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Found 16 results

  1. The exact day and date escaped her for it had been so long. Prior to, he had been very busy and away more often then usual so at first when he did not return she was not concerned. She would continue planning their wedding day. The chapel had been decorated, the music chosen. The special wedding attire had been carefully stitched. Every detail was in place, every guest carefully chosen for the private ceremony. The date would be June 26, 2006. and finally after a couple years of constant companionship already, they would be united for all eternity. That day would come and pass without the bl
  2. This sub-forum is to help with announcing, promoting and followups on events ran by Event Moderators and UO Staff (Arc related)
  3. Is Ancient Sosarian feeling his age ? What words and order will let me pass? ~~~~ Der Rocktells him.do the quest, without u cant go down to siracii (ups siracii is the last passwort u need ) ~~~~ Sheridan advises What do you mean by passing? Do you mean getting out of the room? You can recall out once you've gone through the text chain. If you're looking for a complete walkthrough, I'd recommend the one on UOGuide. ~~~~ While Lady Sakkarah suggests You can also walk on one of the glowing runes at the top of the stairs behind the Dark Guardian and they will teleport you out of
  4. I need to ask you guyz a question and I hope you will be able to provide me with a solution to my problem. The thing is I am looking for some past thesis papers to see their pattern. SO if any of you know about some websites, please let me know at earliest. Thanks in advance?
  5. Hi, I proudly wore the blue of a Britannia Guard a long time ago... We're probably talking... Ooh... Six years, here. I see there's been recent activity here so I presume you're still going. I wonder if any of my old Trinsician muckers are still involved... Has anyone heard of, or know what became of, such characters as Brown Moses, Wildcat, Raistlin and my personal favourite Igneous Neo? Kari x
  6. So I broke down and went to Covetous to train LP past 95. My character is way into the negative Karma so I cannot do the Satyr thing. I was surprised how easy it is to stealth safely in a dungeon so I am pretty happy that I can do this pretty well without getting murdered. So my questions are these: How best to train this to GM? Should I go in and get my skill up only 0.1 per day using the GGS thing? Is there any point in staying and picking locks PAST the 0.1 gain per day? Would that even work? Is/are there better dungeon(s) for this activity?
  7. FOXNews.com - Kansas Police: Woman Pried From Boyfriend's Toilet After Sitting on It for 2 Years - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News .... I.. can't even comment.
  8. edit: Apologies. My plans have changed and I can't delete this thread. After attending a tournament as a spectator on Siege yesterday, I've come to the conclusion that even regular smiths aren't needed anymore. The Cursed Arty give-a-way was the last nail in the coffin... but I'm not against it. If there's a single community that benefits the most from the cursed arties, it's the pvp community of Siege. I'm no longer starting a band of gypsies and squatters... but I will be on Siege. ^^
  9. [OOC: The following is largely a copy and paste from the old forums (I had a saved transcript of the thread), spanning from Jan 2005 - Aug 2005. Re-posted here to continue it on, with recent Kaldor developments.] [23-Jan-2005] She took a second look at the item on the table. It had to be addressed to her, Visko was clearly written on the sealed parchment, yet... The second name... Could there be another Visko? But... it was placed here... Picking up the parchment, she pushed the thoughts aside and quickly opened it, the seal breaking and small pieces of wax falling to the floor. She began
  10. Wooo... been a while since I was in here Hope everyones doing ok. Just had one of those moments of old memories flooding back and thought i'd poke my head through the door and say hello I hope all is well with all of you, and you are still having fun RPing around europa like nobodies business. As for us (me and Mel) we're both doing fine. It's over a year since I was given the all clear and you wouldn't believe it... within four weeks time I'm gonna be a dad Anyway, to those I know, I haven't forgotten about you and hope you are all still doing well (special hello to Sally, Irvyn,
  11. Classic stuff! From The Noob.
  12. *Nightshade woke up in the middle of the night, Dripping with a cold sweat. Her wisp was hovering above her head* "Surely not.... " *She gasps* "I have better control over my powers then that." *She sits up, then looks deep in thought* "The only way for this to happen.... is if the Drowish ancient language affected me... " *Looks more deeply in thought* "But surely I can't be affected, you have to speak that tongue? Right?" *Her wisp just floats there and twinkles* "Maybe there is something... Maybe it is that old fool who trained me to control these powers of mine." *She shakes her head* "The
  13. Is there a way to look up the past runes from UO.com? Really I need to know there color more then what they say, but I'd like that as well... Thanks guys, -Cabemun
  14. Posted at UO Stratics: Player: Okay, if there were so many new people at UO, then how come the only things that they can come up with is Publish 40? And if they are so concerned with what players want, then how come they havent made any announcements about a classic server? Its the lack of dev attention to player wants that makes me severly doubt that UO has any kind of future. CatHat: Hmmm... instead of a future - sounds to me like you want the past, Gimme a classic server, the good olde' days right? - Well, far as i know - there's no plans to make a standalone ressiance server or a
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