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Found 24 results

  1. Little movie with nice special effects: 301 Moved Permanently
  2. Heavy X-Bow Balanced 36 Hit Stamina Leech 50 Hit Leech Life 42 Velocity 10 Swing Speed Increase 40 Damage Increase ___________________________ Other Decent Heavy X-Bows for sale Balanced 50 HLD 10 SSI 43 DI Balanced 45 Velocity 10 SSI 49 DI ___________________________ PM me with offers.
  3. It is - basically - a D20 necklace... =) Pretty chuffed with it!
  4. I'm trying to get my head around the max values a particular suit can have for a character. Can anybody post the max values for: Damage Increase Defense Chance Increase Hit Chance Increase HP regen Reflect Physical Damage I'm putting together a RP Treasure Hunter and his skills are for melee with Swords, Parry, Tactics, and Anatomy. I want to make sure I get the most out of the gear he wears because of the inadequacies in other skill areas. Also are there any other item properties I've overlooked that I should pay closer attention to with my new character besides the ones listed above?
  5. Achilles

    Nice earings

    ive got some Dragon Bone Earings that are white anyone know what they might be worth on cats??
  6. check out this dude Embedded video - Snotr
  7. I don't have a screeny, and his hit points aren't particularly good...I'm just excited to finally have found and tamed one. Interestingly, after the latest KR patch, I find all the hues more pleasant. I was even able to tell that the blue cu I've had all these years is Valorite hued! Before I thought it was sky. Although, maybe I got a shadow hued and not a black... Are they the same? *sad* ~M
  8. Very nice... I was taming in Jhelom when I ran accross anothet tamer. Lady Amber We talked for a while... Then she offered me a free house!! Of course I wasnt going to say no. I just started back and had nothing. My first thoughts was, I bet it's in fel and she has a pker etc.. turned out it was in tram by the Yew Crypts! So, I tagged along and she ended up giving me an 11x13 for free. Pretty amazing how kind of a person to me.. After she gave me the 11x13 she asked me to go to the newer house she had purchased. So, I went along and followed her to her newer and bigger house. Whi
  9. I have use this guy for 4+ years and now he just hit over 4600 long term murders :angel7: 120 archer 120 ninja 80 steath 100 necro 120 speak 80 focus 100 hiding
  10. Greetings Vesperians! I just wanted to let you know that I will soon demolish my house, which is located North West of Vesper, on the road to Mt Kendall. The house is actually already decaying because I built a new one today in our village, near Skara Brae Screenshot I wanted to let you all know before I destroy it because it is a really nice spot, pretty big, something like 17x16 and well... I just think members of your guild should know that before anyone else. My ICQ is in my profile so if someone is interested, just send me a message and I'll destroy the house when that "someone" i
  11. Eeh.. I mean.. Yes.. Bush.. *Coughs*
  12. Guest

    Selling some nice event stuff

    Selling my necro robe and the orcish axe and bow Make offers at 308166889
  13. Eowyna, Your looking as beautiful and breath taking as ever.
  14. Dudes & Dudettes, I think you fixed it finally... My Cauldran fire light does NOT show through all the floors of my house any longer... Good job... The smoke from my Doom braziar doesn't show on all the floors either... what happened, you fixed it... great job... I just got this one little itybity bone to pick and since I'm not smart enought to know how to post pics on Static, I am here...sorry adam.... OK these are both taken in KR... the Good looking pic is outside of Britain and it amimates smoke & fire.... I now wish the one in my house looked the same and I wonder why "it
  15. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there any big social guilds out there it gets lonely out in the middle of nowhere, and no one to speak to! For my main character Mic. Thanks in advance!
  16. For those people who just can't get it from pics alone. [video=google;4083916476866704186]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4083916476866704186&q=ultima+online
  17. I haven't seen this posted here yet. Sorry if someone else already posted it. mmorpg.com did a nice interview with Aaron Cohen. http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm?setview=features&loadFeature=1019&gameID=12&bhcp=1 Here is a small quote. I bolded the part I liked.
  18. UO.UHall I just had to post this and I am kicking myself for not taking a screen shot! My tamer's pup got locked onto a Grim Reaper that disappeared and would no longer follow commands. I hopped on him, recalled home and paged a GM. My pup still wouldn't follow commands and I had paged for this issue a few nights ago and the GM fixed it without showing up. He just sent a message to give rating of their service, etc. Tonight when I paged, I was shocked to find GM Adida in my house polymorphed into a Lizardman! (I apologize for not knowing if Adida is male or female so I will refer to
  19. Flames

    Smell Nice

  20. as penned by the Shadow King of the Shadow Court,and respected acquaintance of Tabbitha, Muldran Skully I've learnt a lot in the time I've been here. I've gathered and acquired. I've sought and found. I've given and taken. And yet still I find myself... hollow. But there was something missing. The Virtues. Yes, they are the core of Britannian life - but when was the last time I'd thought of them as more than a 'oh yes, I remember that'. Concerned, I searched inside myself, and while wandering, I found my way to Magincia where a representative of the Council worked. Gareth - for that was
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