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  1. We'll "stick" the meeting announcements here now. They are also on the Chesapeake Calendar here.
  2. PaxLair Statehood Meeting Savaric's Winehouse, Yew, Trammel August 18, 2009 In Attendance: Winfield [Pax], Bam Bam [PaxO], John Duke [Pax] Savaric [Pax], NANOC [DWxC], Hudson [DWxC], Winmere [Pax], Lord Mori'naur [DWxC], Niva The Savage [T_T], Gareth [PaxO], Sir michael [DWxC], Lord Merlock [DWxC], Cheezdip, Mach [DWxC], Grimlar Mitherax [C=D], Cymbria Devereux [DWxC] Governor Winfield: Welcome everyone! Glad to see everyone. We've had a busy week, and busier ones to come. I truly enjoyed the PaxOku city meeting last night. We will hear more from Bam Bam on progress
  3. PaxLair Emergency War Meeting August 8th, 2009 In Attendance: Bozydar [TEB], CharGar [F*V], Cherokee [H^TE], Cor Mal'ian, Droop [RAZE], Gareth [OkuC], Gregur [*V*], Hells Angel, Hudson [DWxC], Lord Mirt [TEB], Lady TAMINGdeSHREW [TNP], Lord Celestial Knight, Lord Nostadamus [sHE], Lucien Snow [s*D], Lord Scavenger [uTB], Lazyman [H^TE], Limerence [s*D], Lady Angelica, Lord Nostadomus [sHE], Lissa Eldi [*V*], Niva The Savage [T_T], Nanoc [DWxC], Of The Thighs [TNP], Phoenix [DWxC], Raven [FwD], Savannah [DWxC], Tiny [C-F], Uphir, Vran [DWxC], Wints-Mar [OATH], Yarmond
  4. Please Pass This Along to Guild Leaders, Members, Allies and Friends. 9:45pm EST Tonight! PaxLair Statehood Emergency War Meeting Anyone interested in helping during tomorrows invasion is encouraged to come. This is not just for Pax and allies but for the entire community. Nanoc, Phoenix, Lady Angelica and Lord Gareth will be hosting this to discuss and inform everyone on the information we know and a few battle plans that we have in the works. Please bring your ideas and expertise. We will be meeting at the PaxOku City Hall (Tokuno Islands, Homare-Jima) Its located on the South-East sid
  5. PaxLair Statehood Meeting PaxLair City, Mage Tower July 14, 2009 In Attendance: Justine [DWxC], Jacko Lafray [DWxC], John Duke [Pax], Juliana Baker OkuC] Gareth [PaxO], Niva The Savage [T_T], Hudson [DWxC], Lord Mirt [TEB] Cara [DWxC], Lady Katherine [PaxO], Nanoc [DWxC], Zanku [DWxC], Phoenix [DWxC] Ilythryn [DWxC], Varas [DWxC], Winfield [Pax], Patience Mafrend [TEB] A Garden HO [TEB], Bozydar [TEB] Shadowlords: Winfield:Lots going on I hear. And the Time Lord Visited us earlier today I hear too. What was that about? Gareth: Shadowlords came to visit Phoeni
  6. PaxLair Statehood Meeting Minutes Skara Community Center 6/23/09 In Attendance Niva The Savage James Von Kreig Lord Gareth Black Pearl Phoenix Gak'uct Ares (Names were missed and will be added once found out) PaxLair Report John Duke hello my name is John Duke I just moved into town so I don't know much. I suppose there's some things going on, no one tells me anything because I'm new I think. There's like this council thing I think I think the orcs are doing some things. If anyone was interested really, just ask them I guess but they don't talk to me either "
  7. PaxLair Meeting Minutes 6/16/09 (Skara Brae, Community Center) Governor Winfield was out fishing this week. Bam Bam was stuck on some island so the meeting leadership fell to Sinhi, the savage from T_T. In Attendence Ares- [OkuB] Jack Parker- [OkuB] Tarl- [OkuB] Kire- [OkuB] Lin Min May- [OkuC] Taurik- [OkuC] Hands Of Angels- [OkuC] Bander- [OkuC] Muldock- [OkuC] Niva The Savage- [T_T] Sinhi- [T_T] La'Guk- [K-C] Lord Merlock- [DWxC] Beastmaster- [DWxC] PaxOku City Report Niva The Savage Reporting "Lots events! Lots plans! Look skypages! Read
  8. PaxLair Meeting Minutes 6/9/09 (PaxOku City Hall, Tokuno Islands) Governors Words Nothing submitted yet by the Governor. Will update when something comes in. Dragons Watch Meeting Minutes Nothing submitted yet by Dragons Watch. Will update when something comes in. PaxOku Meeting Minutes Ares has returned to us and will be resuming his duties this week as Leader of the PaxOku Blue Guard. He is eager to start recruitment and has taken over the building next to the Blue Light Tavern. Bander has also returned to us from a vacation and will be resuming his duties
  9. PaxLair Meeting Minutes 6/2/09 (PaxLair City Fel Mage Tower Roof) I attempted to get as much information as I could from Nanoc, Gareth and Bam Bam. It may not be a perfect record but I will try harder next time. Dragons Watch Meeting Minutes -Se'an moved into DW on the west side of town, (across the tracks) -Commander Foxx quest We met with him and he guided use to a few different spot, Niva really helped in finding a bag with a book of clues. which led us to another spot. In the end that nite, Commander Foxx had to leave because of Royal Guard business and we tried in vain t
  10. PaxLair Meeting Minutes 6/2/09 (PaxLair City Fel Mage Tower Roof) I attempted to get as much information as I could from Nanoc, Gareth and Bam Bam. It may not be a perfect record but I will try harder next time. Dragons Watch Meeting Minutes -Se'an moved into DW on the west side of town, (across the tracks) -Commander Foxx quest We met with him and he guided use to a few different spot, Niva really helped in finding a bag with a book of clues. which led us to another spot. In the end that nite, Commander Foxx had to leave because of Royal Guard business and we tried in vain t
  11. Well, I (have) been rather busy on Moonglow lately with M'Lord Quaffer and Lady Poll, to bring some of the Knights, Mages, and especially Craftmen of the Keepers of Dawn, (KPD), back together and in allignment. Aiding in restoration of establishments and adding a few more along with consultations with the Mage Counsil and the Town Counsil, it has been a formidable task. In keeping with with my protocol as "Emissary," over the last two weeks, I've been attempting to dedicate a few nights to attend other city meetings. Unfortunately, there have been no Calendar posts for Paxlair since 3 week
  12. Dear Citzens of PaxLair City, In keeping with the generosity of past and current citizens of PaxLair City, I am here to put forth my Economic Recovery Act for the direct benefit of the citizens of PaxLair City. My proposal is quite simple in scope that even an orc could follow along. Phase one would require the use of a decent size plot inside the city of PaxLair. This plot will be designated for commerce as goods throughout our realm are imported for sale to PaxLair Citizens as well as visitors to PaxLair City. I would also encourage the current small business owners of PaxLair City to util
  13. It would be fun to see if some of us have screenshots that others dont have. i know i have a few and dont have some i missed. upload what you want on here though winfield it might be brutal putting like 100 or so screenshots up hehehe. Its been great fun guys! I hope we have many more fun times like this. I have quite a few screenshots but might take a little bit to get them online since they're on three different computers. ~Bam Bam
  14. Selling Chessy gold (or any shard if you buy more than 100M) 80 cents per mil. Have sold to many here on uoforums as well as lots of chessy pvpers (I was a member of Champs, PoNi, RoT, CKS) and have sold to many members of X, CKS and Champs (among others). I was Maja and Natalie on Chessy. Also selling Fel Castle located in Paxlair - still has alot of stuff in it (tons of barbed kit armor, misc old school rares (like old armor, of except qaulity items, etc), about 20 or so gold metal boxes, etc. Quiting for good so make a decent offer and it's all yours. Thanks, Nat ICQ 133411447 AIM sni
  15. Hail one and all !! The PaxLair Statehood (Community) will enjoy it's 11th Anniversary in the Realm on January 19th, 2009. The Statehood started long ago when PaxLair (city) was formed on Chesapeake (Felucca) on January 19th, 1998. The Statehood now consists of three cities: PaxLair City (Felucca) Dragons Watch (Felucca) PaxOku (Tokuno) Traditionally, we have held events on the days prior to the anniversary, one day for each city. Friday, January 16 - Dragons Watch Day - (Gates are provided from the Skara Brae Bank, Trammel (near the bank)) 9 PM ET - Event 12 AM ET midnight (Jan 17
  16. PaxLair Statehood - January 15, 2009 The 11th Anniversary of PaxLair Celebration starts on January 16th and concludes on January 19th. PaxLair was founded on January 19, 1998 in a quiet meadow west of the crossroads of Yew, Minoc, and Britain and the Compassion Shrine on Felucca. PaxLair, now a Statehood of three cities, continues to be a vibrant community of several races of beings like humans, elves, orcs, and savages. The three cities are PaxLair City (Felucca), Dragons Watch (Felucca), and PaxOku (Tokuno). PaxLair's tenets of Peace, Neutrality, and Role-playing continue to guide the
  17. Greetings, my friends and fellow Baja-ians! *Smiles* Starting tomorrow evening (followed by a succession of events spanning the entire weekend and monday), the Statehood of PaxLair on the Chesapeake Shard is hosting their 11th Year Anniversary. The community - which counts as being one of the largest and most active roleplaying alliances outside of Europa - has been a significant partner and friend to our small roleplaying community over here on Baja. Both groups hope to continue strengthening this relationship and supporting each other. So with that said, it was indicated to me several
  18. We are collecting images for the PaxLair 2008 Slide Show. Neo of Lothlore has made slide shows the past years. Will he this year too? One would hope so, if there are images and paragraphs describing those images as source material. Deadline is probably December 21st, 2008. Please add to this thread images (or links to images) to images that you might like to see in the 2008 Slide Show. Include a description that editors will likely edit, so don't worry about grammar. Don't add 500 images, please be selective. IMPORTANT: Include the date of the image in the description, so we know wh
  19. Capture Paxlair What you need: A chair. A time keeper or two. Bunch of people who want to clomp. How to Play: Set time limit. Game ends when time is up. Divide into teams, can be more then two teams. When the game starts, teams try to accumulate time by having a member of their team is sitting in the chair. To accumulate time, you must be alive, sitting on the chair. Teams will try to keep the other teams from accumulating time. Who wins? The team that accumulates the most time alive, sitting in the chair, before time is up. Can I kill the guy sitting in the chair? You should! Unless t
  20. PaxLair's 11th Anniversary nears and we are in need of some screenshots for the PaxLair Statehood 11th Anniversary Pictorial! I beleive Neo of lothlore is setting this all up but he cannot be at all the events so let us help him out by posting pictures from statehood events and occurences on this thread! This is an exciting picture show so dont miss out on getting your screenshots in! If you do not know how to post a picture on the thread please feel free to PM me. I would be glad to help.
  21. Ga'kuct and myself are putting together a few fun clompin events this month. this is one of a few: Capture Paxlair(or Dragons Watch or where ever)- Come by. Relax. Just sit around and clomp. Come join us for a fun fill evening and sitting around and clomping. Warning! there maybe some running around, and brandishing of weapons that may lead to loss of life or limb. Side effects might be arrows to the ear and/or eye, Enlarged ego, and loss of insurance gold. Also, loss of vision in color may occur. If this happens, consult with a wandering healer immediately. Come prepared with weapons, banda
  22. Monday- None Tuesday- (8:30pm est) Pre Meeting Gathering) (9:00pm est) PaxLair Statehood Meeting (10:20pm est) Savage Sponsored Hunting Wednesday- None Thursday- (8:30pm est - 9:45pm est) Thursday- PaxKratOku Auction House Friday- (7:00pm est - 11pm est) Wake The Dead (8:15pm est) Blue Light Play House Saturday- (5:00pm est - 8:15pm est) Crafters Hall (8:30pm est - 9:15pm est) PaxOku Community Wide Meeting (9:30pm est) Blue Light Tavern Outting Sunday- (8:00pm est) Elemental Bash
  23. Starts tonight. I'll be in around 6:30pm. We need to decide which team color we'll be under.
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