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  1. Alright, so my newbie tamer Littleblue is finally nearing 80 taming. She has 116.x Animal Lore. Both are real skill. My magery is a smidgen over 90 with jewelry. Very low vet, unfortunately. Anyway, I'm getting close to the minimums for Bake Kitsunes, and would appreciate any tips you have! I've been away from the game for about 5 years, so assume I know nothing, hehe. I think I might try my luck at finding a couple of nice Frenzieds this evening...I've always enjoyed hunting with them.
  2. Date: Monday the 5th of October Time: 8pm The Herald is requesting an escort to Trinsic for a meeting. Those interested please meet at Fort Belvoir 10 minutes prior to 8pm.
  3. In the Kingdom Reborn client you can drop an item, say bandages, in your Hotbar and then right click on the item and it will allow you to select a default target to always use the item on. So, for instance you can set bandages to always be on "self" which means everytime you use that Hotbar key you automatically use bandages on yourself and heal yourself. However, as far as I can tell you cannot do this in the new Stygian Abyss client. I tried, and while it lets me drop the bandages there, right clicking on them only gives me three options, none of which allow me to select the target. So,
  4. Briefing: Last week hence Sir Cody Dorselt and Duncan, then a Turcopole went to investigate the mines north of sacrifice in Ishnelar upon receiving a letter for help from that area and their pleas that they had abandoned the mines. Upon their arrival they found to their surprise that the area was guarded by rodents instead of elementals. They entered the mines and disposed of the elementals and rodents but found a deeper entrance inside. Deciding to investigate, they found an ancient dragon planning great evil. They were lucky not to be detected and they swiftly decided to retreat, knowing tha
  5. Hail everyone! The Silent Rose Library needs your help! We are getting low on the red leaves used to seal books. I've only been able to locate 8 bright red elephant ear seeds to get more leaves. If anyone has some seeds, could you please donate them to the library and any help in growing the plants would be greatly appriciated. I'll be most happy to teach anyone who is willing to learn how to grow plants. Thanks! Peace and Knowledge, Tatania Karthina
  6. Veeties, We got doubloons to earn! I have been contacted by Leo Madsen - An Iron arm from Yew, who asked if the Swaggers were interrested in serving at theire outdoor bar for an hour. - and ofcause I will be adding a bonus to those who are willing to work from 8pm to 9 pm. If your interrested gather before 8pm at the Swaggers, then we will go together. Hope to see yer there! - Becca
  7. I'm getting married in 3 weeks and we still can't find a decent song to have our first dance to, any suggestions ? (I'm assuming any suggestions from Van will be shite)
  8. posted [urlhttp://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=126799] here [/url] Crysta I'm going to try to remain at least somewhat vague here.. both because I don't want to spoil anyone that wouldn't know what I was asking already and because I can't find the picture to back up what i'm saying anymore online tho I assure you it is true. Well.. in the original Ultima Underworld that SA will be based on, there was an evil creature VEILed in darkness you had to SLASH your way through at a specific point in the game.. haha. Assuming this creature were to find its way into SA.. mind you, I am not
  9. Have an interesting situation at work, thought I'd ask for opinions. As we all know times are real tough especially in the retail business. I manage a store for a small 5 store company. Things have been getting tighter. Recently they cut everyone back 1 hour a day, which comes out as OT pay as we work a 50 hour week. Recently they asked if we could open one of the 3 northern stores on Sundays. Each of the 3 maqnagers and the 1 co-owner would work a Sunday a month. There is to be no pay, but given a day off with pay at their discretion down the road. Some of our guys are really ticked off
  10. What skill level of tailoring and bsmithing does a person need to repair items?
  11. Please apply here with pics from your previous accomplishments. You will be hired to Decor the Chapel of Light in the NE corner of Luna. A non Denominational Christian Church setting. There will also need to be a floor dedicated to the Memory of Players important to the Napa Shard who have passed away in Real life. One Floor needs to be a setting for Weddings and or other services. Good Example would be the Chapel of Light located on the North side of Luna Sonoma Shard. You will enjoy an almost limitless budget for this engagement and in the end this site will be dedicated to the
  12. Hi everyone, This is my first post so please be kind I used to play UO religiously and am thinking of re-activating my subscription. A few mates of mine have recently re-activated their UO accounts (again!) and I am being coarsed more and more as the days pass! We've all played since 2000 onwards on and off and are re-activating our accounts again for the nth time! lol BUT……….we have a problem………. My mate who signed up again a month or so ago has done the unthinkable – he accidentally deleted his main character and is having much trouble seeing if he can get it back. He's contacted EA
  13. Many people are looking for transcripts of his speech. Does anyone have one or can have one of the Lake Superior speech?
  14. *Garret flies in incredible low and lands on the floor with a somewhat torn letter in his beak. He drops the note on the floor and takes a rather protective stand over it, while he sends you a rather mean look* "Arr! I flie' from t'e Swaggers! Naw Gimme sum' Crackers!" Veeties, With tensions between Devante's Company and Trinsic. We are going to visit Stirling and Kendall tonight and get some of our wares back to Vesper. So gather at the Swaggers tonight at 8:00 (Uk-time) and be prepaired for everything. - Becca. P.S Garret seems moody today. Watch out for those fingers, a
  15. Please apply here with pics from your previous accomplishments. You will be hired to Decor the Chapel of Light in the NE corner of Luna. A non Denominational Christian Church setting. There will also need to be a floor dedicated to the Memory of Players important to the Napa Shard who have passed away in Real life. One Floor needs to be a setting for Weddings and or other services. Good Example would be the Chapel of Light located on the North side of Luna Sonoma Shard. You will enjoy an almost limitless budget for this engagement and in the end this site will be dedicated to the
  16. Tonight after the Bagball event there will be a Tavern Night at the Swaggers Inn. All personel is to be ready for their shift to serve the thirsty competitors that return from the event! Where? Swaggers... When? 9PM GMT What to wear? Clothing optional.
  17. Hail Everyone! I've been trying to get it designed for a while and while its not completely done I think its done enough to post and maybe even get some input or suggestions! Front Meeting Hall Personal Quarters? Crafting Area: I'm still working on completing the third floor...and the crafting area...trying to figure out what to do with all the clutter...when I clear it out it looks bland and too open... Also not sure what colors to dye the shields and banners heh.... Any input or ideas is greatly appreciated...The roof is empty...not sure what I want to do with it.
  18. Hi guys, If any of you know or are any decent artists.. Id like to get afew Portraits done of my Characters for there profiles. I can pay either in Gold or I can send a postal check. Be really appreiciated if anyone can help. Aid -
  19. I have a few snow globes to the last collection and dont know which I am missing, can anyone help with the names or link to where I can find them please. So far I have Deceit Destard Doom Hythloth Luna Paroxysmus Shame Wrong Zento Khaldun Heartwood Umbra Covertous All sorted found list and completed my set, heres the list in case its got anyone thinking: Snowglobes - Third Set (16 total, Christmas 2005) : Blighted Grove, Citadel, Covetous, Deceit, Destard, Doom, Heartwood, Hythloth, Khaldun, Luna, Palace of Paroxysmus, Prism of Light, Shame, Umbra, Wrong, Zento.
  20. The Swaggers present: Chase the Goose! Where? The Swaggers Inn, Vesper When? Wednesday At? 9UK-time (In the eve). About the game: The following game is on time. Around Vesper - And inside the City, a large amount of Geese are placed/hidden. You have to find as many of the geese, as you can - and return to the Swaggers before time is up The rules: * A tamed Chicken - Will be named Goose * To take part in the game, you will have to sign up at the Swaggers as a Attendee. * Every Attendee will get a pen, book and sixtant. * You have to search for the Geese and write down t
  21. The Swaggers Inn Present: Poem Competetion The Staff believe it's time to find your feather, ink and papers. And enter the Poem Competetion at the Swaggers Inn. Scribble your poem, show up and read it out loud for everyone. When all the poems have been heard, we will - as always, vote for the best poem and the winner will resieve a prize and all rights to brag about it. Polite lil' note: The Poems in the competetion will go into a crate after you read it and when we have counted up the votes, the winner will resieve the colletion of poems and .... Uh! the Staff can'
  22. currently ON the character since im getting ready for a redo 120 macing 120 tactics 120 anat 95 heal 65 chiv so i got 520 points cap - 705 i got 185 to work with im not gonna use resist because... why would I? with trapboxes and pedals im fine my first idea is add 80 poisoning and put the rest in parry , or add 5 to chiv 80 poisonin and 100 parry tell me which one u guys think would be best or gimme some ideas
  23. Dice Eve at the Swaggers Inn! Twisted Dare & Risk it: Roll the Dice - Let 'em decide the Price! After several requests - for another round of 'Twisted' Barmaids and Bartenders The Staff at the Swaggers Inn, would once again like to invite the Friends & Customers to a game of Twisted Dares. The Dares will be sold for 25 doubloons and the dices will once again decide. Furthermore with the drinks - The game 'Risk It' Ale = 1 set of dices. Wine = 2 set of dices. Liquer = 3 set of dices. Rules: If a Customer decides He/She want an ale - He/She can try his luck w
  24. *A large colourful poster is pinned up, abit lower than normally* The Swaggers Inn Present; Children's Day! Do you love pizza? Big Lad or Big Lass Juice? Cookies and Cakes? The Staff would like to invite Children, Parents and Childish Souls to a day at the Swaggers Inn. * A playground! * A Fishing Pool - Roll the lucky numbers 4, 8 or 12 and capture your favorite 'Fish'! * A Bag-Ball field! * Captain Sweettooth's hidden treasure! (Only Children allowed to enter the treasure hunt.) When? Wednesday, 9. January. At? 9 pm (UK-time) Where? The Swaggers Inn Furthermore - D
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