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  1. This is a website where you can compare different hardware and see which is best for you. The link [here] shows graphic card charts when tested against 3DMark2006. Revised other link here
  2. These instructions are intended to describe the procedure for maintaining a Personal Computer running Win2000, WinXP and Vista using nothing more than free programmes and your free time. Most of the PC's that I fix will usually go through this procedure but, obviously, if your PC is badly infected with viri or has other severe issues you will need to take other steps to fix it. In a nutshell this procedure should be done on a regular basis to keep your PC in top condition. It is a good idea to read all the way through these instructions and although Im confident nothing I describe wi
  3. I can not find info on the prices anywhere. a museum has a potted plant deed and ranger ingots on display... now I know the ranger ingots are rare, but i thought they were illegal. and i didnt think potted plant deeds were that rare thanks! -Derium
  4. HP A6745F - AMD Athlon DualCore processor desktop, 4GB memory, 320GB hard drive and 802.11b/g wireless LAN Is it good enough to play UO and not worry about lag and such? Is that a fast enough processor? Does it come with enough of a hard drive? Is the wireless a good idea for a desktop or is a laptop better for wireless?
  5. A glacial war hammer (its not a arctic death dealer,just a glacial mace with about the same stats as store bought weps,aka none) Neon fire water pitchers and liquor bottles Ty
  6. Some cool and interesting components... The 10 Coolest PC Components Of 2008
  7. He runs Windows XP just to put that out there Would anyone happen to know why would a PC stop playing programs when they ran them before? Gorefang is doing it again >_< First: World of Warcraft Second: Trillian Third: Blood I have no idea why he will not do somethings when he did them before! And today I tried to launch Blood and he up and decides not the load it all when I been playing through the game for MANY, many of hours a little at a time and I launch it today and it gets so far on loading the game and crashes This is all he writes in before it crashes nothing beyond the
  8. [Dec 04, 2008] Taken from http://www.lotro.com/news/290-pc-world-names-mines-of-moria-a-holiday-best-bet "World of Warcraft may have the clicks, but Lord of the Rings Online can claim one of the most popular pieces of fantasy fiction in history. That, and it has something the other guys don't: a progressive story." - PC World Magazine Read the full article here http://www.pcworld.com/article/154297-8/video_games_the_12_best_holiday_bets.html
  9. okay so i got these a while back , I believe it was when this dude was giving away all of his stuff in his bank and home before giving away the home and quitting UO. His ex g/f was an Idocer and alot of her stuff was in the house so there were lots of goodies these being one of them. It's a box with 2 pickpocket dips and a training dummy stuck inside.
  10. Anyone know how much this is worth?For sake of it i cannot find price anywhere Thank you
  11. I recently purchased a new PC to upgrade from my 8 year old PC that could hardly handle uo. Now that I have it I was also wondering if I would be able to play Kingdom Reborn with it and not lag to death all the time? Here are my specs: Dell Inspirion 530 Desktop Computer Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 Processor (2.66GHz, 3MB Cache, 1066 MHz FSB) 4GB Memory 640GB Hard Drive Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 19 in 1 Media Card Reader Now I did Install a new NVIDIA 512 MB DDR2, GeForce 9400 GT Graphics Card because I heard integrated cards are pretty bad. I looked at the Kingdom Reborn We
  12. (I meant tower :doh:)Well I noticed alot of houses falling and managed to place one next to the road just E of Brit in Tram. I would like to sell it but not sure what it would go for. UOAM 18 6N 29 52E Thanks in advance for any info
  13. Ok I have a stash of junk I'd like to off load and I have no idea what its worth. I look at Luna vendors n laff, its like going to a Everythings-A-Million store. I know this stuff isnt worth that much so some help would be appreciated... Raed's Glory Staff of Pyros Gwenno's Harp, I know I asked, was told 500K was "stupid" Iolo's Lute Alacrity scroll for herding, do ppl really do this one? Arrow shafts, 5 finger discount from tinker Cursed arties, several pcs of armor for whole body 19 black/coal colored bows, one labeled orcish, one labeled blood drinking, others just say bow and are assort
  14. Curious to see how much I could get for a 9 year vet reward of the buyers choosing...?
  15. Ugh. I just realized character xfers are still down. Ummmm... Auction Postponed Until Further Notice. I've decided to auction off not just my suit, but everything I've ever stolen or looted (that I haven't sold yet) and make an event of it.
  16. Aye ..been keepin me busy tearin down all these houses it has..snatching up what my nimble fingers come across...today's loot.. x3 Green mugs of ale.. x3 Wrist watches a ship model x2 seasons greetings cards. any idea of the going rates?
  17. two spellbooks one from each side good and evil and a chain tunic from the good side.
  18. I am wondering if these r worth anything Ring - hci 14, dci 11, fcr 2, di 12 Bracelet - str 6, dex 8, hci 13, fc 1, lmc 7
  19. I need to find out about server birth items..were water tiles one? I was told there were. also i need to find out a site to search other rares
  20. two spellbooks one from each side good and evil and a chain tunic from the good side.
  21. Title says it all. Anyone know a fair price for the arms from the Death's Essence set? I believe it is one of the more difficult pieces to obtain. Thanks
  22. I found some sweet items on a IDOC,I know more or less what i can get for most stuff,but theres a couple items i have no idea as I have never seen them before.First is 3 golden ingots,but not normal gold ingots you mine,they are actually much larger,and are not stacked,its 3 separate ones,with a unique name.Other is a orange yellow ghoul hallowen statuette. Thanks
  23. Went Idocing..grabbed one chest inside were... * A necklace *The large center stone is encrusted with a Obsidian wisp* * a ring Gold Metallist 2nd All- Britannia Olympics * Coal helm * The skull of Lord Devilon De Luc * Deed for a vendor named Carlotta * White colored bank check for 10k * Brimstone * Bloodspawn * a skirt that is blaze colored but is *of exceptional quailty* * and i think some of the evil mage robes..they are the dull red, the grey/black dull blue..and the darker red... and a purpley blue ..plus a assort ment of sandals and shoes.. They are not newb
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