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Found 16 results

  1. So Im making a mix of a Paladin and a tamer type character, and was wondering what skills are important? Ive been leveling: Swordsmanship, Chivalry (the spells in that white book are great!), taming, animal lore, and healing. Should I be learning tactics for example? Anything is useful!
  2. Hey everyone, sorry to make a thread for something so trivial but I'm really desperate to find out about this. Basically, I was just wondering if it was possible, through 3rd party software or otherwise, to make it so you can use your number keys for keybindings without typing at the same time. What I mean is, is there a way to change the chat options to where I "have" to hit the enter key to start typing? It's called the "Enter chat" option in most games, and I've grown really fond of it over the years. I'm one of those people who likes to hotkey absolutely everything, so not having the nu
  3. First off...THIS IS NOT A RANT. Its simply facts being presented in a comical way. While I enjoyed getting 125k free points for my account I kind of feel its a little insane. I mean, they made Sea Horses and Anchors worth 25k points (not that anyone in their right minds would turn them in for that), and now they are just throwing 25k free points at anyone that can find a dungeon and throw a pot. As this journal shows you don't even have to be good at either of those... Without further ado I present "Diary of a Newb". This one lays out the back story of what I'm attempting to accomplish. Oops
  4. ok so I found a post that I would like to revisit over and over but dont want to constantly have to search for it. Is there a way to sticky it for me personally (I'm thinking maybe I have to subscribe to it?) ?????
  5. If i placee a house on one shard will my other different shard go bye bye
  6. Hi, I want to edit my house, but need to redeed the elven containers before I can do so. I've googled this and tried every combination of left and right clicking, alt, shift, and ctrl that I can think of and nothing happens. So, if you can indulge my newbishness, how can I do this?
  7. Hi, I am brand new to UO and picked Atlantic as my shard. So new in fact I find myself lost sometimes with what o do. There have been a couple of players who have been friendly enough to give me advice. I am looking for a newb friendly guild. I am not looking for a house sopt or gold or items. Just a gorup of people I can learn from an enjoy playing with. Thank you. -Ravenmane
  8. Ok, as you can tell, I have been busy (look at the pack in the pics, that loot is from tonight only, lol). Here's the problem, being so new (again) it's hard for me to tell if a weapon is worth throwing on a vendor and if anyone knows a price guide that might help. I will be setting up a vendor at my new pad (location to be released at a later date). It already looks like the primary sales items will be pet balls, jewelry and other loots I make my own. Let me know what these might be worth or if they are even worth attempting to sell. If I could post on Stratics I probably would, but alas,
  9. ok so i started playing yesterday...question I have is I've just been following the quest line as it comes to me is there anything I should be doing different so that when i hit lvl 20 i dont say omg I should have done that 15 lvls ago?
  10. Please forgive my newb-ness, but I have searched all over and cannot find the answer to this. I suppose it is a two-part question, actually. First, does the "Blackrock" area still exist and work for enhanced skill gains? And second, if it does exist, where is it? Thank you for your help in advance!
  11. Are the gauntlets of newbility medable? Thanks
  12. Hi everyone- I played UO for about 5 years or so, quit over 2 years ago, and now I'm maybe playing around with the though of coming back for a spell. I have a few questions, as obviously, things have changed immensely. What server would be nice for a casual player that pretty much likes to build her own house, and mind her own business? I moved to a server that wasn't crowded during my time of play just so I could hunt in peace (IE, find a spot that wasn't camped and not intrude on anyone else that happened to be around). However, I also like to participate in events when time allows,
  13. Greetings, I am such a newb. I just started playing UO and learned how different it truly is compared to other MMOs. My character is Ravenmane on the Atlantic server. I was wonder if their are any newb friendly guilds or players who can kinda give me some advice or show me the ways of UO. I am not looking for gold or freebies. The gifts from the 9th Anniversary Ed. are nice enough for now . Thank you. -Ravenmane
  14. Hello all! Some of you know my chars, sure some of you don't, but look forward to getting to know everyone on here! ;P Glad found this place, already found some info that is great!
  15. Guest

    Help a newb please

    Can someone walk me through the process of getting my Christmas house pic on the site? Thanks in advance
  16. i know that's a bit noob question but how i can lower my skills? i set to lower my sms and nothing has happened, do i need to do something else that only set arrow down position? :S
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