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  1. Hi, I am trying Ultima Online for the first time ever. I wanted to know where do most of the players hang out or where can the majority of the player population be found. Currently I am questing in New Haven(server chooser said it was a newbie area), so I havent really seen any of the other cities/regions. Thanx in advance !
  2. I played UO A LONG time ago and quit many years ago. Part of me has always wanted to play again, I was wondering are there still people that play? I hear a lot about "free servers" but I am not sure if I trust them and I don't mind paying to play if others are around. I am in New York and would mostly be able to play from around 5:30 pm till around 11:00 pm my time, and sometimes at other times. What are the best servers, does anyone hear play at those times?
  3. Hello everyone, just returned to UO after a 5ish year hiatus, never planned to return but the Return to Brittania event sucked me in. I even went and got the new expansion, and decided I wanted to roll up a Gargoyle. All my character slots are full on my usual shard so I loaded up on Chesapeake and mande my new gargoyle. Short story is nearly everything i've run into has killed me in about 1 hit(maybe 2). Is there a newbie style area for Gargoyles, or should I just go to New Haven and work on it there? Thanks in advanced, and Hope to have tons of fun with everyone soon!
  4. hey guys.. how u doing... im new in here and ultima too... i used to play in freeshards, but here is very diferent im a miner and i want to know how much is the cost of the ingots if i want to sell... iron, dull, copper, everything... and logs too... sorry my poor english and thanks
  5. Ok, I've had Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Edition for a good while now, and am FINALLY getting ready to play it. Just have to get through all the patching, lol. I just had a few questions: 1)I know the game is skill based, how does it work? Is it possible to max all skills out, or is there a limit to the number of skill points you have? 2)If there's a skill point limit, is there a way to reset them? 3)Are there different races in the game? If so, what are the differences between the races? 4)How does the housing system work in the game? I know eventually the houses decay after being n
  6. Heya. I'm a huge fan of "sandbox" style games and heard that Ultima Online fits this description. Been playing EVE since the beginning of this year, but now I feel compelled to give UO a go. But just a question. I'm still downloading the trial so I can't see for myself, but do I have to pay for the expansion packs? I know some games you do, while others provide them for free. I can't find any info anywhere. Also does UO accept PayPal? And is UO newbie-friendly, or am I going to face up against lvl 1000 characters who've been playing for over ten years?
  7. Hi I am pretty much totally new to the game. This template struck my fancy and I have decided to do it. My first question is if I will be able to do this build successfully since I am a new player? My next question is what the stats should be - str/dex/int? My last question is what skills should I train first? Thanks a bunch in advance! =)
  8. I can't name my horse, decide how much gold to put in the bank or give to someone. All of the other players say it's because i'm using the kr client. What can I do??
  9. Dareth

    Newbie Items

    Came across some newbie items that I havent seen in a loooooong time..lockpics..mortar and pestle...bard instruments...tinker tools..mapmakers pen... Is there a site that list the rarity of these being around?
  10. I've been reading and have picked up a few tricks and techniques from reading this forum, but am hoping for some confirmation that I'm understanding correctly. 0. -Confirmed- Equipping a bow with no ammo and spell channelling is best for taming so I don't hit whatever I'm trying to tame while still being able to cast. -Still hazy \ unsure- 1. Jewels adding to taming don't affect skill gains. Ie. I have ~85 Taming right now, but if I put on a +15 taming bracelet or whatever and go tame Great Harts or white wolves, I will still gain the same as if I didn't have it on. Actually, will I gain e
  11. Guest

    I'm a newbie! again

    Hey, I've been away for like 5 years. I logged back in with my guy in Doom. I was the only guy there. Couldn't believe it. Anyway, no one is in Britian, the new hang out is Luna huh? No where near as many people as there used to be in Brit (thank god). Is there just less people playing? I went to all my old hunting spots, Bloods at Shame, Dameon Temple on Fire Isle, and White Wyrm in Ice, all of them empty every time. Where's all the good hunting spots now? Where can I buy a tower and what are they selling for now? What's the Hearthswood Quest? Where is it? What's up with the la
  12. Sorry guys i have a dumb question ..can you enhance cleavers if so what skill know it isnt Blacksmithy.
  13. ok im just starting new char for pure treasure hunter the template is lockpicking=91 cartography=62 detect hidden=50 remove trap=50 not sure wat else to have any tips? also can anyone tell me how to do maps i decoded one other day but it makes no sense , just a picture of somewhere i cant recognise am i doing something wrong? i thought it would be like MIBs with co-ords but i was wrong, HELP PLEASE! (is UOAM useful for this?)
  14. hello i've got a simple question and you can help for sure. just want to know what is the most useful head artifact for mages in pvp.Someone told me that is the hat of the magi,someone else told me that is the spirit of the totem because spell damage cap is very low,and they already reach that with different tomes. I hope you can help!Sorry for my english bye
  15. Hey all, Quick background - I'm a UO player from UOT2A and haven't played much since. I am shipping out for the military here in the next four months or so, and I have the itch to come back and play an old school game again. Now, that being said, I have a quick question that is semi-technical in nature. I want the most up-to-date version of the game with all the bells and whistles, of course, but here's the thing - I don't know how to get it. If I go buy the 9th edition, then download the KR client and play through the free trial and then go into a paid subscription, will I be completely up
  16. Hi, Well, I'm new to this housing and I have this very simple (stupid?) question: How do I hang anything on the walls of my house, like a painting, picture, bulletin board.. Presently I can only place and fix them on the floor.
  17. I'm in the New Haven area and am stuck on one of the quests. I'd love it if someone could help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I accepted the ore quest from Mugg. He's asking for 5 large ore. Well being a miner, I grabbed my shovel and dug up 5 large ore. When I dropped them on him, he said I had to mark my quest items and then give them to him. My question is how do I mark the quest items? Is there a magical Ore Sharpie that allows me to scribble my name on the rocks? Any help is greatly appreaciated. Thanks!! Kase'l, the wandering miner & Sera Leone, the singing pigsticke
  18. I got simple question, can i bind a button that i can loot without dragging item to my backpack? i wanna bind with left double-click for loot.
  19. I've got so tired of people telling me that mages can't fight, that i succumb to the ways of the tamer. I need some tips on raising my vet, lore and taming. i also found out that if i tame cows (my taming is 36) i gain .1 skill in taming. will this be like that forever?
  20. What is the best PvP template for a newbie in PvP... I prefer not to be magic casting.
  21. hello, playing again after years......t2a was new when I played last. Playing on Napa. Always looking to tagalong. Any members of the Guardian Clan still around....... ENGINEER
  22. hello all. i used to play many years ago and just got back into it. what is this "blackrock area" i've read a few post about? apparently skills gain faster there? does this still exist? thanks guinness
  23. I am just starting off at Ultima online i have been playing for a week where is a good starting point for a Paladin and to fight without necassary getting killed.
  24. Bohica

    Newbie question

    Do your armor/weapons/etc no longer drop when you're kill in pvp? Everyone is talking about getting good gear and whatnot. From what I remember people use to run around naked(mages at least) to help with casting and so you wouldn't lose your good gear? I haven't played since probably 2000ish and have decided to start playing again. Thanks in advance
  25. Hi guys. I played uo when it first came out, but it was quite frustrating to raise a skill to GM back then, and couldn't have fun at the time. However, I tried 15 day trial last month, and I am totally addicted. Now I have to play it at least 3-4 hours before I go to bed.:shocked: My first created paladin had quite bumpy ride at the beginning, but now she is a "Glorious Lady" on altantic server. I found this forum is very positive and welcome, hope all you guys have fun in uo. Oh. By the way, can someone recommend me a guild doing a lot of pvm on atlantic server? I dont want to join a bi
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