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  1. If you're trying to gain Parry, you will need to do everything possible to get hit. Training Theory In the melee caclualtion, your chance to parry is calcualted AFTER the opponenets chance to hit. Therefore, you want to less your weapon skill and Defense Chance Increase, so you get hit more. There are two main skill relations to consider. WITH Bushido, WITHOUT Bushido. Since Bushido gives a bonus to parry, it is have your Bushido as high as possible before you train parry. You also want to use a two handed weapon for a slightly higher parry chance. Without Bushido, you want a buckler. Be
  2. Most of you know the sheep training method for parry and there's plenty of threads about it for those of you who don't, so I'm not going to explain how to do it in this thread. This thread is dedicated to tips for making that training even EASIER. If you've ever done the sheep training technique, you know that the two weaknesses of the method are: 1) equipment damage and 2) constant healing needed once equipment breaks. Well, here's an easy way to get around those two flaws: First, do your training in horrific beast form. Just get to 40 necromancy and use a scroll to cast it for ease if yo
  3. Does parry work with a bow? Would this crossbow be good for pvp? Hit lower defense 50% SSI 40% DI 50% Physical damage 20% Fire Damage 60% Energy Damage 20% ?
  4. The stratics parry calculator says the following: At 120 parry/120 bush/100 dex: 40% chance of parrying with a 2-hander At 120 parry/0 bush/100 dex: 20% chance of parrying w/ 1-hander & 35% chance of blocking with shield. Is the chance of parrying/blocking additive? Does that mean that a toon with 120 parry & no bushido has a 55% chance of avoiding an attack? I'm guessing not, since that would be a very substantial improvement in avoidance vs. parry/bushido and everyone advocates parry/bushido over parry/shield. Can someone explain how this works exactly?
  5. Guest

    Parry Mage viable on Siege??

    Parry mage sounded good till I read that you only get a 30% block chance at 100 Parry and 80 dex... is it really worth giving up that much dex just for 30%?
  6. my parrying is at 107.8, hasnt budge in a while. now, i just put bushido on my template. does parrying not gain with bushido on template or am i just having terrible luck? anyone else have issues related to this?
  7. Gaining in parry is realy easy. You simply go to Jhelom pits in felucca and gather as many female fighters as possible. Attack all of them, and dissarm everybody useing a weapon. What you need: - A good bunch of shields. - A suit with good physical resit (dull copper i.e.). - Bandages 1. Go to Jhelom Pits. 2. Find as many female fighters as possible (at least nine). 3. Attack and dissarm all of them, then go out of attack mode before you kill them. 4. Be sure to use a shield. 5. Equipt a weapon from a weapon class you can't wield. 6. Heal yourself. 7. Don't macro unattended! 8. Don't let
  8. I am training a Sampy atm (bushido dexx with a necroform i believe). I am wondering if its rly worth it to get the extra +5skillpoints in parry and bushido. I know for some skills its definitely worth it to get the 120 (i.e. magery 100% succesrate on 8th spells, 120 taming is nice for extra stableslots and easier to tame those rare hued pets u come accros). But how about bushido and parry? They u get any extra bonusses for having 120? And if so are they worth for to buy? My template: 115 swords 115-120 bushido 115-120 parry 76 chival 50 necro (Midnight + jewels for vamp) 1xx tactics 1xx
  9. I'm using a one handed weapon, and I'm wondering if it's beneficial at all to use a shield? Will it help me parry more, or less?
  10. I has a question! I've heard that torches allow for the full Parry bonus, the same as if you were using a shield. Can anyone confirm or debunk this?
  11. Ive been told yes by a few people, but i cant find any proof that you can or cant. The only thing is, i dont gain any parry while being attacked with a bow, but the second i put on any other 2h wep, it gains like crazy. Stratics said you can parry with 2h and 1h weapons. Im hoping to make an archery samurai, but its not looking very positive. Need to figure this out before i start working him. thanks for your help.
  12. Connor_Graham asks I just saw this question in the Warrior forum and thought it was a very good one that deserves an answer, if not a fix, if it turns out to be true and not intended. It would appear that being Human gives a -5% to Parry. So...anyone know? ~~~~ T'Amon-from work was first to reply Assuming Stratics Parry calculator reflects current formulae: Parry 100; Bushido 0; Dexterity 100 Parry w/shield - 30% Parry 1 handed - 17% Parry 2 handed - 17% Parry 100; Bush 20; Dexterity 100 Parry w/shield - 25% Parry 1 handed - 17% Parry 2 handed - 17% Parry 100; Bush 50; Dex
  13. This may be an easy question but does anyone know if Sheilds hurt you if you don't have any parry or 80dex?? The reason I ask is because I have a Sheild of Invulnerability and an Arcane Sheild that I use to add to my DCI and Reflect physical damage, not for parry. With all the changes along the way, it is hard keeping up at times. I have Wrestling and want to max out my DCI, and the shield helps alot.
  14. I had 98.2 parry, 96.5 bush, and 98.2 fence i would go to jhelom arena shield and fence weap no gains. then i got told about the fact that bush kills parry chance with shield. so i went back with a swords weap and a fence weap. with the fencing weapon i didn't gain at all but with the swords weap well i gained. so.... with the fact that i didn't gain with a fence weap, does that mean that bush + parry are useless for a fencer? or was i doing somthing wrong? (tried lance, that double blade thing, kryss, for swords ornate axe, and a nodachi or whatever)
  15. jfk

    Meditation or Parry

    Here's what I have on my dexxer: 120 Fencing 110 Resist 100 Tactics 100 Anatomy 100 Meditation 100 Poisoning 90 Healing Should I drop med in favor of parry? I took med (for now) as I have 44 DCI without kryss, 59 with (yes I know it's capped at 45). So I thought the med might be nice to allow more specials. His armor is 8 MR, he is elf, and his stats are: 99 strength (115 HP), 120 dex (132 stamina), and 70 intell (109 mana). I have macro's for pots and petals. His weaps: Kryss: 50 lightning 15 DCI 44 DI Fork: 40 lightning 11 HCI 35 DI So what are all your opinions and reasons.
  16. I haven't trained parry in years, how do you do it now?
  17. source Just wondering about weapons parry? Is the game set up the weapons just parry reguardless of weapon type. If you hold up your dagger, will you possibly parry my Heavy Axe? Looking to put some reality into an unreal game. I know. Games have logic too. If I was a very good fighter, maybe I could parry your axe with a dagger. It's unrealistic perhaps, but not illogical. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One handed weapons + shield parry > 2 handed weapons without bushido. 2 handed weapons parry > one handed weapon + shield with bushido. Want to put r
  18. So an archer fires an arrow at my character - I have 120 parry for example - can I parry that arrow? If I have a shield does it increase my chance of parrying that arrow? Back when I used to pvp there were no such things as pvp archers so I dont know the answer.
  19. ok... so after finding this helpful link on stratics http://uo.stratics.com/content/skills/parrying.php ...i still have a few clarifying questions. Lets say im using both parry and bushido... as my bushido increases, my chance to parry with a shield decreases while weapon parry chances increase. what i want to know is, if im wearing a 1 handed weapon and a shield, are both chances calculated? is it jsut added together or does one overwhelm the other? basically, what is the interaction between parry+bushido and onehanded wep+shield?
  20. The87


    My parry has completely walled at 104... is there some creature that is particularly good for raising parry?
  21. Can I still have a parry mage??? I'm thinking: 120 Mage 120 Eval 120 Ninja 120 Med 120 Parry 100 Scribe 20 Focus Elf I've got my suit, or at least all but the gloves. I'm nearly ready to go. I'm currently running with a staff of the magi, so i can deathstrike, but what negative buffs will I have on my parry chance because I have no weapon skill????
  22. I've been having some trouble training parry. I was wondering if anyone could post a guide they used, or how they trained their parry.
  23. source taken from UO.UHall Comment Just wondering how many ppl still play melee without Parry? It seems to play any of the High End areas anymore Parry is a must. ############################ CatHat UO Character/Environments Artist *Nods briskly... Well - you can do it - but you just have to be able to cope with getting hit a lot. Maybe focus more on Attacks instead of defensive skills. Or hit and run.. skills with bandages or potions helps too. I experimented and played that way for a while - my guy wound up a legandary healer - lol CatHat :)
  24. Should I bother to have parry on my mage since he runs such low dex? Can someone explain the changes made in the publish?
  25. Howdy, I was curious to know if The skill Parry was important for PvM, i know with high parry it is for PvP but if you didn't have bushido and you had over 80 dex and a shield would you see a great difference between if you had Gm Parry with shield and 80+dex and if you had no parry a shield (for no other purpose than its a nice colour) and 80+dex? the only reason i ask is i have a necro/pally/warrior and wanted my 100 spirit speak but can only do this if i drop a skill and as i have swords,tac,anat,heal,necro,chiv & parry i was thinking maybe parry as this character was my pvm... an
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