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  1. Just wanted to share some pics with you guys from my neck of the woods, most are from the wife's camera from our street. I just moved back into the area, oh the irony! Lol, we're totally safe, so don't worry about us. Just keep the people whom have lost homes in your thoughts and prayers, please. This last one always makes me think of Smaug!
  2. Not long ago Frostbolt was asking about 3rd dawn client screenshots on the UO Stratics forums. At the time we where working on getting the first part of the UO Chronicles online. However once that was finished Axl started preparing the diary he keep during our 15 day beta test of 3rd Dawn. If you would like to check it out you can go here: http://www.vikingsofmidgard.com/inde...267&Itemid=177 Its really funny to look back that many years ago. Nyte
  3. Just wanted to show anyone who couldnt participate in the event tonite where the white bunny took us to tonite. The "cave" is totally awesome. The cheshire cat was up in the tree and all. The neon colors in the pictures do not show how bright it is in the "cave" below. Its actually lots lots brighter. I have a rune if anyone sees me around and wants to see it for themselves.
  4. Thanks to Mairut on Stratics who posted this news Yay! The moongate wasn't put in, but EM Kanmare said that they *might* still do that. I'll be getting some photos up as soon as I get them cropped and in Photobucket. Anyone else who got photos is welcome to put them in this thread, as well as any comments...so long as the comments are in good taste (please). ~~~~~ I got one of Draconi when he popped out for 2 seconds to make a comment to me was well chuffed he said it was a good idea after i said the hitching post should be usable. was well please So the stable does work, ei
  5. The Best Combined Houses All Put Together So It Looks Like 1 Giant House It Would Be Nice To See A Couple On Here
  6. I can't find pics anywhere, and yes i googled it!
  7. here are some pics from Fall of Moria instance [ATTACH]9008[/ATTACH] Durin's throne room [ATTACH]9009[/ATTACH] The Balrog
  8. Let's see what you all have out there! I know there were many taken at the meeting and some are scattered throughout the forums. Would be nice to have them all in one place. Please make notes as to who is who in the pics if you can. Thanks, Crystal Rose
  9. Here are a couple of the pics of the rubble u get from the magincia quest.
  10. some pics of fall festival stuff...first a pic of the fall festival horse..as well as the summer fest horse and a reputation horse along with a regular bloodbay [ATTACH]8786[/ATTACH] then my pumpkin head costume along with my fall festival scarecrow yard art [ATTACH]8787[/ATTACH]
  11. i have 58 old bells and a few are white. 40 white plants.
  12. Just wanted to share a couple of screenshots from City of Villians / City of Heroes from the event that is going on. This event sadly ends today =/ But ah well it was awesome while it lasted Just so you know I took these shots in diffrent regions and diffrent charaters so that is why some of them are darker than others hehe This screenshot I found online and is tooken on the Heroes side... the rest of them is on the Villian side Sky turns an odd yellow as the Rikti ships come into our atmosphere Ship appears above Begains dropping bombs Rikti is beams down and we rea
  13. Anyone got any pics of the new Stuff. I got limmited ammount of points and want to see them before I buy. Thank you.
  14. Just thought i would put up some old pics, for nastalgia (sp?) and for Dev Eddy saw my bad side When we used to make the bestest bunkers See if you can spot yourself. Those nice VTC girls put on a show Ill post more later
  15. ... Why does Gorefang not see the glow effect on the Rikti when he sees a glow effect on a building in St. Martial? Here is specs compairing Gorefang and Ravage in game settings... some things I do realize is turned off but I would imagen it be the same thing? Let me know if you need to know Computer specs ... between Gorefang (Carpathia's) and Ravage (Husband's) First Gorefang has: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 And then Ravage has: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT I do realize Gorefang's is older and such but the building glowing and Rikti armour glowing makes no sense to me sense they seem to be the
  16. Well I am at work I have been decoring my tower using house builder. This is what I thinking about doing on the 3rd floor. My evil mage room. What do you think and what can I add and or change? The color of the tables and benches are the shadow looking coloring and everything is not lower or raise to its exact location. But this is my idea. Let me know what you think. The second floor is next, my armor and display room.
  17. This was really weird...Was runnin' around in Yew with a friend and came across this at my neighbors house. :? http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/Stonecypher/wtf7.jpg http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/Stonecypher/wtf6-1.jpg http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/Stonecypher/wtf5.jpg http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/Stonecypher/wtf3.jpg http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/Stonecypher/wtf2.jpg http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/Stonecypher/wtf.jpg
  18. Hello I wasn’t sure were to actually post this I was just looking for your opinion on something that happened to me over the weekend. I was doing some shopping at a local food store the store was packed being the weekend and I was waiting my turn to be checked out. When I noticed some girls about 15 or 16 years old and 2 boys about the same age with them waiting at one of the benches taking pictures with there cell phones and giggling and what not. I then noticed that what they had been taking pictures of and became upset there was a girl and her mother in the lane next to mine paying for
  19. Some pics for you guys anxiously waiting for the next expansion.
  20. OrcDefilerSkins.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  21. This House Right Here, Seeing The Inside Would Be Nice Along With More Of The Outside To, Thank You For Reading http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w198/Guerro_3/housetw8.png
  22. An interesting post with screenies from Flutter,started a debate on what might possibly be in the pipeline for us. ~~~~ Larissa set the tone for intrigue and mystery further *que's ominous music* What is the Fate of Moonglow? WHY is the blackrock detector, not even finished yet, sinking into the ground?? What lies below this site???? .......*gets her blackrock ready...eyes glowing red*...my precious......*grins* ~~~~ Maplestones train of thought was feasible I may be completely off-base, but I suspect that there was an intention to refresh to the towns and cities a
  23. Okay, since we've been under a Blizzard Warning for the past 12-13 hours (and it extends for 6 more hours), I thought I would brave the winds and head out to get a few pictures during a lull. It honestly isn't an amazing amount of snow (we have about 10 inches so far from this storm), but I thought it was worth capturing for my kids' memory books. Enjoy =) (Sorry the quality is a bit low, I was a bit too cold to try setting up the tripod, etc, and just did some point-and-shoot) [ATTACH]8030[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8031[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8032[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8033[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8034[/ATTAC
  24. http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/Stonecypher/chickenlegs.jpg http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/Stonecypher/suicidal-chicken.jpg
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