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Found 24 results

  1. Peerless key fetching tips and tricks by Pirate Roberts of LooT Dreadhorn: The only key worth mention here I believe is irk’s brain. To get this key easily I use a bard with disco and provoke. On my way back I precast invis and attack a cu sidhe to get him to follow me. Each time I invis, I toggle my war mode again, precast invis and again attack the cu sidhe to keep him following me. Before long it’s done easily and quickly with just a little practice. Once in the swamp area, I use the same technique to lure irk near the cu sidhe. Then I precast invis, toggle my disco macro and target irk,
  2. I've just returned to OU after a long hiatus, so I'm a little lost. Any advice on soloing templates for Peerless/Spawns/Doom?
  3. I was Just wondering if Golems were good to use vs Peerless like Dread Horn?
  4. Im just wondering how is this loot sorted out? Does having luck improve what you get? Is it sorted out by how much damage you get? or is it just random?
  5. Having abit of a time trying to decide how to fight hiding and stealth on my tamer when it comes to keying some peerless bosses and was wondering will 80 stealth work when keying say getting to teh Grand Mage for the red key in travesty, in helping to key Dreadhorn and also in keying Bedlam and also maybe in doing ish champ spawns..hehe.. the templete Im working on when I add these two skills would be 95 magery 100 med 100 hiding 80 stealth 115 taming 115 lore 115 vet.. may drop med down some once I get a good LRC and mana regen suit and add on to stealth if need be.
  6. Welp got a decision to make with my mage character and not sure which was to go.. he's either going to be a necro/mage or a mage with hiding and stealth. I was thinking about the following templete listed below to key peerless 115 to 120 magery 115 to 120 eval 115 to 120 med 100 in Hiding 115 to 120 stealth 100 inscribe would this be a good templete to key peerless with?
  7. Good day, Been doing peerless's lately with some bushido, chiv, necro macer guys. THey insist on one guy honoring the peerless before we start, which causes them to do more damage as a result of higher critical strikes. usually after honoring we all start to get on the boss and the party disbands. while we all get looting rights i was wondering, obviously the guy who honored it will be doing the most damage. does doing the most damage give any advantage to the type of loot received? Lately some guys have been getting snippy over who gets to honor it and i'd rather not see this be made
  8. Ok, so I've gotten back into the swing of playing again and am interested in getting involved in some of the "endgame" stuff. Is there any sort of open to the public champ spawns or peerless hunts on Sonoma that I could get involved in? I'm looking to experience these higher end events as well as get the oppertunity to meet my fellow Sonoma players.
  9. Is there anywhere in forums that takes you step for step how to key for the various peerless bosses? I have been asking around for someone to show me how to key the shimmering to no avail. If there is anyone out there on Chessie willing and patient enough to teach me... sometimes just doing mel tends to get boring and would like to learn how to key other peerless monsters.
  10. i have a legendary swordsman/parry/bushido vampire. i was wondering which peerless were the easiest with this temp and what tactics and suit would be best for each. thanks guys
  11. i have a legendary mage tamer and i was wondering what are the best tactics to face the peerless. thanks
  12. I'm looking for something new and rewarding to kill on my warrior, are there any Peerless bosses which I could take on solo? (including collecting the keys) His stats are: 110 Swords (Going to 120 when I can afford it) 110 Tactics 110 Anatomy 110 Parry 100 Resist 90 Healing 75 Chivalry I'm using artifacts mostly..Soulseeker of course and a Virtue Armour suit Thanks!
  13. Hello all, I am having issue regards the 2 rare mounts obtain from peerless bosses (Chef Swammpy and Grizzled Mare). In the release note of publish 52, it stated they should no longer show as summoned pet. However, both of my mounts are still showing as summoned pet. I try feed it, kill and rez it, cross a server line, recall to different facet, cross moongate, use petball to recall it, log-in and log-out, stable and restablee but they stilll show as summoned. Do any one have the same problem as I had? Do any one know how to solve it? :? Thanks.
  14. Jeremy, et al. It is well known that many building graphics have problems in KR - specifically, the roofs. Take a moment to log in to KR and run inside the healer tent at the Moonglow rift to see what I mean. In Bedlam, it is impossible to summon the Grizzle without using the old 2D client: you cannot see the table to drop the librarian's key, nor can you drop it on the object handle in KR. Recommended interim fix: An easy temporary patch would be to delete the roof tiles that block the view of the table. Please help. ~M
  15. Hello all i was wondering if anyone could help me with a template for peerless, i mainly do shimmering but do just about them all (only grizzle i aint done yet but hoping to do so soon) if some knows could u please tell me the best templates for each peerless boss, i know bushido dexxer used to be good but since the evasion changes im not really sure and i dont want to spend a fortune on my char completeing him to find it doesnt work nomore. also if possable could someone please tell me what weapons suit mods etc etc just about everything Hope to hear from you guys soon and thanks for takin
  16. Thought I would post this here too (normally just post it on Stratics). But you folks might like to come. On Mondays at 7pm PST, TDA hosts Doom runs. We meet at Skara Bank to party and head over. On Fridays at 7pm PST, TDA hosts Peerless runs. Which one we're doing changes each week. This week, we're doing Paroxymus. If you'd like to come, just meet us outside Paroxymus' lair. If you need help getting there, just let me know. Everyone is welcome to come and socialize. Hope to see some of ya there.
  17. UTB is going to be running a peerless run tonight at 730p, Skara Stables. These runs are going to be for those who have not done a peerless boss or have very little experience. We are going to be taking it slow and not asking for anyone participating to key for the peerless itself. We will be attempting to run more of these at specific dates which I will post in advance (sorry about this one). We may also try to put together some Doom runs in the near future. Please contact me via PM, ICQ, etc if you have any questions.
  18. Alright, I saw something that blew me away and I must know how to do it. I saw a character SOLO dreadhorn, SOLO Mel, and SOLO the Prism of Light Peerless. WHAT THE HECK. All I could gather by watching him is that he uses necromancy, bushido, macing and parry. He had a diamond mace with ssi hld and hla and damage increase. Please someone tell me how to achieve this godliness!
  19. Hey, when ur group kills a peerless boss does everybody get their own loot that spawns? Just notice that one time we kill trav and I was late looting the body but the eye of trav was still there just curious cuz i would think that would be something peeps would want for their crafters.
  20. Hail and well met fellow people of the proud little shard known as Drachenfels! Sit down, lean back and listen well - for there is a story to tell! A story of heroes, of friendship and bravery - a tale for the bards! *takes out his lute* It was only days since the last great evil was banned from our wonderful world - the fight against the demon beast which was known as "the void shadow" will be remembered in ages from now and everyone who was taken part in this will be remembered also: in the song of the bards and the books of the scribes. It was the days when the world seemed to hold br
  21. Take A Look At Peerless Bosses With This New Video While many UOers have defeated all of the mighty Peerless bosses, a great many still have not faced them or have not defeated all of them. has created the following video showing each of the different Peerless bosses. If you have never fought them before, take a look at the fights in action. If you have faced them before, you might enjoy this compilation of them all rolled into one. The video is located here To download it you right click on the greyish "Download File" words towards the upper left and save it out. The file is 50MB in
  22. So how do you hunt Peerless if you don't have any friends or guildmates to go with? I would love to do a bunch of peerless fights with my tamer but I don't have any friends left (they all left the game long ago) and the guild I'm in isn't active at all.
  23. Wow! What a nite! FOUR peerless! One round at Bedlam and THREE at Lady Melisande. Guys, these peerless didn't stand a chance! Thank you so much to everyone who came out tonite! HUGE thank you's to everyone who got the quest for Melisande ahead of time. Even with waiting for other groups to finish, we completed these in record time. Our evening began with a trip to my house to focus up with the spellweavers then we were off to Melisande! Even tho the Lady and her minions put up a struggle, they were no match for our might! After that, it was off to Bedlam for some frolicking fun
  24. In talking with several members of our community, there are still those out there who have never had the joy of confronting one of our Peerless Bosses. [shocked] So this week, we will journey back to the land of the Peerless to test our mettle and claim our prizes (or death robes). Since I'm running a little behind this week getting things organized due to some personal things going on, I was thinking we could do Melisande at Blighted Grove and the Monstrous Interred Grizzle at Bedlam. These two seem fairly suited to the chaotic nature of our Friday hunts. LOL If anyone has time to do the
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