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Found 15 results

  1. I placed this house a bit ago at an idoc. It will in time be right next to the fairgrounds and its on the road in Luna. The house is free if anyone wants it. If not ill just take it down.
  2. If anyone can get my q number to them or even have them send me a pm that would be great. Thanks!
  3. hey everyone... I am looking to purchase this full tower in fel. its SW of Ice entrance and West of Wrong. House owner says; Dirty Hippie and the sign reads; 4 sale icq Corso but no ICQ number is given I have included 2 pics to show its location and the house sign. I can pretty much guarantee a sale as long as the asking price isn't too outrageous.
  4. Theres a house currently owned by Garrick that needs a new owner ASAP, preferably someone within the guild as he spent alot of gold on this plot but is offering it to a guildmember for free. It is located on the side of the road between the graveyard and the bridge up the road north. Any takers reply to this thread quickly please. He won't delete the design and he will even throw in the fireplace inside!
  5. Does anyone one know where i can find the owner of a large (18 by 18) house north of trinsic? It is located right by the spirituality shrine i think, covered in sparkles and lights. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have a question about house ownership. I have four chars on one account, my first charter has his name on the house, I don't use him anymore and would like to get the name of my main char on the house. Is there anyway of doing that??? Thanks
  7. Turn your place Public, keeping it Private is causing a lot of Problems with getting around the place.
  8. I have your pants! Or someone's pants. Insured pair, dyed black. Let me know if you lost them doing the spawn tonight.
  9. Does anyone know who is the owner of "High-End Barbed" vendor at *WWA* Luna Mall or "Armoury" vendor at Winfall Manor - Vistors Welcome? I would like to get in touch with either or both of these owners. Thanks in advance for your help. Vepl
  10. taken from Thread :- Gender Bending found in UO.UHall Who has Chars different than the account owner's sex? Why? I'm a guy but I have 3 Fem Chars: 1 Elf Tamer for obvious reasons & 1 Macer & 1 Fencer for I don't know what reasons. That's out of 12 active Chars. So I'm not too gay! I'm sure there's a lot of guys out there with Fem Chars but are there equally Gals with Male Chars? 'Fess Up now! ########################### lol i dont have any female characters. Id feel funny playing as one if i did. ############################ Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator
  11. OK, this gets asked all the time, I know, but I can never quite remember how it works!! I have an account that owns a house on Atlantic. I have a second account that owns a house on Lake Austin. Can the owner of the Atlantic house be a co-owner on the LA house? (Both accounts have characters on both shards). Thanks!
  12. source taken from UO.Hall Comment Hello, I have full access to the castle of a friend as coowner, but not access to the friends account. The friend is fully involved in WoW nowadays. So I wanted to add a ladder to the castle - and could not, it says owner only. Where is the reason behind this? It is not the same like customizing a house (even if I would wish that I can assign an architect to redesign my houses without having to transfer the house). But the ladder does nothing bad which would not be possible anyway - since there are still the old methods to reach the roof there is no re
  13. Hi does anyone know what the ingame command is to remove my character as a co owner somewhere? I recently got an account back which was stolen some time ago and now it seems my characters are co owner at some place but cant figure out where. Any knows?
  14. Source - http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=uouhall&Number=6832398&page=0&view=&sb=5 Not a bad interview, although i'll admit, I was abit tipsy from beer when answering the questions
  15. Heh, I want oneeeeee http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4455060285
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