Gnomy jus' dun' knuw yet.. Gnomy took a wrung turn.. Tis' wussn' tha' bad as it looks.. Gnomy is after all vereh strong. Jus' got tickled a bits... Then Gnomy got bit tired of killin' all those tiny daemons.. Began to do wha' 'e is best at.. Flirtin'! Who can resist those
  15. To prove Lil isn't a woman!
  16. UOKR Sadly no code with this skin as yet.Will add one if it gets posted. I'm working on a nautical-themed re-skin of the KR interface. I'm more inclined toward graphics than code, so I'm basically working with the default coded layout. I'll probably want to work with custom interface definitions later (as the default is dodgey anyway) but for now I'm just "looking at swatches" in a sense. Much of this stuff is placeholder/experimental stuff - eg: the menu button styles are all over the place - so it's not very consistent. Basically I'm aiming for a general sea-faring feel,
  17. I received an update on last nights 'Harry' event. Theres another one tonight .* see details at end of this post * Friday night harry! As viewed by Team Paws! A few folk sat greeting each other in the star room just before time. Kronen arrived (A Stoner on the hiryu) and set down the skulls. We shuffled through to see where we would come out and found ourselves standing outside Deciet. There was a little loitering before the ICQ's, forum posts, and general hoping about alerted the masses as to where we were. We had a loiter and a few skirmishes. More began arriving
  18. Thank too John Dell and various artists.
  19. Posted on the LA Stratics board: Oh, the funny things you can do with NPCs..... Kylana
  20. source taken from UO.UHall Comment ################################ Sinister smith??? How'd you manage that??? Sinister lady no less....I like it! there are several places in wind that it will go completely dark and then return to light when you get past them and there are times what it happens no matter where the elf is (with no nightsight items)... the problem appeared with ML and I believe the elven nightsight isnt suppose to be as bright as the spell or pots... no matter its a glitch that has existed since ML was released and its annoying Wow, and elves wer
  21. Since everything is gone, lets have a recent photo of your lovely selves to cheer everyone up! Here is me and the lovely Laura May on my birthday in Greece ..
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