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  1. I tried bonding my swampies again last night and I am now on 10 days and counting... Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Ok i have been thinking about this idea for a very very long time now and feel that it has very little if any flaws so im gonna go ahead and put it out there. I believe that pet Resisting Spells as it is currently is flawed, offering very little in regards for actual use to any tamer beyond looks and pride. I propose that Resist Spells work for pets like it does players, raising there base natural resist to a point, that point being possibly a base of 44 in every resist at gm. I feel that this will effect the balance of the game very little, most larger pets already have more then 44 in
  3. The UO Herald is offering a survey on the topic of pet dyes. Please find a link to the survey and pictures of the colors currently being considered here: http://www.uoledger.com/uo-herald-survey-one-use-temporary-pet-dyes/
  4. Hello All! With my heavy lag in Qatar, I find myself spending most of my in-game time stealthed at various Fel champ spawns, letting my Greater Dragon go to town. I can't really keep up with him, and he frequently tears off on a killing spree leaving me to tag along as best I can. How close do I have to be to my pet to get a chance at the SoT drop? I'm hoping it's just "within the Champ area..." I figured as long as I still get Valor messages, I'm good - but it would be nice to have some Dev feedback. Thanks! ~M
  5. I'm posting this poll to get an idea of how many UO players would(and would not) think it would be a good idea to have neon pets in the game.
  6. Hi all - I've been working on adding a long-requested feature to the Pet Power Calculator: a resist calculation that gives higher priority to the pet's strongest resists while negating some of the value of the pet's weakest resists. In theory, a pet that has extraordinary max values in one or two resists would be used to fight monsters that deal damage in those high resist areas. Let's say a pet has awful cold resist. You wouldn't likely take that pet out to fight against monsters that deal primarily cold damage. Therefore, the fact that the pet has low cold resist isn't very important. I
  7. Source : Pacific Rangers Guild (modified to reflect newer updates) All creatures spawn with random elemental resist, skill and stat values within a range set for their type. Elemental resistances are not trainable. It was confirmed by Designer Oaks that GGS does not apply to pets, but that their skills train up about twice as fast as those of a player. They have skill and stat caps. For any stat that starts out below 125, 125 is the maximum, any stats above that mark will not improve. This means you can train a chicken to 125/125/125, but if your nightmare starts out with 515 str, 97
  8. Like the subject says... I've added a pet stable slot calculator to UOCraft.com. Find out how many stable slots your tamer is eligible for! Pet Stable Slot Calculator
  9. And she's already torturing the poor soul.
  10. The Dread Warhorse has been added to the pet power calculator. The min and max skills are going to need some tweaking as I gather more data, but the resist and stat information (which makes up a large majority of the score) should be accurate (based on the UO Stratics Hunter’s Guide). Be aware that if you have trained your horse AT ALL - even just one combat encounter - you will need to choose the “Trained” option in the calculator. The dread warhorse appears to have a very small range of tamed untrained versus trained skill levels in a few skills, and even a small bit of training can bring
  11. Hi all - After reading several requests from people looking for an updated pet control calculator that includes the new greater dragons and dread warhorses, I put one together on UOCraft.com: http://www.uocraft.com/taming/pet-control-chance-calculator/ It uses the calculations for pet control chance as specified by Jeremy's post at: http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=195 I've seen the formula reposted incorrectly in a few places, so I went straight to the source and finally found the accurate formulas! Enjoy, and as always - if you find anything funky going on, PM me or e
  12. Can anyone tell me or point me in the direction of where I would find instructions on how to rename pets in KR. The old skool method of dragging the life bar and editing it there seems to not function in KR... :?
  13. Hi all - FYI, the Pet Power Calculator has been updated to fix some erroneous max skill data for the Nightmares, particularly regarding the max Eval Int skill. Vet Master's data (where I got most of the pet numbers) seemed less accurate than what Stratics had, so I updated the Nightmares to use Stratics' data instead. It should be more accurate now. I also double-checked some numbers with Greater Dragons. No changes were made, as the value in question was the max hit points, and I believe it is accurate at 1,000 (tamed). Note that spell effects such as Bless can increase the HP on your g-d
  14. Pet bunny's ears prompt 999 call The woman was unhappy with the ears of her rabbit A woman dialled 999 because a rabbit she bought via a newspaper advert did not have floppy ears, Central Scotland Police have said. The force is urging the public not to dial 999 unless they are faced with a genuine emergency. The reminder comes after operators, who receive 34,000 999 calls a year, said
  15. I was given a Greater Dragon last week, it should bond probably tomorrow. He has 100% physical resist. What does this mean in terms of damage taken? Does it mean that he will not take any physical damage ? Or is there a minimum he will take from physical damage?
  16. Hello all! first post here:) was wandering if enyone know if pet trasnfer on same account can be done like my tamer to my smith coun't find enything on the web and i am curious about thanks. PonRazor.
  17. Hey guys I need a little help getting my pet command macros to work properly. I am used to the macros in 2d when I hit my keys my char says all kill I get a targeting cursor to select the monster that I want my pets to attack. In KR there is no targeting cursor and I have had my pets chasing me!! LOL, it's not fun to run from a p.o.'ed rune beetle and nightmare! I have tried to set it up in the macro so that it gives me a targeting cursor after I issue the command but it does not. The only way that I can get this to work properly is to select the monster first so that cursor is already on it t
  18. hmm no matter how i type that title it feels bad anyway... has anyone had a problem with these.. mine has some odd error attached to it. With the insta stable/insta log maybe i am the only one still using them but I thought I would ask anyway.. known issue and I just missed it maybe? Oh I forgot... i thought your pet had to be out of the stables to use this.. when it went crazy i had already put my pet up, i clicked it and my pet came back out. maybe I'm just thinking Ilsh.
  19. I just caught a greater dragon that has a magery skill on the lower end, but I feel his high wrestling, resists, and HP make up for it. Then I got to thinking: what exactly does higher magery do? If the skill works like it does for us, it shouldn't have any effect at all, seeing as the pets don't cast 8th circle spells (not to my knowledge) and have a 100% chance at 7th circle by that point. Can anybody clarify this for me?
  20. Hi all - I'm about 85% done moving UOCraft.com to a new server. For those jonesing to see their Greater Dragon pet calc scores, I invite you to test drive the new numbers. Feel free to provide feedback. I'm using a combination of the numbers gleaned from the Stratics Tamer forum and Vetmaster. Here's the temporary location of the updated pet calculator. Coming Soon: UOCraft.com » Pet Power Calculator Don't bother bookmarking it, as it'll only work at that address for the next week or so, until I point the UOCraft.com domain to that server. (And don't mind the weird domain - it's a serv
  21. Hey all - I've gotten some emails asking about the addition of greater dragons to the UOCraft.com Pet Power Calculator. I've got the update ready to go (with numbers as best as can be gathered from current data between Stratics and Vet Master). I'm having some trouble with my current web host. FTP and SSH access have been disabled, leaving me with no way to update the site. I'm working to come to some agreement over how I can continue to update the site, and if I can't gain access to it, I will move it to one of my own servers. Hang in there! It's coming - I swear!!! Thanks! UOCraft
  22. What are the pros and cons of taking different pets into Doom? Doom is a newer venture for me, I did it with a warrior right at the start of AoS but never did it since. So basically, is one pet better than another in there? Should I take a Greater Dragon for one run, or take in my Cu and log out in the "safe" room and go for several days at it, or just go with the Classic Mare/WW combo? I am slightly worried about the Impaler and their mortal wound and that most of the bosses tend to spam wither and target the tamer now. Is it worth it taking a Tamer in there, or should I try to focus o
  23. So I have a fresh tamed greater dragon and I am having a weird issue. It's wrestling was at 102.5 when after tame. I have killed 20+ white wyrms and 20+ arctic ogre lords and he is still at 102.5 wrestling. What should I be training on? Also, he is not bonded right now. Can you gain skills while they are not bonded? I know, silly fighting with it, but I just couldn't wait to test drive it.
  24. Has anyone seen a list for viewing of all tamed pets and their skill caps? I am particularly interested in the greater dragon skill caps
  25. I would really like a fire beetle for my miner, but I have no idea how to get one. Are pets buyable?
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