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  1. So i inherited a nice account from my uncle. And am currently attempting to complete a samphire he had started on the Pacific shard. But there are various gear req and such that I have no clue how to fulfill. I do not know how to obtain certain items or armor and it makes it hard to work toward my goal of completeing the sampire build. Right now I am grinding in shame to max out fencing/bushido ect. I just need some help on getting gear, anything would be appreciated thanks!
  2. So Im making a mix of a Paladin and a tamer type character, and was wondering what skills are important? Ive been leveling: Swordsmanship, Chivalry (the spells in that white book are great!), taming, animal lore, and healing. Should I be learning tactics for example? Anything is useful!
  3. Alright, SO I've always wanted to play UO, and I wanted to ask some questions before I commit! 1. Is the game still open world full loot PvP? I heavily enjoy PvP, and having a good system for it is important to me. 2. Where can you even purchase this game? I look at orgins and the "Styggian abyss + new account" says I need the styggian abyss upgrade first? 3. What dlc do you need to have all the expansions? Again the orgin store doesn't even really comprehend UOs existence. 4. How bad is the learning curve actively? Thanks for any help provided!
  4. Probably more like 12 years off line! I was a beta tester for a while, and was on with UO first went live. Those were some buggy days! Yikes! So I got back on and the game is playing solidly. But I had a couple concerns... What is the current recommended Mapping utility? I remember using UOAM which was cool back in the day, you could track your buddies in your party which was a blast. But it seems to not be working anymore? Obsolete? Is there an alternative these days? The Trammel facets seem nearly devoid of players these days, and the vendors are all empty. Are there any bu
  5. Just an idea for a comic. May or may not go through with it. If so, then expect at least an annual update!
  6. I was getting bored of the other games so I decided I would try UO, from what I remember it was a really popular game a long time ago and still is, and after messing with other MMOs that just left me frustrated after a certain level I decided to come back to something simpler, or is it? I can't figure anything out, first fight I did I died. Do you have any hints or a link to a completely new player's tutorial that would be helpful?
  7. I was getting bored of the other games so I decided I would try UO, from what I remember it was a really popular game a long time ago and still is, and after messing with other MMOs that just left me frustrated after a certain level I decided to come back to something simpler, or is it? I can't figure anything out, first fight I did I died. Do you have any hints or a link to a completely new player's tutorial that would be helpful?
  8. Can anyone give me any advice to help me through my WOW expericance. Im fairly new and have a level 10 mage and level 8 paladin on Ravencrest. Thanks for any kind advice. p.s. I am a total newb to this game please try to explain any answers and leave out shorthand words or at least explain what they are.
  9. Well I have a GM Smith/Tinker/Miner (for the umpteenth time, actually). There are some new things to me. Some new, but never "happened". By that, I mean power scrolls. Of any kind, actually. Hm... 1) Er, has anyone ever managed to earn a powerscroll for smithing, or did you just break down and buy one? I'm not even sure what BOD(s) you'd have to get for even a 5.0 scroll. I've never seen one of any type up close. Only in my dreams. 2) If you get a 5.0 scroll and use it, are you forever stuck with 105, or can you upgrade to 120 later if you ever manage to get one? What's said on UO's offici
  10. Ok so I started playing on Atlantic Shard because I keep hearing it has a great Community and for the most part that is true, BUT today as I was using my still in training Mage (has maybe 52.0 in magery) a few guys started looking for spectrals well since I know old haven acts like a champspawn I started killing skellys till spectrals started spawning and I also got Dragor. Well of course these guys started grabing up the spectrals and I started fighting Dragor. My book has maybe 19 spells in it and few are offensivly effective so I cast Fire Field and walk Dragor through it while I hit him
  11. It's me, finally playing UO:KR for the first time! note: idk why, but back in the time i've played almost evry mmo starting with EQ1 and meridian.. but somehow i never stopped by at UO now its the time to! i have some basic questions, i couldnt find any quick answer in the web or here in the forum. maybe because those questions are so extremely "low" that anybody could answer me them. UO is not noob-friendly i guess.. 1) how do i obtain new spells as a mage? i have zero from the startup, no fireball, nothing.. err!? just a fenzy magic-missile scroll which caused me death trying to tick
  12. Guest

    noob question

    sorry, its been 5 years since ive played but i have 2 questions. 1. how do you abandon a pet? lol see how much i remember! lol & 2. is there a way i can go back to the original 2d look? i really dislike the new look, it ruins the feel of uo for me.
  13. Hello all! first post here:) was wandering if enyone know if pet trasnfer on same account can be done like my tamer to my smith coun't find enything on the web and i am curious about thanks. PonRazor.
  14. I have a samurai.. but it is still a noob. I cannot kill any creatures. Everything pwning me. My template : Bushido 104.5(110 cap) Healing 80 (lock) Tactics 110.0 Parrying 110.0 Swords 110.0 Chivalry 80.0 Anatomy 100.0 I'm using blaze of death.. my resistances are 63. I have 2 %14 DCI items. What is my problem ? I'm thinking to train archery instead of swordsmanship but it ignores samurai's rule = parrying , confidience. I want to delete a skill for train archery but what can i do ?! Please set me a good template that includes parrying , swords , archery and chivalry. thx
  15. Ah, uh... how to even say this...? Well, a friend of mine got me into Ultima back in 2001, but I ended up quitting. I don't even remember why, but it probably had to do with personal life issues. I had a GM Smith that took me forever to build, and I was sad to let him go. A year or so later I came back and made a GM Smith again, and somehow ended up quitting again for reasons I again cannot remember. My third time back, a few years later, I went all-out and not only made a GM Smith, but turned him into a multi-skilled mule: GM Smith, GM Tailor, GM Miner, GM Carpenter, GM Tinker, 75 Magery and
  16. Hi there citizen of the greatest server of all! Catskills. I'm a very happy guy a.t.m after receiving a mail from EA saying they found my 10 year old Ultima Online account! :eusa_clap: I haven't played since year 1998-1999 somewhere so I know a lot is changed. I was one of Sandralene's many friends back then if anyone remember her. Even though a lot of people is flaming about allot of the new stuff in this game, I feel like giving it a try. Though I'm way behind, so any tips and tricks would help me allot! My thoughts: First of all I would need to make some cash for house, equipment
  17. Well... do they? =) I just reactivated and have been following this event stuff, and was wondering.... Thanks.
  18. Greetings all, I used to play around these here parts quite a while ago. I was mainly an AOL Legends player that dabbled in Siege as well. All the way up until Age of Shadows, actually, and then the distraction of a move and new job, plus my stubborn nature against change lead me to have to shelf playing, then never seemed to find time to pick it up again. Blah blah blah. Anyways, I was a heavy PvPer, heavy into factions. I am possibly going to give it another go because I loved UO and the community feeling, but.. With AoS came the change of.. well.. pretty much everything. Namely it
  19. i've played for 3 or 4 days now and still having some problems. 1. Quests - in new haven, I did some of the skill related quests that require you to get to 50 pts. I've also done a lot of escorting in the area. However, once I left New Haven, the only quests I find are escort quests to towns that I have no clue where they are or how to get to them. Are there other quests I'm missing? Or better yet, is there a beginner questline I missed somewhere that takes me on a tour of the land to show me around? 2. I tried getting a pet to help with the weight of mining but while I was smelting
  20. Hi Folks, i used to play Uo for several years till AoS came out and i stopped till today. So i returned some Days ago and feel like a complete !!!!ing noob! Fellu is pretty empty my Council 5x 120 Fencer doesnt find faction enemies and when i finally met some pks, i just got owned pretty hard. So i went with my tamer/provo to check out the Champion Spawns, there were like 2 up but no ppl there. So i went to destard provocing some dragons to actually do something else, then recalling trough the world finding something worth killing ;)t then i went to doom, but that was pretty suicida
  21. After playing MMOs for about 3 years now, I thought I was ready when I heard about the KR graphics update, so I plunged myself into good olde Britannia... and boy was I wrong. Playing about a dozen MMOs I still felt like I was blind and dumb. Just as a sidenote, maybe they should make a tutorial which really explains the games functions, since they are so unlike anything else, but that just as a sidenote. A real noob is VERY lost in Britannia, be it not for the many kind players. Anyways, here is a host of things I wasnt able to figure. 1) How can I travel? I am on this Island Haven or wha
  22. For over 5 years, everytime my party's bars got all screwed up because I'd accidentally dragged them, the only way I knew to fix it was to close the lot and drag them all off again. Not easy when everyone's running every which-way in a battle. Today I learned there is a way to 'unlock' one bar from the others and move it. Doh! For the benefit of anyone else who's a 5+ year noob, here's how: Hold down the alt key and single click the bar you want to move, then release the alt key. This unlocks the bar, you can then simply drag it to wherever you want it.
  23. Hi My account on UO was started in 1999. I've been away for awhile, and barely remember the game. My house is gone, along with most of my stuff. So I am kind of aVeteren Noob starting over. Characters name is Black Sun, basically an old-school warrior with good healing and some magic. I am looking for a guild how can understand this and help me get back into the game! needs to be a bunch of characters who just like to have fun while playing the game. Thanks!
  24. Hey all got my account up and running again (pre AoS)and i was shocked at how much content and how different the game is played....What the heck is sdi,lrc insurance,4/6 - 2/6??omg im scared lol Is my old mage template still viable for pvm?? 100 Magery 80 Resist 100 Inscription 100 eval 100 med im thinking maybe gm wrestle aswell.. Help pls hehe
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