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Found 25 results

  1. I'm updating the forum tips page, which is a quick guide on the forum features people might not be aware of The page can be found here - Ultimate Online Forums UOForums Tips Page I'm also creating subpages for features which may require screenshots, so people can find their way around I've done one already, which is for the Quick account switcher. Ultimate Online Forums Quick Account Switching Any tips/help/feedback is appreciated
  2. I know there is a page somewhere that shows a pic of each of the neon gift boxes. I cant find it in here anywhere. Can someone please post the link here please and I will bookmark it. Thanks in advance.
  3. *Only a section of the newspaper seems to be readable* " "Knights Templar Arrive in Yew The Knights Templar who previously resided within the southern city of Trinsic have recently left their home of Templewood for Yew and have been offered shelter by the Abbot at Empath Abbey in exchange for protection. Whilst Militia patrols of the area are frequent the sheer distance between Stonekeep and Empath Abbey often leads to opportunistic criminals raiding the Abbey and fleeing before the Militia can arrive. It is hoped that the threat of encountering a Templar Knight will discourage any would-b
  4. Should show on the 3 UOForums styles, allows you quick search. Also have a drop down menu for searching your own threads, unanswered threads etc.
  5. I-I-I just wanted to come on and ask everyones to pimp ders page some. A-A-Adams dids alots of werk makin' dis here sites, and we gots us a page of yers own fer dem profiles, some pimp it somes. Uderwise, Iza going blinds looks at all dis white and pastels blues. Meeeeez eyes. Meeez eyes.
  6. Accidentally left on the table in the jail. There are some damp stains on it, suggesting that it might have been spread out to dry after some sort of accident. ------------- Dukes don't cheat, they adapt to circumstances. (Slightly amended quote from "The Slipper and the Rose")
  7. Guest

    UOForums Tips page.

    So I'm thinking of creating a UOForums Tips page, for questions that are frequently asked about the forum and for features people aren't aware that we have, namely the arcade, the blocking of forums etc Anyone have anything they want to add to such a page?
  8. I've been trying to write a page on the Moongates Wiki about the Minoc Campaign that took place a few years back. Though it's riddled with mistakes, inaccuracies, and a muddled timeline. If any patrons of these forums were involved with that event arc, I'd really appreciate it if you could lend a hand. If anyone has screenshots that would be great an' all. Cheers. The page itself: The Minoc Campaign - MoongatesWiki
  9. anders tells us the game is not working acording to this page at the UO site: Some buying habits of players will have a more significant effect on NPC shopkeeper prices. This applies to all shards except for Siege Perilous and Mugen. (See Vex’s recent Team Comment for more details & insights on these changes.) The more stackable items, excluding reagents, sold to a specific NPC shopkeeper, the lower the price that the shopkeeper will charge for those items. For every 1000 units bought from a player, the price will drop by 1 gold piece per unit. The more stackable items, excluding reage
  10. I haven't spent much time messing with the test area, due to illness and whatnot So I spent about half an hour messing with the layout and reordering forums to try and get a layout which looks relatively clean and not as messy as my first attempts. The first screenshot is of the main page You'll notice the main page no longer has all the forums and subforums showing, instead, each game has it's own respective category and main forum(s) listed. Each category has a space between it to make it more asthetically pleasing.....or something. Clicking a forum, (See screenshot 2) brings up the
  11. i have been trying to pay for the 30 days but when i put my card number in it says this Sorry. This page is currently unavailable. Please try again later. i really want to play
  12. Posted to UOHerald by Jeremy Dalberg on 18 Dec 2007 15:21:20 Long overdue, the Playguide page on Arms Lore has been updated with the new functionality of the skill. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. Interesting Ultima Online Housing and Bank Storage Upgrade | Not Registered Ultima Online 10 New Roleplay Faces | Not Registered I'm guessing an extra house and increased bank storage space?
  14. Wikipedia 'shows CIA page edits' By Jonathan Fildes Science and technology reporter, BBC News The tool detected changes to a page ab
  15. Nothing major, well, not in my opinion anyways I've moved the chatbox to the top as requested by a few (You can SHRINK this by clicking the small plus symbol to the right) I've added personal/guild forum application form links to the top navigation bar I've removed the buggy Gold system (Ingots) from UOF, which means they don't show at the top I've reduced the main pages size by an inch or two by removing unnecessary icons and the duplicated who's online bit. Added "My Mood" to the main page yesterday.
  16. The http://www.paxlair.com home page now displays current online users in the PaxLair IRC Channel on Stratics. The module is displayed on the right side of the front page. The module looks like this: It also shows how long a person has been idle in the channel, and the last update date/time. PaxLair IRC is at: irc.stratics.com:6667 #uo_paxlair We also know our home page loads slowly because of all the news feeds. During our online-integration effort, we continue to test and add features which can create some lag during our development. Please let us know what you think and visit
  17. Just in case we've been hacked... are the ad links at the bottom of the page intentional? Such as Credit Cards | McDonalds | Loan | Loan | Loan Car Loans | Best Credit Cards | Direct TV | Music Festival | Indian television shows news
  18. I'd like people's feedback on a page i've setup for those who wish to support uoforums monetarily (sp) The link is here http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=donations Any thoughts?
  19. I'm researching and installing news feeds that will help us stay more informed. What do you think of what is currently on http://www.paxlair.com front page? Do you have any other RSS news feed links we should try?
  20. taken from Anyone know if there is a problem with the Account Management Page at UO.com? over in UO U.Hall Does anyone know if theres a problem with the account managment page at uo.com? Reason for asking is Ive tried for the last 30mintutes to get my account reactivated I get as far as entering my Billing Info and hit okay at the end of the page then bam it send me to a page that says this URL dosent exsit and suggests I hit back button and hit help at the top of the page or gives me a link to EA customer help and pogo page. First I thought maybe it was my desktop acting up but then I t
  21. Any idea's why? Being a gm I usually use these pages to check up on prospective members, see what guilds they have been in recently and such. Now they are totally empty like someone erased all the information? Anyone know why?
  22. Instead of people having to fill out a PM with their details, i've setup a form they can fill out instead See what you guys think http://www.uoforums.com/newthread.php?do=guildapp
  23. source taken from The FAQ is HERE for your reference. It says one item (or item set) per token. Q: How do I get my Early Buy gifts? A: You will enter your upgrade code into the promotional tool, as described here. Nine tokens will appear in your backpack, which can then be used to claim AND Q: Do we get all four of the personal attendants? A: You will get one personal attendant token that you can redeem for a personal attendant deed. (Truncated for my purpose) AND Q: If I enter my promotional code into the promotional tool in-game after the Early
  24. I've modified the main page as a test, but obviously would like feedback from everyone on whether they like it or not. The changes that were made, were... 1) Compressed the off topic areas into sub forums 2) Moved the Forum support forum to the top of the forum. What's everyone think? Main reason for the first change, was the length of the main page was abit...long, but i'm open to feedback on the new layout. 2nd change was made because that's the primary forum for all forum problems, people seem to forget there's a "Forum support" area and post their issues in "UO General Discussion
  25. Want people's thoughts on what i've done Hell some might not even notice it! What i've done, is squashed a few of the forums down into a small category and removed the descriptions from some to Namely.... Feedback forums aren't used all that much and take up a fair chunk of forum area, so i've put those into a single category, rather than having all 4?/5? forums showing, you see one forum and "Sub forums" instead. I've done the same with the staff area I remove the description from the competition forum, forum support and personal forums. Just cuts back on the clutter and reduce
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