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  1. These are confirmed to be going in the game. The Japanese will get them a month earlier than us, I do hope for all the orcs sake we can change our skin colour as well! Though I must admit, they dont look very beefy. Although the undead one does look the business. From what I can gather, we will be able to use some sort of redemption or buy them from the in game body sculptor. Pictures! Anime: Elder: Hellian: Juka: Meer: Native Papuan: Orc: Orc women dont exist! Pirate: Undead: Vampire:
  2. That's right! Not only is the library in the process of moving all the knowledge books to the new university now we have our very own soulforge! Feel free to bring your items to the university and work away in peace and somewhat quiet. This would not have been possible this quickly, if at all, without Pfloyd of LOP and Miss D of GHOD! Let's hear it for one great alliance!
  3. As the guildmistress of SAGE, I am excited to announce the engagement of two of our finest members, Lady Kala and Lord Tamerjoe The two announced their engagement at the RP Alliance Tavern night last Wednesday and it sounds like the wedding bells will be ringing in November. Congratulations from us all in SAGE!
  4. Iron Bandit Inn (Kijustsu Anei Village) Tuesday October 06, 2009 Tonights shard tavern night started out with excitement as new people from other shards came to see what all the fuss was about. The community would like to welcome the visitors from Lake Superior and Catskills shard. Information for contacts and a new and exciting mail feature were talked about. News letters are in the works to be sent across the shards for those wishing to get information not only about the Kijustsu Anei Village but, about all the other happenings on other shards. Although the idea is still
  5. Iron Bandit Inn (Kijustsu Anei Village) Tuesday October 06, 2009 Those In Attendance: Goat [TGOG], Ares [OkuB], Dark Morning [OkuB], Fanny Firebotto [bRPA], Midnight Moon [s@GE], Tamer Joe [s@GE], Lin Min May [OkuC], Pol The Shepherd, Vash The Harper [bRPA], Ado The Theif, Winfield [PAX], Niva The Savage [T_T], Sinthe [T_T], Winmere [Pax], Greyylene [uSN], Bozydar [TEB], Anya The Gypsy, Grimlar Mithrax, John Duke [Pax], Arig'lak [Orc], Lord Gareth [OkuC], Saraugug [uRUK], Elijah Cross [PxP], Amber Witch Event Review: Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST citizens from Baja, Pacific an
  6. Ottersrun Taphouse Reopens! Guardians Gate City Thursday, October 08, 2009 Written by: Morpheus Mardox The player run city of Guardians Gate celebrated the reopening of its trademark establishment last eve as players gathered at the new designed plot just east of Britain to mark the occasion. Ale and gifts were aplenty as patrons toured the establishment and readied themselves for a night of Darts and community fun. Entrants soon formed brackets as shooting began. Eighteen in all tested their luck as several great rounds took place with the nights best shots coming fro
  7. Merlock (DWxC) Wins Chicken Lizard Battles! Tuesday, October 06, 2009 Written by: Daria Blackmoore A bit post mordem with this one, my apologies. A fine night it was none the less as EM Dudley hosted the nights event as three brave new battle chicken lizard owners were the first on the shard to face off with these immensely popular new little beasts. EM Vladimere wisks those willing off to a secret cave location for the nights event as in the end it was Lord Merlock of Dragons Watch besting the field to win the nights honors. Congratulations to him along with all who participated. Train
  8. Xor's Elite OrX Claim Felucca Cove Orc Fort Felucca Cove Tuesday, October 06, 2009 Tuesday night runes could be found all over the land for the new XOR Orc fort location. Many came to see what it was all about and were met by Orcs wielding clubs and maces!! They had successfully taken over the Felucca Cove Orc fort. Now the Xor clan wanted to show its muscle by proving the clan was strong enough to hold it. The Orcs Da'SIiNGur [XOR], King Xor [XOR], Arig'Tak [Orc] battled different guilds and tribes. The Gank Squad guild and savage Tonkaweya Tribe were among tho
  9. House Of Commons Hall Of Commons Brit October 4, 2009 Written by: Niva The Savage and Phoenix EM Dudley congratulated the Blue Barracudas for winning Captain Bloodrum's Challenge. The members of that team were Julianna, NANOC, Yoshi, Merilonna & Chargar. He also mentioned that he will be away from the realm. (Dates listed in a previous post) Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - There will be a special workshop to start the planning of the Festival of the Harvest Moon which will begin at 6PM EST Garden Design contest following at 8pm ET. There will be a gate provi
  10. Duncan was sitting in his den, catching up on his mail and nursing a sore throat when he received a message by courier. Messages usually did not bode well and often spelled bad news. The last time he saw saw a mark from the City of Trinsic it meant his father had died, he tried to keep his hands from shaking as he opened this letter.... It was from his mother with some news about his cousin, and asking him and his brother Gilthaniel to return indefinately to help her on their estate. Now that he was the head of the familiy, she was reminding him that he had some duties to needing looking aft
  11. Em Hall Of Commons Notes September 27, 2009 Written by: Phoenix [DWxC] EM Dudley arrived and seem quite excited to tell us of all the upcoming events for the month of October. First, the T-hunt competition is this Friday, October 2nd. Registration is at 7pm eastern, EM hall in W. Britain. The hunt will start at 8pm eastern. Teams can have no more than 5 members. Dudley is still accepting ideas for the Festival of the Harvest Moon. Anyone wishing to hold an event let Dudley know at DudleyLightfinger@gmail.com. This will be held the weekend of October 24th with events starting early e
  12. Monday Night Battle Lizard Fight! Reported by: Lord Gareth
  13. Queen Dawn Meets Queen Zhah September 23, 2009 In Attendance: Panoramix [Qc], Tristan, Lady Jazz [RBG], Tila Tequila, Cara Lord Drakemore [RBG], Aluric Korath [DWxC], Niva The Savage [T_T] Savaric [DWxC], Phoenix [DWxC], Purple Haze, Rivi Ravenwynd [sHE] Hudson [DWxC], Zelda of Zed [sHE], Belle of Zed [sHE], Lycanthropy [sHE] Tigger [sHE], Daktari Zinn [sHE], Naomie De'Layne [sHE], Jack Sparrow TAMINGdeSHRE [TNP], Kyxx Kiena [KFC], Patience Mafrend [TEB], Light of Day [DWxC], Cheever [K~S], Lady Brinna [RBG], Mortis [KFC], madshark [OATH], Yoshi [DWxC], Makdopest [sHOT], C
  14. Slasher of Veils Defeated by TEB! The Underworld September 22, 2009 Kroth and Spag two lone dexers against one of the Underworlds most deadliest beasts. These two took this monster on with little challenge. The only challenge was fighting it for so long but, in the end like most battles against great dexers the beast fell. The weapon of choice? Soul Seeker. Healing tactics? Cross healing. Armor? Not sure. From what this reporter has seen this villain of Veils packed a hard left fire hook. One does have to wonder if Draconi had any say in all this Fire destruction this
  15. Savage Outing Niva's Hunting Lodge September 22, 2009 In Attendance: Drache Zahmer [GoS], Lt Ski [K*G], Niva The Savage [T_T] Lord Yeoman, Sinthe [T_T] Last night Niva the Savage headed out to the Tuski Wolves area North-East of Kijustsu Anei Village. Twas a good size group that had a few regulars and a new person along. Everyone had a great time and stayed alive for the most part. Thank you to the Savages for a great outing. HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! (The Savage sponsored hunts will be continuing as they always have at 10:20pm EST. Niva's Hunting Lodge is located in
  16. EM Events 23rd, 24th & 2nd Reported by: WIldstar Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 8 PM EST - Special Event. The gate to the event will be at the West Britain Counselor's Hall. Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 8 PM EST - Missing Mage Quest. The gate to the event will be at the West Britain Counselor's Hall. Friday, October 2, 2009 at 8 PM EST - Treasure Hunting Competition - Registration starts at 7 PM EST with the competition starting at 8 PM EST.
  17. Chesapeake Community News Information Section 1: News Posts Section 2: [Meanings] Section 3: Recognized Reporters News Posts This area is to get guild, city, community, EM and RP information out to the public. Articles may be moved or edited depends on its information. Spamming this section will find yourself a warning. Continuing to do so will result in your removal from this area. Any questions on detailed procedures you may PM me. News can be done a few different ways. 1. You may write your own news and post it here. Simply put [NEWS] before the title. 2. You may
  18. The Chesapeake Community News forum section asks each of its readers to notify Merik ONN of any articles being taken from the forum and reprinted else where. The CCN works very hard on each article and sometimes these articles take 5hours. To copy and reprint else where and sometimes take credit for the articles is heavily frowned upon. The CCN has no problem sharing its news articles with anyone as long as each writer is given due credit. The articles will also now have a written by: below the article date. Many different people work on the news for the CCN and hopes everyon
  19. SHE Five Year Birthday!!! SHE Auction House September 19, 2009 In Attendance: DJ KingHen [WRR], Lady Emily Rose, Tigger [sHE], Lady Sundina [VIPs], Demon Slayer [VIPs], Silence [OATH], Niva The Savage [T_T], NANOC [DWxC], Zelda Of Zed [sHE], DJ Aquarius [WRR], Def [WRR], Belle of Zed [sHE], Blood, DJ Landon [WRR], Nezuna [DmG] Silence [OATH], Lord Gareth [KaV], Merel Squirel [RBG], Talon Pheonix [TEB], Lady Knightingale [TEB], Tatanka [OATH], Tyranny, Hush Baby [KFC], Bear [RBG], Droopy [qc], Phoenix [DWxC], Lady Brinna [RBG], CharGar [F*V] Xanthe Eir [RAZE], Punk, A
  20. Last Nights Winners From "Name That Tune" Silvervale City September 12, 2009 By: Lady Darth Oni Another pulsating Lord and Lady Ball with Name the Tune!!! Silence.. listening... brainstorming.. what song is it... First Place and 10 million Gold goes to Nezuna! For the second and third Place we get a duell... Kubla was few seconds faster and get second Place for 5 Million Gold Amon the third Place with 1 Million Gold Thank You all for the great Fun!!!
  21. FoA Treasury Moves Royal City Of Ter Mur September 18, 2009 After walking in Zento I noticed the Museum seemed to have vanished. I later found the museum in its new home of Ter Mur. I had the opportunity to contact Solus, the owner of the museum to ask him a few questions about one of Chesapeakes largest Museums. The new location is directly East of the Ter Mur Moongate. Why has the FoA Treasury / Museum moved to Ter Mur? I moved the house because the atmosphere in Ter Mur seemed much more fitting. The amount of travel it will see, will be increased once the moon
  22. Oku News Network Changes September 16, 2009 The Oku News Network has gone through a few changes. The first main change is the Oku News Network name being changed to Chesapeake Community News Network. The abbv. has also changed from ONN to NEWS. The Chesapeake Community News Network guild is now apart of the Chesapeake Community Cooperation. Its main building now resides in Kijustsu Anei Village. However the NEWS organization is not run by Kijustsu Anei Village. The Chesapeake Community News Network will also remain here on this forum working with any community that all
  23. She Guild Five Year Birthday Bash! On September 19, 2009 Written by: Rivi CHESAPEAKES VERY OWN [sHE] GUILD IS PLEASED TO PRESENT: The [sHE] AUCTION FIFTH BIRTHDAY PARTY BASH!!! Tune in all day to Whispering Rose Radio as the will have live broadcast of the events!!!! (Directions at the bottom of the post) Schedule/Activities ALL EVENTS START AT [sHE] AUCTION HOUSE. PLEASE BE AT LEAST 15 MINS EARLY FOR EACH EVENT. All Time Eastern Standard Time 3:30 to 4:30 Boat Race 4:30 to 5:30 Icy Maze 5:30 to 6:30 Scavenger Hunt 7:00 pm [sHE] Auction (No charge to sell an
  24. With the UO Herald down we still wanted to inform our players that we will be bringing Origin down for Publish 60.1 at 5:00PM EST. Notes will be posted at a later date.
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