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  1. Hi all, I've just re-opened my account from a few years ago - my houses and all the stuff in them is gone but I guess that's to be expected... What I am wondering about is why the dragon pets I had (at least two dragons) no longer appear to be with me? I've been to the stable master but the only pet he has is a Nightmare. Is ther something I need to do to get my old hunting partners back? Thanks, Hella
  2. This is NOT my typings... I can't spell that good with how much it written here... Now NOTE this is older stuff, this is a document I had Saturday, June 10, 2006 (it says in properties anyhow) and forgotten about it at least some of the vanity pets are listed and with patches that have came out sense I had this, could have changed some elements on "how" to get it.. And who knows I might have posted this before and forgotten about it hehe If anyone knows how to get ahold of the newer pets that isn't listed here, could add them too who do like to collect these things == ------------------
  3. I submitted this for a FoF question, I just wanted opinions, since I can't find anything against the ToS. Is collecting tamed pets in houses illegal? For example, I'm working up taming and tame polar bears to turn into the moonglow Zoo. They are there < (at most) 48 hours. I turn them in by then. Is this illegal?
  4. how and where is the best way / place to train a pet when you are red ???
  5. Are older pets, such as the nightmare and white wyrm, still effective when trained? Or have they been made obsolete by the Greater Dragon?
  6. What I really want is a list of stuff to fight at different levels of pet training (specifically wrestling)...right now my greater's at 105 wrestling, which is too high to gain quickly off disco'd swoops and too low to gain quickly off un-disco'd swoops. What should I be killing?
  7. Hi everyone, As I have mentioned before, I have returned recently from a long spell of not playing UO. I'm really getting into it again and it’s been interesting exploring all the new places. The champ spawns are great fun and I’ve ventured into Doom a few times recently which was, shall we say, 'interesting' My main char is a tamer/mage and i noticed recently how full my stable is at the mo. I could probably do with selling some of my beloved pets, but I don't really know what sort of prices they go for these days Can any tamer out there guide me on the prices for both fresh tames and
  8. basically I was thinking of making a discoer just so I could hide at yew and disco peoples attack dragons and dreads so they go wild when commands are given, would it work?
  9. Most people already know this trick, but I'll post it here for those that don't. If you want to train your pets' magery skills in an easy way that lets you just sit back and watch, or train your own skills of some sort, here's a trick to do it: Go to swoop's nest and wait for swoop to land part of the rocky walls. Once he lands on them, have your pets attack. In most cases, he should be out of reach, so your pets will just keep blasting them with their ranged and magic attacks. He generally never gets up and flies off the spot once he's under attack, either, plus his health will start regene
  10. Question for the forum here. Do pets gain the same bonus to resistances that players do, where at GM resist, they get a base 40 in all resistances (ie physical, fire, cold, etc.)
  11. I am making a complaint against the person who killed my dragon on Wednesdey. The problem is I don't remember the name and there is some problem with my log. Reed, can you tell me the name again please (Henry Whatever if I remember right)? Dev, probably also have the name if your log file works ok - Reed told the name on guildtalk.
  12. It would be nice, in my opinion. I used to think this was already in the game and now I wonder what made me so delusional. Because I want some more. Anyway, a special house vendor for tamers to sell pets from, they could shrink down into little cute stuffed animals in the backpack until redeemed.
  13. Is anyone else having problems with their pets today? My dog will follow me at times, but then will stop. Mob may target my dog, but he will not fight back. Once I use the kill command, my dog will follow me once again and then again stop following. Even if you use the follow me command, my dog will not follow. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their pets too.
  14. I know what makes a pet change from blue to green, commands like kill or guard. but what makes it turn back to blue?
  15. i'm just curious why i can be 2 steps from a monster with my pet attacking it, and if i issue a all kill to retarget the mob, i get cannot see that... what has happened to line of sight for pets? i can be targetted through walls , through doors almost anywhere, sometimes even from thing i have yet to see, but now i cannot sick my pet on something that is standing behind a small crate... even if it is as tall as a dragon... what are the developing team doing and what are they thinking? I find it crazy and intolerable the way line of sight is being twisted for pets...
  16. *squints* These are my squirrel and ferret.
  17. Im geting very annoyed and pissy that my pets wont attack anyone in fel. I think its dumb! :-(
  18. Is it illegal to trap monsters inside your house, if purely for decorative reasons? I'd quite like to have a couple of cute little mongbat doormen Also, if a monster/animal is trapped are they teleported back to their spawn point after a period of time/server up?
  19. Or does a tamer have to search for buyers?
  20. A Horse (True Black, Special Name) Name: X Lag X owns yóu / Hits: 77 / Stamina: 125 / Mana: 115 / Str: 99 / Resists: 20-0-0-0-0 / Wrestling: 95.3 / Tactics: 95.3 / Resist: 24.2 / Anatomy: 88.9 A Golem (100% ENERGY Resist!) Name: an energy golem / Hits: 215 / Stamina: 95 / Mana: 138 / Str: 359 / Resists: 0-54-58-27-100 / Wrestling: 94.8 / Tactics: 95.7 / Resist: 173.8 / Anatomy: 68.9 A Rune Beetle (8xGM!) Name: I OWN W / Hits: 336 / Stamina: 170 / Mana: 380 / Str: 418 / Resists: 56-40-47-89-60 / Wrestling: 100.0 / Tactics: 100.0 / Resist: 100.0 / Anatomy: 100.0 / Poisoning: 116.9 / Magery
  21. I have returned to UO after 5 years before I left I had a white wyrm a Mare and a Unicorn now that I'm bk I still have them but I can't get them to bond I have 93.3 with jewels but when I feed it says ( Your pet cannot bond w/ u untill ur taming abillity has risen). What is going on???? my skills are 81.5 Eval Intl 91.0 magery 62.5 Resist 19.8 wres 93.9 Lore 93.8 taming w/ jewles 75.6 Real 75.6 Vet I know I need to get my taming, vet and Magery up, but what else should I raise and what can I turn down or drop to be a good Mage/ Tamer ???
  22. Quick question for those of you with experience in this matter - is there a way to heal allured pets without being flagged as a criminal?
  23. Guest

    Feeding Pets

    How often (real time) should one feed one's pet? And when they are released from the stables, are their bellies full or do they need to be fed soon?
  24. To all you Tamers out there,Petra Fyde asked for feedback here and discovered something very wrong.!!!! Testing the new commands for pets on test centre I tamed a bake kitsune and bonded it, had it passively following (all stop, all follow me) all as intended, it ignored attacks till told to kill, it continued to autodefend against a second assailant, then it died. Ghost appeared, I led it off a bit (all stop, all follow me) I rezed it and deliberately allowed it to get rez killed. NO GHOST!! I then tamed a 2nd bake, bonded it, allowed it to die, rezed the ghost, let it get
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