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Found 12 results

  1. Greetings... this is the idea behind the Network... Soon we will be enough to do two, three or more spawns... at the same time. (do remember to train your protectors, stealing is a good option... and steal from the champs...) So the plan is an interactive Network... if anyone is attacked, we move our forces there... destroy the raiders and help the original spawners to finish it... So we have several, moving, defensive forces ready to defend any of our spawning crews... The goal behind this is the massive undertaking of felucca spawning... soon followed by many oaks and harrowers.
  2. Oku News Network Changes September 16, 2009 The Oku News Network has gone through a few changes. The first main change is the Oku News Network name being changed to Chesapeake Community News Network. The abbv. has also changed from ONN to NEWS. The Chesapeake Community News Network guild is now apart of the Chesapeake Community Cooperation. Its main building now resides in Kijustsu Anei Village. However the NEWS organization is not run by Kijustsu Anei Village. The Chesapeake Community News Network will also remain here on this forum working with any community that all
  3. If this is not OK to post here please delete or move to the appropriate section. Thank you Hi everyone we are finally kicking off our new Ultima Online Social Network! For the grand opening in order to get our new site populated we are offering 1 million gold on the shard of your choice (Siege is included) to the first 25 members that register on the site, 500,000 gold for the next 15, and 250,000 gold for the 10 next members. Qualifying registers will have to: 1. Register on UOcomplex.com 2. Must upload a profile picture (can be anything you would like) 3. Upl
  4. Today I had an idea for a new UO website and unfortunate for me the domain I thought of was not taken. So within 15 minutes I had it registered and suppose I'm now committed to trying it out. At the moment there are many different places where UO news comes from. Off the top of my head there is UO.com, UO Stratics, UO Stratics Forum, UOForums, UOGuide and of course from within UO itself. There is no one place where you can go to get all UO news neatly organized and easily accessible. Thus the UO News Network (UONN) is born. The site will syndicated all types of UO news from patch note anno
  5. First the Asian shards went down, then east coast, login server is laggy as heck. Asian shards came back. So looks like a roller coaster ride for a while. Jeremy confirmed on UHall (her favorite posting place) that there are network issues at this time. I'll keep you informed
  6. AT&T said Wednesday that it's expanding its third-generation wireless broadband footprint and completing the upgrade of its network to the fastest 3G technology available. The company is expanding its current 3G network to cover more than 80 additional cities in the U.S. this year. The new network, which will add 1,500 new cell sites, will put AT&T's 3G network in nearly 350 U.S. markets, including the top 100 markets, by the end of 2008. AT&T also plans to upgrade its 3G network to a technology called HSUPA, or High Speed Uplink Packet Access, to provide Internet upload speeds th
  7. 3G network is the only broadband available to me in rural Ireland and I was wondering if anyone plays UO using this? If so what kind of latency / probs do you have?
  8. When I set up my new computer I let my mother use my older computer. I didn't realize but I was setting up the new computer that I had named it Nicky, and my old computer is also named Nicky. So now I am getting errors that they're duplicate names on the Network. How can I fix this? :cheesy: Thank you!
  9. As posted at www.uo.com - FYI Network Difficulties Dec 3 2006 7:43PM GMT (PST +08:00) The Ultima Online service is currently experiencing network difficulties. We are working to resolve these issues and expect the shards to be available soon. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  10. Every Sunday morning, ease in to your UO day with the best in smooth contemporary blues and jazz with DJ Marcele starting at 7AM Pacific, 9AM Central, 10AM Eastern. The Jazz & Blues Zone with DJ Marcele ~ exclusively on Sosaria Live Radio Network.
  11. Is there anyone here who uses this program? Does it help at all? A friend directed me to it but I can't even figure out how to get the durn thing started hehe.:embarasse
  12. Lady Lava (UO Stratics Great Lakes Reporter) has just posted another terrific interview, this time with the Stratics Network's very own Jhariden, Network Administrator. Read on for all the details: Over the past few years I have had many guests on Lady Lava's Questionnaire. Sporadically Stratics staff members have been guests. At this time I have approached many staff members to be guests in an attempt for the readers to, " get to know the people behind Stratics " . Last week the wonderful Joshua Rowan was my guest and today I am delighted to present Jhariden.~ The very first email I r
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